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Central Europe [Part 9]: Day Trip To Lake Bled From Ljubljana

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The primary reason why I want to visit Slovenia so much is due to this magical and remarkable Lake Bled. It's becoming more popular and well-known lately that you will spot the beauty of this emerald-green lake with picture-postcard church sits on the tiny island appeared on almost all social media, travel brochures, magazines and more. Therefore, it's such a shame if your trip to Slovenia is incomplete without a visit to Lake Bled. 

Initially, I was planning for one-night stay in Lake Bled but I found out there's nothing much to do around the lake during night time. Moreover, it's doable to do a day trip from Ljubljana to Lake Bled. And that's explain why we stayed in Ljubljana for two nights. 

Getting to Lake Bled from Ljubljana is pretty simple and easy. You can either opt for bus or train and we chosen to travel via bus instead. Both Ljubljana railway and bus station are located next to each other at the north side of the city center. Buses depart at least hourly from Ljubljana and the bus ride will take a mere 1.5 hours. The reason why we don't opt for the train is because Bled Railway Station located 5km away from the lake and you need to get another bus or taxi to reach the lake. 

#1: Taking bus from Ljubljana to Lake Bled 

#2: Make sure to buy the bus tickets at the station first, before boarding the bus. 
And they accept cash only.  

If you are planning to hike up to the viewpoint in order to get best view of Lake Bled, I wouldn't recommend to alight at Bled main bus station. Instead, alight at Bled-Mlino bus stop, which is just one stop ahead after the main bus station stop. Unless you don't mind to walk extra miles from the main bus station to the trailhead. Only after the hike, both my husband and I walked back to the main bus station to get on to the bus back to Ljubljana. 

#3: Bled main bus station. But I don't highly recommend to alight here if you are planning to hike up for the viewpoint 

#4: Alight at this Bled-Mlino bus stop as it is more nearer to the trailhead.

#5: We hiked the Mala Osojnica trail. 
It stated it takes 30 minutes of hike but I think this is more relevant for the "angmo" cause their legs are long fast. 

#6: Hilltop viewpoint where it offers iconic panoramas of Lake Bled 

#7: For us, it's quite a challenging hike where there were few paths are pretty steep, uneven and rocky. It even involves sloping metal staircase. 

#8: They said "The best views come after the hardest climb" and it's so true. 
It does require some effort but the payoff is great when you get a breathtaking view of the lake and beyond like this.

Lake Bled Hiking Tips:
  1. It's best to get there early in order to beat the crowd. 
  2. Wear sturdy and comfy walking shoe. Try to avoid wearing slippers, sandals or even high heels as the hiking trail is pretty steep, uneven and rocky. 
  3. Bring water and some snacks along to avoid dehydration and fill your hungry tummy after the hike. 
#9: The beauty of Lake Bled from afar 

#10: Thing you shouldn't miss when in Bled is eating Bled Cream Cake (Blejska Kremna Rezina) 
Almost every shop in Bled serve this but the best one is at confectionary Zima (not far away from Bled main bus station) 

#11: Apart from hiking to the viewpoint, there are plenty of fun things to do in Bled 

#12: Drinking water is everywhere in Bled

#13: Bled is pet-friendly town. This restaurant even serves meal for your furkid 

#14: Dropby souvenir shop to get postcard and fridge magnet before leaving the town 

#15: Bled is such a lovely and charming town to visit 

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  1. Drinking water everywhere just like south africa :D
    really beautiful of lake bled.. wish to be there one day soon :D


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