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Plaza Premium Lounge at LCCT KL Airport

Too lazy to heading down to the city.
Tune Hotel was relatively so expensive.
Can't find any seats available in the airport.
Therefore, end up at Plaza Premium Lounge.

Yes, that's what happened when I was stranded in LCCT KL Airport for almost 9 hours before flying off for my another 8 international trip of mine for this year. I took midnight flight from Kota Kinabalu and I reached Kuala Lumpur around 2 am in the morning. Once I came out from the arrival hall, I was try to allocate whether any seats available but I was so surprised that all the seats are fully occupied. Before this, my friend did offered me to stay at her house but somehow, I don't feel like to troublesome her and I am so lazy heading down to town. So, at the end, Plaza Premium Lounge is my last resort.

I noticed about this Plaza Premium Lounge which just located beside the AirAsia International check-in counter when I flew to Seoul, South Korea last year. I always love to try it since I always heading to Kuala Lumpur for flight connection and sometimes might stranded in airport for few hours. Last week, I had stranded in airport for more than 6 hours for waiting my flight back to KK from Melbourne and yesterday was the longest record I ever had - almost 9 hours.

Plaza Premium Lounge LCCT 01
It operates 24 hours everyday for you to have comfort and relaxing zone before departing.

Plaza Premium Lounge provides number of facilities to all the travellers such as:

Plaza Premium Lounge LCCT 02
The workstations that equipped with computers comes with WiFi connection.

Plaza Premium Lounge LCCT 03
Plenty of comfortable seating area for you to choose from.

Plaza Premium Lounge LCCT 04
No worries of the seats cause it really a lot provided in the lounge.

Plaza Premium Lounge LCCT 05
And this is my area which I treated as my bed and slept before taking another flight.

Plaza Premium Lounge LCCT 06
You can even take shower to refresh yourself and make yourself look good and smell good. They even provide free towel upon request.

Plaza Premium Lounge LCCT 07
Last but not least, they even provide wholesome buffet spread which situated in the center of the lounge.

Plaza Premium Lounge LCCT 08
Authentic local culinary delights, hot dishes, bakery, salad, sandwiches, desserts, snacks and more is what you can find in their all-day long buffet spread.

Plaza Premium Lounge LCCT 09
Not just coffee, tea and fruit juices, you can even grab and take away their free flow of soft drinks and beer.

Plaza Premium Lounge LCCT 10
My breakfast before I'm flying off again.

Well, I'm totally satisfied with all the facilities and services provided including the attentive service by the staff. Just that the amount of money paid for all of these are quite pricey. However, when I take into consideration between Tune Hotel, I will choose this Plaza Premium Lounge instead.

For more information about this Plaza Premium Lounge, do check out their official website http://www.lcct.com.my/facilities/plaza-premium-lounge for more.

NOTE: This is another pre-written post of mine. Currently, I might busy doing hardcore shopping around. Lol!


  1. maybe i should try one day! hehehe... thanks for showing us that !

  2. Not bad at all. I've previously read comments saying that it's not that good.

    Anyways, if you're going to be using this facility frequently, you might want to invest in a Priority Pass card. The standard membership card would cost you about RM750 per annum but you'll get to use lounges like this in airports throughout the world for 10 visits for free. After that it's going to cost you just about RM90 per additional visit.

  3. nice.. I went to a premium lounge before ..
    when i tagged with my boss with a gold enrich card..
    where you can eat and drink all you want ..

  4. Have never been in there.

    Very comfy. At least can spend some time online

  5. that sounds good, looks like i have another spot to hit next time i travel. hope that i won't have to wait long!

    {the Picablocks}

  6. Sounds interesting. Will recommend it to my pals...doubt that I need to use it since home is only half hour away for me.


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