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Balkans (2018): 48 Hours in Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Quite a number of my friends and blog readers requested me to blog about this trip first instead of the rest. I guess most of them are more interested with my Europe trips compare to the other of trips of mine.

Before I proceed any further, let me share my actual flight route first: 
Kota Kinabalu → Singapore → Istanbul with Singapore Airlines
I will blog more about my trip around Istanbul once I done with Bosnia & Herzegovina and Croatia travelogues first. 

After staying for a night in Istanbul, I moved on to Sarajevo, the capital city of Bosnia & Herzegovina. The only mode of transportation to travel between these two cities are by flying. My friend advised me to search from Pegasus Airlines and I did, so at the end I got my ticket for 275 Turkish lira which including 20kg of baggage allowance. Bear in mind there are two different airports in Istanbul; Ataturk Airport and Sabiha Gokcen Airport. Make sure to check your airport cause these two airports are situated quite far away from each other. As for my case, my flight depart from Sabiha Gokcen Airport and I took Havabus from Taksim (one of notable Istanbul spots). You can check out for more here

2018 Day 3 Bosnia 01 Pegasus Airlines 2

Because Pegasus Airlines is a Turkish low-cost airlines, which is similar to AirAsia, there is no complimentary meal being served unless you are willing to pay extra. After almost 2 hours on board, finally I landed in another new country again. Frankly speaking, I was quite anxious and nervous cause I didn't know much about Bosnia, except for the heartbreaking civil war of the 1990s but deep in my heart, I told myself, "Hey, this is not your first solo trip to Europe. You did it last year!". That's how I comfort myself. 

Without thinking too much, I passed through the immigration clearance smoothly, claimed my backpack, exchanged some local currency and bought local sim card. I did purchase Europe travel SIM card from Hello1010 before embark for this trip but unfortunately, it didn't cover Bosnia. Therefore I decided to buy from the airport and this special SIM card for tourists costs 20 KM (approx. to €10/RM50) which valid for 10 days. Nowadays, prepaid sim card is my life saviour and I can't imagine how my travel would be without it. 

2018 Day 3 Bosnia 02 Sim Card

This is one of the most challenging journey throughout my trip. Previously when I did my research from Wikitravel and Lonely Planet, it mentioned the only way to get to the city center from the airport is by taking bus and this local bus can only catch in one of the bus stop situated 15-20 minutes walk from the airport. I even email the hostel asking for airport transfer and guess what, they quoted me for €20. That's insane! So at the end, I decided just to walk to that particular bus stop in order to save my money. Damn cheapskate me. 

After walking for almost 20 minutes under the dripping rain, finally I saw the "most wanted" bus stop. But funny enough cause after waited for almost 40 minutes, the particular local bus seems to be never arrive. I started to question myself whether am I waiting at the wrong bus. Somehow, life is always unpredictable. I met a local who can speak English fluently. She told me that the bus I waited for was not operating on that particular day due to some technical problem. Hence, she advised me to join her to the nearby tram station and from there, take the tram heading down to the town. She even invited me for a cup of Bosnian coffee before leaving. Guess this is a blessing in disguise. My bus never arrive but who will expect that I meet such a friendly and helpful local instead. 

2018 Bosnia Bosnian Coffee
Not just the symbol of the country, Bosnian coffee is also a part of the Bosnian and Herzegovinian identity and tradition. 

Latest update for the airport transfer: Only on my last day I found out there is a direct bus from the airport to the city center. Wondering why the hostel staff didn't inform me about this at the first place when I email them?

2018 Bosnia Airport - Bašcaršija

Old Town is always my favourite spot to stay and I chosen to settle down in Hostel Rania for good two nights. Nothing to complain about this hostel as the location is excellent, staffs are helpful and friendly and as for the room and bathrooms, both are fairly clean except for one thing, there is no personal socket within the bed. 

2018 Day 3 Bosnia Sarajevo Hostel Rania

Date Stayed: 14 May to 16 May 2018 (2 nights)
Room Rate: 22KM (approx. to €11/RM55) per night for a bed in 6 female dormitory room without breakfast (Booked via Agoda)

2018 Bosnia Sarajevo Tram

Except for taking the tram from nearby the airport and to the bus and train station, I explored the central area on foot as it is very compact and almost all of the attractions just right at my fingertips. In case you are lazy to walk a lot, hence you can consider to buy a day card for unlimited ride on all local public transport within Zone A for the cost of 5KM (approx. to €2.50/RM12) and this day pass can be bought from the newspaper stands.

Here are few attractions and famous landmarks I managed to cover when I was around the capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina:

1. Sebilj (Fountain) - One of the city's most recognisable symbols, Sebilj is a pseudo-Ottoman style wooden fountain tucked neatly in the centre of the Old Town (Bascarsilja) square. 
2018 Bosnia Sarajevo Bašcaršija

2018 Bosnia Sarajevo Bašcaršija-1

2. Gazi Husrev-beg Mosque - The largest historical mosque in Bosnia and Herzegovina and one of the most representative Ottoman structures in the Balkans. 
2018 Bosnia Sarajevo Gazi Husrev-beg Mosque

2018 Bosnia Sarajevo Gazi Husrev-beg Mosque-1

3. Latin Bridge - This bridge is believed that sparked the beginning of World War I due to assassination of the Austrian Hungarian empire Franz Ferdinard took place here. There is a small museum of Austro-Hungarian rule in Sarajevo and the assassination at the corner across the street from the bridge. 

2018 Bosnia Sarajevo Latin Bridge

2018 Bosnia Sarajevo Latin Bridge Museum

4. Sarajevo Meeting of Cultures - From this very spot, this is where you can see the meeting of civilisations, represented by a clear dividing line between Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian architecture.   
2018 Bosnia Sarajevo Meeting Of Cultures

5. Vijecnica (City Hall) - The most extravagant buildings constructed during Austro-Hungarian occupation and it serves as a symbol of the meeting of world civilisations. 
2018 Bosnia Sarajevo Vijecnica (City Hall)

6. Cathedral of the Nativity of the Theotokos - Besides being the largest Serbian Orthodox church in Sarajevo, it also known to be one of the largest in the Balkans. Right next to the cathedral is the multiculturalism monument. 
2018 Bosnia Sarajevo Serbian Orthodox Cathedral

7. Vjecna Vatra (Eternal Flame) - A memorial to the military and civilian victims of the Second World War in Sarajevo. The flames never stop burning which makes this monument a unique piece of art, idea and dedication. 
2018 Bosnia Sarajevo Eternal Flame

8. Trebevic Cable Car - After 26 years, this famous cable car is resumed operations and reopened to the public. It links the old part of the city with the mountain Trebevic. The cable car ride costs 20KM (approx. to €10/RM50) for a return trip. 
2018 Bosnia Sarajevo Trebevic Cable Car

9. Bascarsila (Old Town) - Sarajevo's old bazaar and the historical and cultural center of the city. Bascarsila is an oriental bazaar, a maze of narrow streets tucked in the center of the city's heart and this place is an ideal spot if you are seeking for real souvenirs. That's explain why I prefer to stay in the Old Town.  
2018 Bosnia Sarajevo Old Town

2018 Day 3 Bosnia 04 Sarajevo Old Town 2

There are so many traditional dishes I would really love to try and explore but unfortunately I can't do so - the downside of travelling alone. I only managed to sampling one or two like:

1) Cevapi - The staple food of Sarajevo, it is served with flatbreads filled with grilled dish of mixed meat (the most common to be found in most restaurant and shops are served with beef but can request to serve in chicken, like in my case).
2018 Bosnia Sarajevo Food Cevapi

2) Baklava - A traditional Ottoman Turkish sweet pastry often eaten as a dessert. It is a rich, sweet dessert pastry made of layers of filo filled with chopped nuts and sweetened and held together with syrup or honey.
2018 Bosnia Sarajevo Food Baklava

I found out eating in Sarajevo are not that expensive compare to the rest of the cities around Europe. I bumped into a restaurant served chicken with pasta for 4.50KM only (approx. to €2.25/RM6) and look their intricate looking and mouthwatering pastries (as below), it cost 1.90KM only (approx. to €1/RM5). Madness!  
2018 Bosnia Sarajevo Food Desserts

2018 Bosnia Sarajevo Chicken Pasta Chipas Restaurant

Here are the breakdown of how much I spent throughout my trip in Sarajevo for 2 days and 2 nights:
Istanbul to Sarajevo via Pegasus Airlines 

Hostel Rania – 2 nights

Transportation Within City
Local bus
Sarajevo Day Pass

Admission Fee
Trebevic Cable Car

Food & Drinks

Ultra Tourist 5GB Sim Card
Postcards, stamps & fridge magnet













Exchange Rate: €100 = 195KM on average 
Regardless whether exchange in the airport, post office and etc, there is a surcharge of 1% commission. So at the end, I received 193.60KM instead of 195KM.

To sum up this trip, I personally never thought travelling around Sarajevo can be that cheap and affordable especially in terms of hostel, food and drinks and local transportation fee. Even fridge magnet cost 2KM only (approx. to €1/RM5) per piece and if you are planning to get fridge magnets for friends and family, this is where I would you recommend to buy more cause I found out it is much more cheaper here than Mostar and other parts of Croatia. 

2018 Bosnia Sarajevo Fridge Magnets
One for 2KM or 3 for 5KM

2018 Bosnia Sarajevo Postcard
Anyone love postcard like I do?

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Summary of My 9D8N Australia Melbourne & Sydney (2017) Travel Expenses & Travelogues

At last, I managed to complete another of my backlog travelogue - Australia (2017): Melbourne & Sydney.  I know it took me more than a year to blog about this but then, it's better late than nothing, right. 

2017 Australia Melbourne & Sydney Cover

For this round, I began with sharing my travel expenses breakdown first. For your information, this is my favourite part to share. Once an accountant, always an accountant. I can conclude that almost everything within our budget; like I budget our stay for RM150 and below per night, food allocation RM100 per day but however, there's one thing for sure which it's hard for me to control is spending for shopping. I tend to buy more supplements and vitamins compare to my previous trips to Australia.

KUL – Melbourne via AirAsia
Sydney – KUL via AirAsia
Add: Luggage
Melbourne – Sydney via Jetstar

Arrow on Swanston (Melbourne) – 3 nights
Carisbrook Cottage  – 1 night
Lido Suites Hotel (Sydney) – 4 nights

Melbourne Car Rental
Apex Car Rental
Fuel & parking
Searoad Ferries

Transportation Within City
Taxi & Uber around Melbourne
Myki Melbourne
Taxi around Sydney
Opal Card Sydney

Admission Fees
Puffing Billy
Scenic World
Featherdale Wildlife Park
Koala Encounter

Food & Beverages

Australia ETA Visa
Optus Sim Card
3S - Souvenirs, supplements & snacks














Exchange Rate:
AUD1 = RM3.26 as at September 2017

As for the things I bought throughout my trip:

2017 Australia Travel Haul 1
#1: Chocolates, biscuits, coffee, tea and more food

2017 Australia Travel Haul 2
#2: Perfumes, supplements and vitamins

2017 Australia Travel Haul 3
#3: Caps and tissue holder from Paddy's Market of Sydney and as for hoodie, it bought from Queen Victoria Market of Melbourne. 

2017 Australia Travel Haul 4
#4: Sweater and body lotion from Big Q department store


Day 1: 20th May 2017
Touched down Melbourne Tullmarine Airport and wandered around Melbourne city

Day 2: 21st May 2017
Puffing Billy

Day 3: 22nd May 2017
Road trip to Great Ocean Road

Day 4: 23rd May 2017
Continue to Mornington Peninsula

Day 5: 24th May 2017
Leaving Melbourne to Sydney 

Day 6: 25th May 2017
Blue Mountains - The Three Sisters & Scenic World

Day 7: 26th May 2017

Day 8: 27th May 2017
Featherdale Wildlife Park

Day 9: 28th May 2017
Leaving Australia
2017 Australia Sydney Opal Card

Extra Post:

Thursday, August 9, 2018

2017 Australia: Vivid Sydney Festival

What's the main reason behind causing me to visit Sydney for the third time? 
Simple - it's all because of Vivid Sydney Festival. It's Australia's largest event held annually which involving lights, music, colours and ideas. As the sun sets beyond the horizon, the whole city of Sydney gets drenched in colourful light installations and projections for more than three weeks between end of May to early of June. 

2017 Vivid Sydney Cover

That's explain why I purposely booked my ticket to visit Australia end of May last year solely to witness myself of this creative and most-awaited lighting festivals. Finally another thing checked off from my bucket list. 

Saturday, August 4, 2018

2017 Australia: Featherdale Wildlife Park, Sydney

If you are planning to visit Sydney and intending to get up close and personal with Australian wildlife, there are few choices to cater your need and preference such as Taronga Zoo, Wild Life Sydney and Featherdale Wildlife Park. After read through all the comments and feedbacks, I decided to go ahead with my choice - visit Featherdale Wildlike Park

Sydney Featherdale Wildlife Park 01

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

2017 Australia: From Melbourne to Sydney & Places of Interest in Sydney

Day 1: Landed Melbourne and wandered around Melbourne CBD
Day 2: Riding on the Puffing Billy train 
Day 3: Road-tripping to Great Ocean Road
Day 4: Continue road trip to Mornington Peninsula and return to Melbourne CBD

As for the day 5, right after we had our breakfast in Naughty Boy Cafe, we went back to our apartment in order to pack and get ready to the airport. It's time to hit Sydney, again! Yes, again for the third time. They said the third time is the charm and I'm absolutely agreed on this. Why? I will share more on the next few blog post. 

Once again, we hired taxi straight to the airport from our apartment since each of us was carrying huge luggage with us. In case you are not pressed by time, you can consider to travel from Melbourne to Sydney via road by self-drive which takes about 8 to 9 hours, or even by train where the travelling time is around 12 hours. Due to limited of time, my friends and I can only opted to travel via plane. There are four airlines provide services from Melbourne to Sydney directly; Jetstar, Tigerair, Virgin Australia and Qantas. So far, I found Jetstar offers the cheaper deal and we got AU$97 for one way trip from Melbourne to Sydney, including 20kg of baggage allowance.

2017 Australia Melbourne to Sydney Via Jetstar

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Personalised & Customised Gifts with Printcious

Besides fridge magnets, I do love to buy and collect luggage tags too whenever travel. I found they are pretty cute and adorable. However lately I bumped into someone who has the exactly similar design and colour as mine. So from there, I always want to customise and personalise my own luggage tag which is unique and one of a kind to further differentiate myself from others. 

This is where I found Printcious - a Malaysia online personalised gift store where you can create, customise a unique personalised gift not just for yourself, but for your loved one and friends too by just using an online tool from their website. 

Printcious 1

Besides luggage tags, you can even customise variety of items such as T-shirts, mugs, cushions, tote bags, puzzles, phone cases, tiles, canvas, ceramic tiles, coasters, mousepads and even button badges. 

Feeling like want to create and customise your own personalised gift with Printcious now?
Here are few simple steps to do so:

1) Firstly, create an account with Printcious for free. Two options were given; you can either login via Facebook account, or create an account using your valid email address. The process is pretty fast, simple and straightforward. Within few minutes, I have done creating my own account.

Printcious 2

2) Now you can start creating your gifts in 4 simple steps. Click on the Create and select the item you decided to customise.

Printcious 3

3) After you have decided which item you want, it's time to design and customise using the online tool provided. You can do so by simply upload the image and add text which can be found on the top left.

Printcious 4

4) You can upload any image you want, pick any font you like, resize the font and when you done and satisfy it, click green button DONE. Told you it's pretty simple, fast and straightforward. 

Printcious 5

5) Next, check the number of quantity you would like to purchase and click Checkout.

Printcious 6

6) Then, complete all your necessary details such as shipping address and payment method. Wait! I bet you all did online shopping before, right? Not that hard at all. 

Printcious 7

For your information, free shipping for those order above RM50 and this is valid for West Malaysia. As for those in East Malaysia, you have to pay shipping fee of RM15 only.

And now I can't wait for my one-of-a-kind luggage to arrive and share with you all. Wanna get yours too? What are you waiting for! Hurry up and customise your own too with Printcious.

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2017 Australia - Desserts & Cafes in Melbourne

You know what? A trip with a group of ladies is incomplete without having desserts and cafes hopping. When my girlfriends and I were in Melbourne for four days, we managed to visit at least two lifestyle cafes and even ended our day with desserts right after having satisfying dinner. There's always a room for desserts, like they said! 

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

2017 Australia - Road Trip to Great Ocean Road & Mornington Peninsula

On the first day touched down in Melbourne Tullmarine Airport, we wandered around the city and visited places like Queen Victoria Market, State Library of Victoria, Flinders Street Railway Station and ended our night by admiring the graffiti art in Hosier Lane.

As for the second day, we took ride on Puffing Billy - the oldest stream train in Australia and one of the finest preserved steam railways in the world. It was my second time on this train ride and because I blogged about this before, there's no point for me to do it again. You can check out my old post on Puffing Billy, Australia's Favourite Stream Train (here).

Third day, we went breakfast at a cafe which I will blog soon and went back to Arrow on Swanston for check-out. We left our huge luggages and just carried our light and small backpacks. Why? Cause we're heading for road trip - that's the main highlight of my Australia trip. I always wanna do self-drive road trip around Australia cause it's one of my bucket list. Previously when I went Melbourne alone, I signed up local tour operator for Great Ocean Road and Mornington Peninsula trip but I don't feel the excitement and fun during the trip. 

Cut the story short and now let me share which car hire service we booked from. I ended up with Apex Car Rentals Australia mainly for one reason - cheap. In Melbourne, they have two branches; airport and city center along Spencer Street. We went the latter one to pick up our car by taking Uber from our apartment. Only those persons named as authorised drivers are allowed to drive - hence, it's best to remind your friends or family members to bring along passport and valid driving license if you need more than one driver. The minimum age for drivers is 21 years old. 

Right after checking the car, start the engine and prepare ourselves for another road adventures!

2017 Australia Melbourne Day 3 Road Trip to Great Ocean Road 01
#1: We rented Hyundai Elantra - compact and comfortable for the four of us. Bear in mind, we don't have huge luggages with us as we placed in the apartment we stayed earlier. 

Monday, July 9, 2018

2017 Australia - Revisit Melbourne For The Second Time

Last year, I got the chance to visit three of my favourite countries and one of them is Australia. At first, I plan to include Tasmania as part of my itinerary but at the end, I have to scrap this out due to time constraint. How I wish I could have a longer holiday? That's why, I stick with Melbourne and Sydney cause three of my friends who join along for this trip have never been to any of these two cities before. 

2017 Australia Melbourne Day 1 Melbourne Tullamarine Airport
#1: Hello Melbourne for the second time

We touched down Melbourne Tullamarine Airport early in the morning. I'm not sure why but somehow I felt like Melbourne doesn't welcome me. Not just once but this is the second time I couldn't get through the immigration clearance smoothly. I was being asked sort of questions by the immigration officer but luckily I always well-prepared with itinerary as I planned everything for this whole trip.  

Saturday, July 7, 2018

2017 Rainforest World Music Festival

To be honest, I never ever like to attend any events or festivals lately cause I dislike surrounded by large crowds. Not until one of my BFF suggested to have our first ever girl trip by attending the Rainforest World Musical Festival which held in Kuching, Sarawak - it's hard for me to say "No" when it comes to trip with my beloved friends. 

Rainforest World Music Festival 01
#1: #RWMF2017

The Rainforest World Music Festival is a three-day internationally renowned world music festival held annually by the Sarawak Tourism Board. This event is takes place at the Sarawak Cultural Village, situated at the foothills of the legendary Mount Santubong. This festival has been running for exactly 20 years and I can't believe this is my first time attending one of Sarawak's biggest event when I, myself have been to Kuching like for almost hundred times (I'm both Sabahan and Sarawakian by the way).

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Summary of My 6D5N Da Nang, Hoi An & Hue (2018) Travelogues & Travel Expenses

Flying In
From Malaysia, AirAsia is the only carrier flying directly from Kuala Lumpur to Da Nang with 7 flights weekly. From Kuala Lumpur, the flight to Da Nang takes about 2 hours and 35 minutes. Time difference wise, Vietnam is 1 hour behind Malaysia.

Malaysia passport holders are not required to apply visa for entering Vietnam is stay less than 30 days.

Currency Exchange
Besides the local currency which is Vietnamese dong (VND), you can also do transaction in US dollar as well. But bear in mind that not all of them accept US dollar such as taxi, small eateries, sundry shop and etc.

Best Time To Visit & How Many Days To Visit
This one tend to be very subjective cause as we know, weather is always unpredictable one. When I went Da Nang early of this year, the weather was kinda chill and breeze especially in Hoi An and I really quite enjoying this kind of weather. As you know, we already have 365 days of summer in Malaysia and therefore, I don't want experience another summer in other country.

As for the number of days you should allocate if you are planning to visit these three cities, I would advise to spend at least a week; 2 nights in Da Nang, 2 nights in Hoi An and 2 nights in Hue. Quite number of my friends told me that spending 6D5N tend to be slightly long but I beg to differ. There are few places and attractions in Hue I didn't manage to cover and I quite regret for not staying longer there.

Here is my summary of my Central Vietnam trip covering three different cities - Da Nang, Hoi An and Hue for your quick and easy reference, in case you are lazy to read the long winding travelogues.

Day 1: 14th January 2018
From Da Nang International Airport to Hoi An (post here)

2018 Vietnam Da Nang 01We booked from VM Travel Hoi An for the price of US$20 (approx. to RM80), and we specially requested for SUV type of vehicle which it's relatively larger, more comfortable and most importantly, fits all our luggage bags perfectly. This airport transfer included services pick us up directly from the airport and drop-off us straight to our hotel in Hoi An.

Day 2: 15th January 2018

2018 Vietnam Hoi An Old Town 04
We decided to spend a good two days and two nights in Hoi An alone. Within these two days, we just strolling around this UNESCO World Heritage Site without the desire to go out of the town. 

Things to Eat in Hoi An
I even did a post of what I ate in Hoi An - you can check the post here

Day 3: 16th January 2018
2018 Central Vietnam - My Son Sanctuary, Marble Mountains & Hai Van Pass
Bade goodbye to Hoi An and we decided to stop and visit three attractions - My Son Sanctuary, Marble Mountains and Hai Van Pass (post here) before reaching Hue. And once again, we engaged a private transfer with VM Travel Hoi An which charged us US$99 for SUV type of vehicle. 

Day 4: 17th January 2018
Hue Beaulieu Boutique Hotel & Imperial Citadel (post here)
2018 Vietnam Hue Imperial City 06
Before we left Hue, we visited Imperial City - a wall palaced within the Citadel in the morning. We booked private transfer from the travel agency nearby our hotel. Some of the travel agencies charge US$40 whereas we found one that charge us for US$38 for a smaller car. The journey from Hue to Da Nang took almost two hours and 30 minutes.

Da Nang Hotels, Han Market & Dragon Bridge of Han River (post here)
Da Nang Hotels, Han Market & Dragon Bridge

Day 5: 18th January 2018
Ba Na Hills French Village (post here)
2018 Vietnam Ba Na Hills 09

Day 6: 19th January 2018
Goodbye Da Nang. We took Grab from our hotel to the airport. Initially the fare is VND57,000 only but the driver requested for additional VND15,000 for the car park fee he paid upon entering the airport. 
Da Nang International Terminal

To end my post, here I share with you the details of the travel expenses breakdown my friends and I spent throughout our 6 days and 5 nights in Central Vietnam covering Hoi An, Hue and Da Nang. As for the group, there are four of us.

Per Group
Per Pax
KUL – Da Nang – KUL
Add: Luggage

Homestay May Trang – 2 nights
Beaulieu Boutiqu Hotel – 1 night
Happy Day Hotel – 1 night
Avora Hotel – 1 night

Transportation Intercity
Da Nang to Hoi An
Hoi An to Hue
Hue to Da Nang

Transportation Within City
Taxi to/fro Imperial Citadel
Grab around Da Nang
Grab to/fro Ba Na Hills

Admission Fees
My Son Sanctuary
Marble Mountains
Imperial Citadel
Ba Na Hills

Food & Beverages
Hoi An
Da Nang

Sim card with Internet data
Souvenirs – magnets, postcards, stamps, etc






















Exchange Rate:
US$1 = RM4.00
VND1,000,000 = RM178.50

Central Vietnam Travel Haul 02
I love to buy the silk cushion covers and table runner from Vietnam for my own house decoration. 

Central Vietnam Travel Haul
Instant noodles and coffee bought from Big C supermarket.

I glad that finally I completed another travelogue. Now considering which travelogue should I blog next?