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Central Europe [Part 11]: Slovakia, My 60th Country

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Apparently, there are 3 main international railway stations in Budapest; Keleti (Western), Nyugati (Western) and Deli (Southern). As mentioned in my previous post, Budapest Keleti is the largest transportation joint for railway travel and most of the times I arrived at Budapest Keleti. However, as we're heading to Bratislava, the capital city of Slovakia, the train departs from Budapest Nyugati as this station serves trains heading north. 

From where we stayed in Budapest which is pretty near to Budapest Keleti Railway Station, we took public bus to Budapest Nyugati Railway Station which was about 20 minutes ride. We bought the single ticket from the vending machine and it costs HUF350 (approx. to RM4). You can purchase the ticket from the bus driver but the cons are the price of the ticket is higher and there is a possibility that the driver may not have change or may refuse selling you the ticket on board during the peak hour. Hence, it's wise to get the ticket from the nearby vending machine. 

#1: It's advisable to purchase the ticket from the vending machine.
And please remember to validate (stamp/punch) the ticket your ticket once boarding the bus or tram. 

#2: Opppsss. Actually this is our coach but I think this person was drunk and slept inside it.
We had no choice but sat on other coach.

The train ride from Budapest to Bratislava is fully covered under Eurail Global Pass and after nearly 3 hours of train ride, finally we had arrived Bratislava, the capital city of Slovakia. And this marks the 60th country I've visited to date. 

Most of the international trains stop at Bratislava Hlavná Stanica (Bratislava Main Train Station) and from here, you can either take bus or tram to the city center. We got the 24-hours tickets from the ticket vending machine before boarding any of the public transports to the city center. And always remember to validate the ticket immediately in the validation machines on the bus or tram once hopping inside. 

#3: Bratislava Hlavná Stanica (Bratislava Main Train Station) 

#4: We got the 24-hours tickets from the ticket vending machine

Because we spent two nights in Budapest (Hungary), we had no choice but to shorten our trip in Bratislava. Initially, I planned to spend at least 3 days 2 nights but at the end, we only have less than 24 hours in Bratislava. 

1) Devin Castle 
As we arrived Bratislava pretty early, hence we decided to venture out of the town to Devin Castle, which is about 20 minutes with bus no. 28 or 29 from Bratislava Main Station. Locally known as Hrad Devín, the castle standing on a massive rock hill above the confluence of the Danube River with the Morava River. 

Opening Hours: 10.00am to 5.00pm (Closed on every Monday)
Admission Fee: €6 (April to October) and €3 (November to March)

#5: Bus 28 or 29 from Bratislava Main Station to Devin Castle 

#6: Devin Castle is part of the oldest history in Slovakia 



2) The Church of St. Elizabeth or known as Blue Church 
From Devin Castle, we went back to the town for a short sightseeing. We stopby at The Church of St. Elizabeth, commonly referred to simply as the Blue Church for obvious reasons. Both the interior and exterior of the church are painted in shades of pale blue and decorated with blue majolica; even the roof is tiled with blue-glazed ceramics. .  

#9: The Church of St. Elizabeth, simply known as the Blue Church

#10: Unfortunately on the day of our visit, it was closed.

3) Bratislava Old Town
Bratislava has one of the smallest historical centers around but the charm is more concentrated and compact. The streets have been completely renovated over the last ten years, bringing life back here. Since then a multitude of cafes, bars and restaurants of all kinds have opened here, accompanied by a few souvenir shops and fashion stores.



4) Čumil, Man at Work
In Slovak word means watcher, Čumil is bronze statue resting at the top of a manhole who tipped his top hat to everyone he passed on the streets of Bratislava. Situated in the middle of Old Town, your trip to Bratislava is incomplete without saying Hi! to Čumil and make sure to take photo with it as it's one of the most photographed objects in Bratislava. 

#13: Čumil. the watcher in Bratislava

#14: One of the most photographed objects in Bratislava 

5) Savouring Traditional Slovak Dishes
Ended our night at Slovak Pub which is not far away from our hostel by savouring few of Slovak dishes before leaving this capital city of Slovakia. And these are what we ordered:

  • Bryndzové Halušky - Potato dumplings
  • Bryndzové Pirohy - Sheep cheese dumplings 
  • Kapustové Strapačky - Potato gnocchi with cabbage and bacon

  • Kapustnica - Traditional cabbage soup with sausage, sour cream and bread
  • Kofola - A popular Slovak cola drink


#17: Hostel Folks in Bratislava 

#18: A double room with shared bathroom 

Hostel Folks  
Date Stayed: 3 November - 4 November 2022 (1 night) 
Total Room Rate: RM220 for a double room with shared bathroom (Booked from Booking.com

Things I Like About This Accommodation:
  • Location just right in the smack of the city centre 
  • Large and organised lounge area. They even have Playstation too (my husband spotted this)
  • Although the hostel located on 1st floor, there's a lift within the building. Don't have to worry about carrying heavy luggage. 
Things I Dislike About This Accommodation:
  • Only two toilets/bathrooms available 

#19: As always, magnet, postcards and stamps are part and parcels of my travelling life. 






Hostel Folks



24-Hours Ticket


Admission Fee

Devin Castle


Food and drinks

Burrito for lunch (Shared)

Slovak Pub for dinner





























Note: €1.00 = RM4.65 as at October 2022


  1. Lagi bagus beli tiket awal waktu to avoid any problem in future.. Lagi RM4.00 why not kan.. That men drunk.. Kalau i angkay campak luar je hahaha..
    Harus bergambar dgn Watcher Batislava tu.. Menarik.. :D
    Hostel ada playstation.. So husbnd tak tido malam la hahaha..


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