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World's First Michelin Starred Ramen Restaurant - Tsuta, Tokyo

When comes to travelling, most of the times I will always prepare a list of "What To Do & See" in the respective cities/country that I intended to visit. However for the food list, I don't normally do so cause I prefer to eat whatever that's convenient for me. I'm not the type that will purposely travel all the way from the west to the east, or even from the north to the south for the sake of food adventures. 

Not until my recent trip to Tokyo lately, my new travel partner in crime is very particular when comes to food, or should I say he tends to be more picky than me. And this is where I got to know more about the prestigious Michelin-starred restaurants. So I thought why not give it a try at least once in any of these Michelin-starred restaurants since I was in Japan - it's better to experience myself rather than reading all these reviews and comments in blogs and social media, right?

To initiate my virgin Michelin-starred experience,  I gave it to Tsuta - Japanese Soba Noodles. In case you are wondering, Tsuta is the first ramen restaurant in Japan to be awarded one Michelin star dating back in 2015 which drew national and global attention. It is the only ramen shop in the world to be awarded for three consecutive years - 2016, 2017 and 2018.  

Tsuta Tokyo Michelin Ramen 01
#1: Tsuta - Japanese Soda Noodle, the first ever ramen shop in Japan to be awarded a prestigious Michelin star. 

Majority of the shops in Japan don't operate for long hours. Their business hours are mostly around 3 to 4 hours only during lunch and dinner time. My partner and I decided to try our luck to reach at least half an hour earlier before their opening time. And guess what? By the time we reach, we're kinda surprised to see the queue was relatively shorter than what we thought. But here comes an issue. According to the blog I read, you must get the queue ticket which distribute in the earling morning. Yes, in the early morning. That sounds so insane, right? So how now? Should we just leave or continue queuing up and decide later? After thinking that we have came far for this, we might just go ahead queue with the rest and pray for a better luck. 

Well after waited for almost 30 to 40 minutes, a waiter came and asked how many of us? Wait, that's mean we're allow to dine in regardless whether we have the queue ticket or not. Yes, thank goodness! Once both of us are called to enter the shop, we ordered the ramen via the vending machine. Take the ticket, pass it to the waiter, get the seat and wait for a piping hot scrumptious ramen serve right to you. Sitting at the 9-seater bar area while waiting for the ramen, one can watch the chefs work meticulously put together all the ingredients just to serve a bowl of the greatest ramen. 

Tsuta Tokyo Michelin Ramen 07
#2: The menu in English. Tsuta makes our life easier

I always thought those restaurants after receiving the coveted French honor tend to very pricey but I was wrong. As what you can see from the menu, you can get a bowl of ramen from as low as 800 yen (approx. to RM30) just like any other typical ramen shops have to offer. But of course, I would highly recommend you to order the first one in the list - Charsiu Wonton Ajitama Shoyu Soba cause that's the signature dish of the restaurant. You can have everything in a bowl of happiness - four slices of perfectly cut charsiu (barbecued pork), seasoned egg, wonton (dumplings), bamboo shoots and seaweed cooked in soy sauce based broth on black truffle flavour.

Tsuta Tokyo Michelin Ramen 04
#3: Tsuta's signature ramen - Charsiu Wonton Ajitama Shoyu Soba cost 1,700 yen (approx. to RM63)

My verdict? It's exceptionally and utterly good till that extend I finished the whole bowl within few minutes. Not sure whether I was too hungry at that point of time or the ramen itself is too good to be true. Bear in mind, food review is not my expertise so it's hard for me to describe the texture of the noodle, the taste of the broth and so on but trust me, if you haven't try Tsuta, then you're definitely miss the world's best ramen. I've tried quite numbers of ramen in Japan including Ichiran and Ippudo but still, nothing beats this clear soup broth of ramen.

Tsuta Tokyo Michelin Ramen 05
#4: Michelin star awards 

Tsuta Tokyo Michelin Ramen 06
#5: Tsuta brings it to the next level - instant noodle so you can easily bring back home. But of course, it's better to dine in and eat at the restaurant itself. 

Tsuta Tokyo Michelin Ramen Instant Noodle 7-Eleven
#6: You can find this in 7-Eleven convenience stores. Just that I couldn't find in the city but in Narita airport instead

Get to Sugamo Station under JR Yamanote Line and Toei Subway Mita Line. Head to South Exit, then turn left until you see Miyata Building. Turn left again and walk until you see a junction on your right side, turn in and Tsuta is on your left side. 

By the way, don't jump happily when you reach there and see there's no queue cause these people are actually queue by the side of the restaurant. We're fooled by them at the first place. Kanasai! 


  1. Weird, this post didn't update on my blogroll. Neways, unfortunately it's pork broth kan? So sad everytime I visit Japan I can't eat ramen unless it's not pork broth, which is kinda rare.

  2. Thank you for sharing this for my next trip to Tokyo! I have tried their best ramen in Fukuoka, so must try this lah. The one in Fukuoka is so famous for HKG visitors who fly there yearly just to eat their Hakata Ramen. We were fortunate to bump into HKG actor Ekin Cheng who also dined at the same road side stall.

    The cheapest ramen shops can be found in Kyoto as low as 550 YEN.

  3. Awesome pawsome! must go next time!


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