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In-Flight Dining For Japan Flight

I bet most of you don't have any high expectations when comes to in-flight meals, cause majority of them are either mild-tasting or even bland. The reason behind is due to flying at high altitude may alters your sense of taste and smell. Hence, your senses might get a bit confused and mixed up. 

Nowadays not many airlines provide free complimentary food and drinks on planes, especially for low-cost and budget airlines. So when there's a in-flight meal served for free, I'm indeed truly appreciated it and thankfully I'm not that fussy when comes to food. Once again for this post I'm doing a compilation for all the in-flight meals I had for my Japan flight with Malaysia Airlines and also Japan Airlines which I flew with them recently.   

2015 - Malaysia Airlines Flight Kota Kinabalu to Narita-Tokyo 
#1: Early morning flight and they served us omelette. Simple and yet, hearty meal.

2015 - Malaysia Airlines Flight Narita-Tokyo to Kota Kinabalu
2015 MAS Tokyo - KK
#2: Wow! This meal really blew my mind. Not just the main course served in a Japanese-style, they even served soba too 

2016 - Malaysia Airlines Flight Kota Kinabalu to Narita-Tokyo
2016 MAS KK to Tokyo
#3: Another early morning flight to Japan a year later. The meal was almost identical, except this round I chosen local meal instead. 

2016 - Malaysia Airlines Flight Narita-Tokyo to Kota Kinabalu
2016 MAS Tokyo to KK
#4: Seriously, the meals served for both of my flight from Japan back to Malaysia seem to be more attractive, and colourful too. 

For 2017, I flew with AirAsia X to catch my flight to Haneda Airport. I didn't order any flight meals and so, nothing to share for this particular year. Next, ....

2018 - Malaysia Airlines Flight Kota Kinabalu to Narita-Tokyo
2018 MAS KK to Tokyo

2018 - Malaysia Airlines Flight Narita-Tokyo to Kota Kinabalu
2018 MAS Tokyo to KK

2019 - Malaysia Airlines Flight Kuala Lumpur to Narita-Tokyo
2019 MAS KL to Tokyo

2019 - Japan Airlines (JAL) Flight Narita-Tokyo to Kuala Lumpur
2019 JAL Tokyo to KL



  1. I really salute you for storing all the photos nicely to do this compilation post! I always loved food served onboard any airlines. I will try not to fly AA again to Japan as I found the stiff price comes with many disadvantages like arriving so late and waste my hotel stay plus having to pay for food, luggage and blah blah... Lolol.

    I found the Thai Airways offer lower price with early arrival and free food, luggage and bigger seat by flying extra 2 hours only while asleep. Worth it lah!!!

    I wish to fly ANA one day!


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