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Singapore Day 1 - Jetstar, Clarke Quay & Fullerton Hotel

Date of Visited: 26th September 2011

Since I had done fulfilling my own travel bucket list by travel 6 out of 8 countries and territories of East Asia (click here) - China, Hong Kong, Macau, Japan, Taiwan & South Korea, I was thinking where should be my next destination. For sure, I would love to travel back to Europe again but it was way too far from my budget. Then, for Australia and New Zealand, I was putting my eye on cheap airfare by AirAsia but I need to wait during the promotion period. 

So after taking all the consideration, I was thinking why not travel around South East Asia countries or known as ASEAN in short form then? There are 10 of ASEAN countries and Malaysia is one of them. Hence, if not included Malaysia, Singapore is officially my first country to start my tour around ASEAN countries. The reason I picked Singapore it was not like I'd never been there before but I chosen it as my holiday with my boyfriend as he never went there before in his life. We went Hong Kong together in 2010 and therefore, we decided Singapore a year later cause I desperate wanna go to Universal Studio which had been widely spoken all over especially in Facebook and blog.

Two days after boyfie came to KL to pay me a visit while I was doing my professional accounting paper last year, we went to Singapore and flew via JetStar. I picked Jetstar because it departed from Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) instead of LCCT just to fulfill boyfie's wish who never went to KLIA before. Plus, JetStar was having promotion where the return ticket from KL to Singapore cost RM242 for 2 pax which I thought it was relatively inexpensive and so I booked without thinking twice. 

Day 1 Singapore - Jetstar Ticket
Our Jetstar tickets and passport with the covers I bought from Everland, South Korea. Boyfie hesitated to use it but I forced him cause it was super duper awesome cute.

Day 1 Singapore - Jetstar Airline
JetStar is a low cost carrier from Australia and it is a subsidiary of the prestigious Qantas Airlines. It's almost alike AirAsia where you have to pay for the seats selected, the meals and baggage allowance, which in short, its another type of no frill airline. 5 minutes before boyfie and I went on board, we received an international call which was surprisingly from Jetstar saying that the day we will be back to Kuala Lumpur had been delayed. Got not choice but to accept that.

Day 1 Singapore - EZ Link Card
The journey from KL to Singapore was pretty short, roughly around an hour we arrived this Lion City and we bought EZ Link Card to start our adventures around. EZ Link Card costs $12 for the first time being which included $5 for non-refundable and the remaining value of $7 for own use. We topped up another $10 in case we might travel more than that.

Day 1 Singapore - Clarke Quay
After done with the procedure of checking-in our hotel (which I will blog about it soon), we went to Clarke Quay to meet up with my close collegemates who were working in Singapore currently. Went Singapore few times before but I never went here. Therefore, I chosen Clarke Quay as our meeting point plus to have a look at this revamped buildings which located at riverside that turns into various of floating restaurants, nightclubs and pubs.   

How To Get To Clarke Quay:
Clarke Quay MRT Station (NE5) on the North East Line

Day 1 Singapore - Hooters
Hooters, an American chain restaurant that not only serve delicious foods but you can also wash your eyes at the waitresses at the same time. Won't believe me? Just check out their official website, where the waitresses are wearing a tight white tank top with short orange sorts, exactly like what in the website. Regarding the price, well, you will know that the price of a meal in Singapore is quite expensive, if we convert it back to Malaysia.

Day 1 Singapore - Group Photo 01
A group photo with my close collegemates which we had been knew each other for almost 10 years.

Day 1 Singapore - Group Photo 02
Another group photo around Clarke Quay area.

Day 1 Singapore - The Fullerton Hotel
After the dinner, two of my friends brought us strolled along Clarke Quay until we reached this marvellous and luxury five-star hotel, The Fullerton Hotel. When my friend told me the history of this hotel, I was damn shocked that it was previously a General Post Office Building before it turns into a luxury hotel. We did went it for a short toilet break and the interior of washroom is pretty amazing. Guess how much would it cost per night? Perhaps, I need to work and earn harder to stay here next time. *cross fingers*

Day 1 Singapore - Group Photo 03
Final group photo before bidding goodbye to my friends. Thanks for the amazing night that my boyfriend and I had.

That's the end of my first day adventures around Singapore. Can you guess where we're heading to on the next day?


  1. Love those passport covers too! Damn cute, dear! Glad u'd a good time here!

  2. Wow cantiknya hotel tu! I will definitely visit Fullerton hotel this coming December for some photography session, cewahhhh

  3. Haha, ur passport holder is too cute for a guy :P

  4. Strange that I have been to Europe and other continents but have not stepped into Singapore. I am excited looking at all the lovely places and very tempting.

    I can be an expensive traveler,from the hotel and airline esp. So need to save more money to stay at JW Marriot and fly on MAS business class.

  5. lovely photography

    so syok leh travel here and there :)

  6. I really really super envy you!!
    I've been to Singapore but just half day cos following tour. Damn regret.

  7. wow that was a year ago? i believe you have tonnes of pictures to update here!

    Latest: CAUTION: It's Flaming!

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