Matta Fair 2011 (12th-14th August 2011)

Date of Visited: 12 August 2011

Before I am going to Kuala Lumpur last month, I went and visit Matta Fair Sabah 2011 which held at Suria Sabah (click here). And on this Friday before I am going back to KK for a really short break, my housemate and I went to stroll around Matta Fair held at PWTC. My housemate, who has been in KL for 5 years has never been to this travel and tourism fair whereas my last visit to this fair is like 2006 ago where my classmates and I bought a tour package to Lang Tengah Island.

MATTA Fair August 2011 (22)

We reached as early as 10am in order to find parking.

MATTA Fair August 2011 (2)

MATTA Fair August 2011 (3)
A tour package by Reliance Travel to wherever you want to go from Asia to Australia, Europe and even including U.S.A. and Canada.

MATTA Fair August 2011 (4)
Exhibition from Turkey.

Before going to the main exhibition hall, we need to purchase entrance ticket of RM3 for each person. Upon purchasing this, we were given a orange tote bag filled with newsletter, fridge magnet, pen and more.

MATTA Fair August 2011 (5)
Local and domestic tour in Hall 3. Aiming for Star Cruise for so long but the travel date always not at the right time for my family.

MATTA Fair August 2011 (6)
Travel pricelist package for you to survey and search for the best travel package.

MATTA Fair August 2011 (13)
Europe anyone?

Seriously, at first my housemate and I thought that we might stroll around for less than 2 hours but end up more than 3 hours and we almost plan to look around until they close but unfortunately, I had class at 2pm to 5pm, then I will taking flight at 7 back to KK. Lots of best deal travel packages and more information and research you can get if plan for your upcoming trips.

MATTA Fair August 2011 (7)
Wonderful Indonesia

Planning to shop till you drop at Bandung, sightseeing for UNESCO World Heritage Site at Yogyakarta or even relax at the most amazing romantic beach at Bali, then look for Tourism Indonesia to find your preference.

MATTA Fair August 2011 (12)
Time for Taiwan

Taiwan is recent tourism spot for Malaysian nowadays. I still recalled when I went Taiwan last year, most of the local asked whether are we Malaysian. I was curious why they guess Malaysia instead of Singapore or other nearby countries, thus I asked the local. They said Malaysian had came and visit Taiwan for non-stop since from October until end of December. Oh ya! Not forgetting my friend cum blogger, Mei Tzeu who is going to Taiwan next week. Have a wonderful and enjoyable trip there.

MATTA Fair August 2011 (14)
Experience Macau

The Asia Las Vegas will be my target in coming years and plan to tag my mom along for their local delicacy such as Portuguese egg tart and pork chop bun.

MATTA Fair August 2011 (15)

MATTA Fair August 2011 (16)
South East Asia is in my current travel list - Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand.

MATTA Fair August 2011 (17)
Incredible India

MATTA Fair August 2011 (18)
Amazing Thailand, The City of Smile

MATTA Fair August 2011 (19)
Japan - Endless Discovery

A day before the Matta Fair, AirAsia is having promotion for the new route to Osaka, Japan. This makes me want to go Japan again for discover other cities such as Kobe and Nara but based on my previous experience, I need a huge sum of money again if plan to travel to Japan as Japan is one of the most expensive country.

MATTA Fair August 2011 (20)
Konichiwa from Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

MATTA Fair August 2011 (21)
Lots of goodies I got

With insanely I told my housemate if there is any MATTA Fair going on again next year in Kuala Lumpur, I will book my ticket and fly to there just to attend this largest travel and tourism fair. Hahaha... This event is more impressive and exciting to me compare to the nation mega sales. =P


  1. Wow! I didn't got the chance to visit there ;( syg owh!

  2. So did you finally book a ticket with Star Cruises? :D
    Cruise Pictures

  3. i never visit matta fair before :P

  4. Mitchell - Nevermind. This travel and tourism fair will organise at least 2 times a year. Make sure you don't miss it.

    Sailor - Too bad, no I didn't. Not the right time again for my family.

  5. SJB - Yes, it is. I feel like want shop all the travel packages but no enough vitamin M. =P

    ken - You should go and feel it at least once :)

  6. hi sis! came from biqque's blog

    so where's ur next destination?

    i'm going to india-kashmir this march ;)

    btw hope we can be a travelmate soon, ehe


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