Foodie Friday: Party Play Lifestyle Cafe

It's been a while that I didn't post or share anything on Bits & Bites since currently most of my post are mainly focus on travel and trips. And now, I had included another new segment in my blog which is "FOODIE FRIDAY!". That's right! I will share anything that related to foods, beverages and anything that is edible one will be post on Friday (unless there are special circumstances going on).

Start off my first post of Foodie Friday with Party Play Lifestyle Cafe, located at Lintas, Kota Kinabalu. Well, this is my second visit after my first visit was introduced by Mei Tzeu and Angliea since last year December (click here). I always want to visit this lifestyle cafe but my boyfie and crazy deariest prefer to go other places instead.

Finally, last week when I had my short break back to KK, I suggested to my crazy deariest that we should go Party Play since recently they had just launching their new extension. And also because the birthday gal, Shing Wei had never went there before.

Party Play Menu 01
They even changed the menu. Funky and impressive.

Party Play 01 - Green Tea Latte
Green Tea Latte ordered by Wawa

Party Play 02 - Calamansi Sour Plum
While Shing Wei and I ordered Calamansi Sour Plum

Here are our main dishes:

Party Play 03 - Bangkok Style
My order: Bangkok Style. I guess before this was known as Spaghetti with Tom Yam if not mistaken.

Party Play 04 - Liguine beef bacon carbonara
Wawa's order: Linguine Beef Bacon Carbonara

Party Play 05 - Class Italian Fettuccini Beef Bolognaise
Shing Wei's order: Class Italian Fettuccine Beef

And also three of us decided to share one of this meal:

Party Play 06 - BBQ Chicken Chop
Party Play BBQ Chicken Chop served with salad and potato wedges. This is my favourite one!

Lastly, end our dinner for the night by ordering the same dessert for three of us.

Party Play 07 - Dark Chocolate Fondant with Vanilla Ice-Cream
Signature Dark Chocolate Fondant with Milk Ice-Cream.
Thanks to the birthday gal, Shing Wei for this dessert treat.

While paying for our bill, we were served by the owner of this cafe, Mr. Dominic. I recognised him through few of my friends' blog. With kindly, he asked how was the food? Of course, nothing taste better than yours, Mr Dominic and not forgeting Party Play!

BFF aka crazy deariest~

Will tag along boyfie for next visit to try on their pizza and I want more on the BBQ Chicken Chop again.


  1. I've not been there b4. Would like to try one of these days.

  2. Cincau - You should go and try their foods. Really recommend for a lifestyle cafe.


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