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Lotus Lake - Dragon and Tiger Tower & Spring and Autumn Pagodas

Date of Visited: 23rd December 2010
Dragon and Tiger Pagodas 03
Lotus Lake located on the northern outskirts of Kaohsiung is noted for its famous scenic area and beautiful view. There are more than 20 temples in the neighborhood, therefore it is being described as "temple everywhere" in this area.

Dragon and Tiger Pagodas 05

Dragon and Tiger Pagodas 06

Dragon and Tiger Tower

Dragon and Tiger Pagodas 04

Dragon and Tiger Pagodas 03

Dragon and Tiger Tower is one of the most well-known temples around the Lotus Lake. According to the local tour guide, entering the dragon's mouth which is the entrance and exit from the tiger's mouth symbolises turning bad luck to good fortune.

Spring and Autumn Pagodas

About 700 meters away from the Dragon and Tiger Tower are the Spring and Autumn Pavilions.

Spring and Autumn Pavilions 01

In front of these two massive pavilions, is a statue of Goddess of Mercy or known as "Guanyi" in Chinese riding a dragon. According to the legend, Guanyin appeared above the clouds riding on a dragon, signifying that believers must erect an image depicting this event between pavilions of summer and autumn. These two pagodas linked by a "nine turns bridge" represent of traditional Chinese octagonal architecture.

Spring and Autumn Pavilions 07
Spring and Autumn Pavilions 02

Spring and Autumn Pavilions 03

Spring and Autumn Pavilions 04
Spring and Autumn Pavilions 05
Paintings of deities inside the Pavilion

Spring and Autumn Pavilions 06

Dragon and Tiger Pagodas 02
View of Dragon and Tiger Tower from Spring and Autumn Pavilion

Spring and Autumn Pavilions 08

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There are few shops nearby this area that selling souvenirs and local fruits too. Some of the items which I didn't manage to shop at the night market, I shop at here such as postcards, "I ♥ TW" T-shirt and more. And at here too, finally I managed to get the answer I was curious about from the local. "Why they guess that we are from Malaysia instead guessing other place?"

How To Get To Lotus Lake
From Zouying MRT station, take bus no. R51 or R301 and get off at the Lotus Lake bus stop


  1. this is super nice! i did discuss with my hubby about taiwan...just because of your post ok! hahahaha!

    we are looking on it...hopefully...please please please!

  2. i heard taiwan is a nice ctry to visit, perhaps next year i will get to go. and i love to take pics of pagados and temples, reason being it is superbly colourful and makes my album "happy" ehheheh...

  3. so cool...hopefully travel to Taiwan next

  4. feels so holy just by looking and reading.. haha.. i like the pic with the reflection on the water :)

  5. Dragon and Tiger Tower! OMGosh. So eye catching. Where in the world can you see a dragon and tiger side by side? ;D hahahaa.

  6. I really enjoy reading your blog :). I will be going to Taiwan for the first time soon, and your blog has helped provide me with where i need to go, and what there is locally :)


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