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Australia Day 8: Gold Coast - Sea World

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So yesterday we had a day filled with fun and excitement at Warner Bros. Movie World and as for our third day in Gold Coast, our agenda is to get up close and personal with an amazing array of marine life at Sea World.

Gold Coast Bus to Sea World
How To Get To Sea Word:
From Surfers Paradise (this is where we stayed), we took bus line 705 heading to Sea World. We used the GoCard ticket bought from Brisbane earlier. The bus stop from Surfers Paradise is somewhere nearby Vibe Hotel Gold Coast. Sea World is the last stop for this line. 

Sea World is not just a marine mammal park and an aquarium, but it also a theme park offers various of rides and attractions. This somehow reminds me of Ocean Park in Hong Kong. We're blessed with a good and fine weather when we were there cause almost 80% of the park is built outdoor. Hence, do remember to bring cap along and apply sunblock to avoid being sunburned. It's hurt, you know. 

Gold Coast Sea World 02
#1: Who lives in the pineapple under the sea?

Once we passed through the entrance gate, the first thing that caught our attention is Sky High Skyway, a cable-ride for a viewing opportunity of the entire park. The ride is included in your entrance ticket, indicates that we can ride as many times as we want. Unfortunately on 14th June 2015, it has permanently closed down. Too bad! 

Gold Coast Sea World 03
#2: Sky High Skyway but unfortunately it closed to public on 14 June 2015.

Gold Coast Sea World 04
#3: We spotted dolphins from the cable-car ride. Can't wait to get up close with them.

One of the highlights you shouldn't miss when in Sea World is the feeding time. Take for example when the trainer feed the Fairy penguins, the smallest species and only penguin breed on Australian shores - the whole show is absolutely adorable and fun to watch especially seeing the small little penguins walking towards to get their food. Owww, how cute they are! 

Gold Coast Sea World 05
#4: Fairy Penguins - the world's smallest penguin species standing 30-35cm tall. Feeding time at 10.45am and 3pm. 

There are plenty of shows throughout the day and one of them is the Affinity Dolphin show, the main attraction of Gold Coast. Do you know that dolphin is one of the most intelligent animals on earth? 

Gold Coast Sea World 06
#5: Affinity Dolphin Show. There are two different showtimes in a day; 11.15am and 3.30pm.

For those family come along with small kids, bet your kids would love the Castaway Bay area. This is where the adventure playground specially designed for the children to climb, crawl and explore through rope hanging-bridges, slides, tunnels and more. 

Gold Coast Sea World 07
#6: Get soaking wet at Battle Boats (an iterative water battle)

Gold Coast Sea World 08
#7: Overcome your fear of height at Sky Fortress (a climbing structure)

Gold Coast Sea World 09
#8: Interactive touch pool at the Shark Bay where you can touch the starfish and small rays.

Gold Coast Sea World 10
#9: Underwater viewing area where you can spot colourful and beautiful tropical fish as well as huge numbers of sharks and stingrays. 

Gold Coast Sea World 11
#10: Polar Bear Shores, Australia's only polar bear exhibit.

Gold Coast Sea World 12
#11: Penguin Encounter - An exhibition features Antarctic penguin.

Gold Coast Sea World 13
#12: Meet and greet Nickelodeon characters such as SpongeBob Squarepants.

Tips of Sea World:
  1. Most of the park are built outdoor. Hence, do bring cap along and sunblock to avoid sunburn.
  2. There are few rides and attractions might cause to you get wet. So, do bring extra clothes and towel too. 
  3. Sea World opens at 9.30am daily. If you are taking the public bus, do catch the bus at least 20-30 minutes earlier because the bus ride from Surfers Paradise to Sea World takes approximately 20 minutes. 
  4. I would recommend to purchase The Combo ticket of both Warner Bros. Movie World and Sea World as it is more cheaper than purchase individually. Check out Klook website for the combo ticket is selling at the price of RM183 (that's incredibly cheap, man!)

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  1. Thanks for sharing the tips especially for the combo ticket, look attractive!


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