Thursday, July 18, 2019

2019 Bangkok & Kanchanaburi, Thailand (Sneak Peek)

It's a shame to say that I've yet to complete my 2015 Bangkok travelogue, and now I just came back from the city I love the most. If you ask me what's my favourite country, I would definitely say Japan but if you ask me how about the city I adore the most, I will pick Bangkok for sure.

I posted this 4 years ago and even until now, I still stick with it.

Initially I booked a trip to Bangkok with my mom early of this year but due to some personal issues as well as due to work commitments, both of us decided to cancel our trip. But sometimes, things in life come unexpectedly. The boyfriend gave me another surprised by buying a round-trip to Bangkok. Good news to KKians cause AirAsia is currently flying direct from Kota Kinabalu straight to Bangkok, without the transit in Kuala Lumpur. Now I can go back to Bangkok every year. Yahoo!!! 

Since this is my 4th trip to Bangkok, I try not to repeat the things I did and see previously but then looking forward for something new, something which I never done before, like: 

2019 Thailand Kanchanaburi Water Falls-1
#1: We went to Kanchanaburi for Erawan Waterfall which situated more than 4 hours from Bangkok.

2019 Thailand Kanchanaburi Water Falls
#2: The entire length of the seven tiers span approximately 1,500, through the thick rainforest of the park. And guess what? I came here with unprepared - I didn't bring a proper entire but go ahead wearing a off-shoulder top, long skirt and a sandal but I glad I survived the two-hours hike. 

2019 Thailand Kanchanaburi Westory Design Postel
#3: If you are planning to visit Kanchanaburi, do consider to stay in this Westory Design Postel. It's chic and cool stay (although we didn't stay here where we accidentally bumped into it)

2019 Thailand Bangkok First House Hotel Pratunam
#4: After staying in Kanchanaburi for a night, we went back to Bangkok and stay in two different accommodations - both hostel and hotel. My favourite one would be this - First House Hotel just next to Pratunam Market. I will do compilation of all the hotels and hostel I stayed in Bangkok. 

2019 Thailand Bangkok Ratchada Rot Fai Train Night Market 1
#5: Ratchada Rot Fai Train Night Market - So colourful and energetic

2019 Thailand Bangkok Wat Arun
#6: Wat Arun - The temple of dawn

2019 Thailand Bangkok IconSiam
#7: ICONSIAM, a newly built shopping mall on the banks of the Chao Phraya River which opened to the public on November last year.

2019 Thailand Bangkok After You Dessert Shibuya Toast
#8: After You Dessert - Finally I got to try this after see all over social media but I personally think it's overrated. 

2019 Thailand Bangkok Shopping
#9: Can't leave Bangkok without shopping. However, I shop less compare to my three previous trips due to our week Ringgit Malaysia. Imagine 4 years ago, the rate was around

P/S: Trying my best to complete My 2018 UK & Europe trip first, before proceed to other travelogues. 

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Farewell Barcelona! And Our First Day In Madrid

"So long, farewell. Goodbye! I hate to go and leave this pretty sight."

No matter how you adore a city or a country, you can't stay forever. So it's the time again for us to waive goodbye to Barcelona and hop on to the next city of Spain - Madrid, the nation's capital city. There are several options to get from Barcelona to Madrid; from plane to train and bus. Of course, the best way to travel between these two cities is by taking the AVE high-speed train. It's the fastest way to reach the destination in just under 3 hours with its modern and luxurious train. 

2018 Spain Barcelona Sants Train Station
#1: Barcelona - Sants Train Station, the main and primary train station in Barcelona 

Monday, July 8, 2019

Barcelona Other Top Attractions

For Barcelona, I felt like spending 4 days and 3 nights are absolutely not enough to discover and explore this city cause there are plenty of things to do and see here. If not because we're pressed for time, I would definitely would love to spend almost a week here. Minus the overcrowded population, this city offers numerous of awe-inspiring and magnificent buildings which impossible for me see in elsewhere and this indirectly make me fall in love with the city even more. 

2018 Spain Barcelona Top Attractions

Apart from Plaza Espana, Park Guell and La Sagrada Familia where we're successfully went and visit during our stay in Barcelona, there are also other few top attractions we managed to squeeze in into our itinerary and catch a glimpse, like: 

1) Casa Mila - Popularly known as La Pedrera or "The Stone Quarry" was the last private residence designed by none other than Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi. However, I decided not to pay visit because I would prefer to visit in the early morning cause as you know, by the noon time, the crowd is getting uncontrollable. So the only thing we did to keep as a memory is by taking the signature pose right in front of the building. Say cheese! 

2018 Spain Barcelona Casa Milà 01

Friday, July 5, 2019

Tokyo For 5 Consecutive Years

"Once You've Been To Japan, You Will Feel Like Going Back Every Year" - I never thought this applies to me. 

2019 Japan Welcome Signboard
#1: Back to my favourite country - Japan

For the past 4 years, I've been visiting Tokyo every year since 2015 to 2018. Just when I thought this year I might not be going back, something came unexpectedly and here I am again back to Tokyo for the 6th time. Probably it's a sign I need to go Tokyo every year. 

My Previous Posts on Tokyo:

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

4D3N Maldives Trip On Budget Below RM2,000

Maldives, one of those countries I never thought I could ever travel to someday. The ultimate reason why holding me back from visiting Maldives is because of the luxury and overly expensive resorts and water villas which believed to reserve for the rich and famous only. Not until the boyfriend bought me a round-trip airticket to Maldives and he told me it's possible to travel to Maldives on a budget, I thought he was kidding at first. Only to find out he's been to Maldives for 4 times before, guess he's not fooling me. He was right - it's possible to visit Maldives without the worry of burning a big hole on your wallet, or maybe your bank account.

From Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur), so far AirAsia is the only airlines flying directly from Kuala Lumpur and arrive at Male International Airport, located on Hulhule Island sits next to the capital city of Male. The flight duration takes approximately 4 hours and 40 minutes. Time difference wise, Maldives is 3 hours behind Malaysia. 

Monday, June 17, 2019

La Sagrada Familia - Gaudi's Unfinished Masterpiece

Like they said, a trip to Barcelona is definitely incomplete without visit any of Gaudi's masterpiece of architecture. So we went and visit Gaudi's awe-inspiring park, Park Guell on the second day, how about on the third day? 

Luckily on the third in Barcelona, we don't have to wake up pretty early like we did on the day before cause one of the Spain's landmark monuments that we intend to visit will open to public at 9am onwards. And the one I mentioned is none other than the impressive enormous unfinished Roman Catholic church, La Sagrada Familia

2018 Spain Barcelona La Sagrada Familia 01

Do you know that La Sagrada Familia has been under construction for more than 130 years and yet, it's still on-going project even today? It's expected to be completed in 2026 marks the 100 year centenary of the death of Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi in 1926. When the church is finished, it will be 144 years after the first stone was laid. 

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Park Güell - Gaudi's Iconic Park in Barcelona

4.30 in the morning - that's where my alarm rang.

Normally, I'm not a morning person but for the sake of travelling, I can get up early than my usual working hours. That shows how powerful travelling is. I prefer to arrive those popular tourist attractions as early as I can in order to beat the crowd. 

So, what's the agenda on the second day in Barcelona that causing me to wake up so early? None other than Park Guell, one of the top rated tourist attractions of Barcelona. It's remarkably popular among the visitors and to be wise, it's best to get there earlier. 

To reach here, the nearest metro is either Lesseps or Vallcarca Station under the Green Line (L3). However, both stations require 20 minutes walk to the park. In case you are lazy to walk so far away, you can continue by taking bus 116, 24 or H6 from any of the two stations mentioned earlier. 

2018 Spain Barcelona Park Guell 02
#1: Park Guell before the sun rise

Monday, June 3, 2019

Adeus Porto and Hola Barcelona!

Continue from here...

After spending two nights in Lisbon including a day trip to Pena Palace of Sintra, it's time to bid goodbye to Portugal and proceed to third country for this leg of our trip - Spain! 

Generally for a budget-conscious traveller, it's always better to use public transport - buses or the metro system. You can take metro from any place in Lisbon city center directly to Aeroporto Station (Lisbon Airport) for just €2.00 (including €0.50 for the reusable card). But because you know, we had quite number of luggage with us plus they were heavy too, we opted for Uber. There is no issue in getting an Uber cause it is available throughout the city. From where we stayed in Lisbon straight to the airport, the Uber fare was €6.45 - it's relatively affordable cause we don't have to go through the hassle of changing station. 

2018 TAP Air Portugal 01
#1: Barcelona, wait for me!

Friday, May 31, 2019

10D8N Silk Road Trip of Lanzhou, Dunhuang, Jiayuguan & Zhangye

Three China trips within half a year.
Second desert experience in a year, after Morocco trip February this year. 
All these never within my plan until the boyfriend came across a news of AirAsia is commencing a new route to Lanzhou and without thinking any longer, he booked immediately. Guess what, he even tagged me along as well. It seems like I can't run away from travelling every month for this year.

Both of us just came back from our 10D8N trip to Lanzhou last week and without wasting any time, now it's time for me to share our travel experiences and adventures to "The Mecca of China".

Not just that AirAsia X is the only carrier serves this route from Kuala Lumpur but surprisingly, it is also the only foreign carrier that fly-in into the capital of Gansu Province. Bravo and good job AirAsia! 

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Pena Palace of Sintra, Portugal

"To beat the crowds is by getting there early - the rule of thumb for visitors."

On our second day in Lisbon, we woke up pretty early in the hope of catching the earliest train to Sintra. Our main highlight of the day is to visit Pena Palace (Palacio Nacional da Pena), one of the finest tourist attractions in Portugal and exemplifies the 19th century Romanticism style of architecture. Definitely must-go when in Portugal. 

Pena Palace is doable as a day trip, although the journey from Lisbon to Sintra might be slightly long. Hence, it's advisable to start your day trip as early as possible. In Lisbon, we head to Rossio Railway Station. You can reach Rossio Railway Station by taking metro under blue/green line and align at Rossio Metro Station. To pay for the journey from Lisbon to Sintra, you can use Viva Viagem card and a single fare costs €2.25. The train runs every 30 minutes and it takes approximately 40 minutes to reach Sintra. 

2018 Portugal Lisbon Rossio Railway Station 01

Monday, May 6, 2019

Keep Safe & Stay Vigilant When Visiting Lisbon, Portugal (2018) - Part 3

So, now I've seen the best of Portugal's second largest capital, Porto and wondering what will Lisbon be? Will this capital city of Portugal as charming and beautiful as Porto, or it's just another overrated city to visit?

Let's find it out now.


2018 Portugal Train Porto to Lisbon 01