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Australia (2014) Day 3: Sydney - Blue Mountains (Echo Point / Three Sisters & Scenic World)

Date Visited: 13th October 2014

On the third day in Sydney, we took a train from Sydney's Central Station to World Heritage listed Blue Mountains. It's going to be a long journey so we decided to wake up early and catch the Blue Mountain Lines train at 8.24am.  

Day 3 - Blue Mountains
#1: Board train from Sydney's Central Station

Why called as Blue Mountains? It was given as a result of the blue mist that rises from forests of eucalyptus trees, enveloping the surroundings in a hazy tinge. Blue Mountains has some of the country's most spectacular natural attractions.

Right after almost 2 hours journey, we approached Katoomba Station and we hopped off from there. Obviously, there are many passengers dropped off here heading to the Blue Mountains as well, just like us. But actually we haven't reach yet as need to catch another local bus #686 in front of Carrington Hotel, which is just across the Katoomba train station. Alternatively, you can tour with Blue Mountains Explorer Bus, a regular hop-on and hop-off service.

Blue Mountains Options from Katoomba
#2: From Katoomba Station, can opt for either catch local bus #686 or tour with Blue Mountains Explorer Bus. The cheapest option would be the first one for sure.

In order to view the famous and popular Three Sisters rock formation, stop at Echo Point for dramatic views over the deep valley through gouged out over millions of years. It's very obvious that we finally reach there as it was crowded with many tourists from all over the world. Unfortunately, the weather wasn't on our side as it was cloudy on that particular day. Unlike yesterday where it was shining bright with a clear blue sky. 

Day 3 - Blue Mountains Three Sisters 3 Sisters Echo Point Katoomba
#3: Three Sisters rock formation from Echo Point viewpoint

Day 3 - Blue Mountains 12
#4: It's not easy to stand at this perfect spot cause my friend and I need to wait for a group of China tourists to finish their forever unfinished photoshooting.   

We didn't stay long as the crowd was getting overcrowded and overpacked especially from the tour groups. We proceeded to the next point, Scenic World. In order to get to the Scenic World, wait at the bus stop for the local bus #686 just like the way travel to Echo Point previously. But my friends and I did differently. Instead taking the bus, we hiked through Prince Henry Cliff Walk where we're passing through several unique hanging swamps and witnessed variety of sedges, rushes and grasses.

Day 3 - Blue Mountains 04
#5: Scenic World from Prince Henry Cliff Walk viewpoint 

Day 3 - Blue Mountains 03
#6: We managed to hike through Blue Mountains National Park 

In Scenic World, it's all about rides, rides and rides all day long. Began with Scenic Skyway, where the glass-topped carriages of the Scenic Railway took us on a heart-stopping ride into the depths of the Jamison Valley. At 270 metres, it is the highest cable car in Australia. We took the Scenic Skyway from the East Station (from where we hiked just now) to across to the top station and only from there, we paid the Unlimited Discovery Pass which cost AU$34 for an adult (currently it cost AU$39 for an adult). Then, we continue with Scenic Railway. At a 52 degrees incline, the Scenic Railway is the steepest passenger train in the world. The ride might seems scary but we're really having fun,

Day 3 - Blue Mountains 05
#7: Scenic Skyway, the highest cable car in Australia.

Day 3 - Blue Mountains 06
#8: Scenic Railway - world's steepest passenger train. 

Day 3 - Blue Mountains 07
#9: Scenic Cableway is Australia's biggest cable car. 

Day 3 - Blue Mountains 08
#10: Scenic Walkway - the longest elevated boardwalk in Australia 

Day 3 - Blue Mountains 10
#11: After done with all the rides, time for pizza before going back to the city center

How To Get To Blue Mountains
From Central Station, take Cityrail Blue Mountain Line. Any train with the destinations "Lithgow", "Katoomba" or "Mount Victoria". Hop off at Katoomba Station. Catch local bus #686 from the bus stop in front of Carrington Hotel. The bus will stop at Echo Point/Three Sisters and Scenic World. 


  1. This is in my bucket list now to see Blue Mountains. My late parents visited this place and I think it snowed there. Does it snow or just cold winter??
    I have the same irks and phobia when surrounded by Mainland Chinese tourists. They would mess and swarm the whole area.

  2. Scenic Railway looks like quite scary because is world's steepest passenger train :D


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