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Mei Non Hakka Village

Date of Visited: 22 December 2010

Mei Non Hakka Village 01

In Taiwan, Hakka people form the second largest ethnic group on the island. And this Mei Non, is a famous Hakka district which located at Kaohsiung, Taiwan. For those who don't know what ethnic most of the Sabahan Chinese are, they are basically Hakka descent. I am Sabahan but I speak Hakka dialect a bit only because basically, I am Hokkien and Teochew descent, which mainly from Sarawak.

At this traditional village, we got the chance to see the traditional Hakka Handicrafts, such as hand-make umbrella, bamboo handicraft
and many more. We also managed to taste some of delicious Hakka cuisine but the pay is of course, out from our own pocket. Not included in the tour fee.

Mei Non Hakka Village 02

Mei Non Hakka Village 03

Mei Non Hakka Village 04

Mei Non Hakka Village 05

Mei Non Hakka Village 06

Mei Non Hakka Village 07
The handmade doll and this represent kind of ethnic groups in Taiwan beside Hakka.

Mei Non Hakka Village 08

Mei Non Hakka Village 09

Mei Non Hakka Village 10
My all time favourite travel collection, fridge magnets and key chain. I almost want to buy all of these.

Besides strolling around, I also got myself a lots of souvenirs. Even though I am banana but I able to read some of the Chinese words. As the photo above, one for NT$40 and 3 for NT$100. Hahaha...

Mei Non Hakka Village 11

This is a good place for me to explore more on their culture but I don't think it is convenient to visit this place if you don't have a proper transportation. This place is out of the city.

[Credit to: Wikipedia]


  1. Wow...The pictures are just amaizing. The place looks so neat and clean
    Cruise Pictures

  2. never been to taiwan before, not one of my top to-visit list but the picture is simple and nice.. nothing extravagant but that's the interesting part about exploring another country :)

  3. the pics look great.
    never been to taiwan....maybe one day :)

  4. Pictures look amazing, will come back for more!



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