Thursday, August 11, 2011

Third Day in Taiwan - Dream Mall, Shinkuchan Night Market & Big Beef Noodle

Date of Visited: 22 December 2010

Done with visiting the holy monastery at Fo Guang Shan (click here) and Hakka traditional village at Mei Non Hakka Village (click here), now it's time for shopping at Dream Mall.

Dream Mall, Kaohsiung 01

Not only the largest shopping mall in Taiwan, Dream Mall is also the largest shopping mall in East Asia. It even contains amusement park on the rooftop. So when my family and I saw Hello Kitty amusement park on the sign board, immediately we took lift to highest floor.

But once we came out from the mall, it seems like very quiet and not that happening. Maybe because it was weekday on that day. The only Hello Kitty theme was the Ferris wheel, which is known as Kaohsiung Eye. As you are following tour, you don't have much time to buy the ticket and enjoy the ride on the Ferris wheel, or else no time for shopping.

Dream Mall, Kaohsiung 02

Dream Mall, Kaohsiung 03
Saw the stage behind me? There are some performance or concert will be held on the night of Christmas eve. Heard there will be a performance by famous celebrities such as Jay Chao, Jolin and even S.H.E. but too bad we are leaving Kaohsiung on the next day.

Next, we're heading for night market which known as Shinkuchan Night Market. Although this night market is not that fame compare to others, but this is one of the night market which filled with lots of teenagers, students and youth. Therefore, here is the best place for you to bargain for cheaper things.

Taiwan - Shinkuchan Night Market 01
Shop lots of things at here such as bag for my boyfie, belts for my sister and more.

Then, we came across MOS Burger. Besides McD, if you happen to spot any MOS Burger in Taiwan, go and have a try. However, be noted that it is non-halal fast food restaurant chain. The first time I saw this was in Japan but their signboard are green in colour whereas Taiwanese version is red in colour. What unique about this fast food is that their bun made of rice mixed with barley and millet which similar to the one we have in Sushi King.

Mos Burger @ Shinkuchan Night Market
Singapore got MOS Burger but why Malaysia doesn't have?

Finally, it's the dinner time again. For this round, the local tour guide decided not to bring us to the restaurant where we almost have 9 meals but brought us to something extraordinary.

Big Beef Noodle @ Kaohsiung 01
Big Beef Noodle

Because my family and I can't have beef due to our religion, so we try on their chicken noodle.

Big Beef Noodle @ Kaohsiung 02
The chicken is so juicy and tender and even the bone are edible. I almost want to have second bowl but each of us only being given 1 bowl.

After spending 3 days in Taiwan, I can said besides Taipei, Kaohsiung is one of the city I recommend for you guys to visit it. More place to sightseeing than Taichung. Taichung seems to be unfavourable compare to Kaoshiung.


  1. Ooo 3 days of Taiwan ka? So fun...

    What in the world is a MOS burger? hahaa. Bun made of rice? and got barley? Hmm dunno if I can eat :D

  2. Armstrong - This is my third day in Taiwan in third city. MOS burger is similar to McD but there are some of the bun are made of rice. You can check it out at Singapore.

    SJB - Those statues are the World Games 2009 Kaohsiung mascots.

  3. is it fun in taiwan ? what about the currency and living cost there?

    is it as expensive as japan or not? if not i'll consider taiwan in my travel waiting list :)

    japan would be my last place i'll visit perhaps as i have to rob banks to get there :)


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