Tuesday, November 29, 2011

On Hiatus Mode

Hiatus Mode

I had decided to put my blog in hiatus mode for 2 weeks starting from today onwards for a well preparation of my external papers exam. I really love to spend some time to blog but I guess I unable to do so because there are so many things I need to cover for my exam. Blame myself for my bad time management. I even had limited my time for outings with friends and family. No more ladies night, no more movie at cinema and also limited my time on facebook, twitter and blogging. Really had put all the effort on my study but seems like forever won't able to finish my study. Sometimes I was wondering, "Why the time past so fast?!!!"

Anyhow, my blog will resume as usual after done with my exam on 12th December. So, in the mean time, please forgive me if I didn't manage to visit your blog for this 2 weeks. But I do hope you guys will still keep continue reading and support my blog as always.

Will be back with more of these in Travel & Living Journal of DT soon I get back:

DT's 2011 Trip in South Korea; Shenzen, China & Singapore

Also will continue my trip around Europe for 20 days.

Nice, France
Bad decision done by me:

And because due to my exam too, I had to forgone my blog biggest collaboration with a well-known and biggest airlines. (Hint: Red colour airline) Being shortlisted among thousand of people out there but in the end, I decided to let go of this one-in-a-lifetime golden opportunity. Kinda sad and feels wanna cry but what to do, it clash with my exam time. Probably next time, I hope.

It's boyfie's birthday today. It will be my final night going out for a celebration. After this, need to gambate harder!


  1. All the best on your exams, I'm sure you'll do well in it :) Happy Birthday to your boyfie as well.

  2. gudluck diana!!! i think i shud put under hiatus mode as well. cant live without internet!!! arghhhh!!!

  3. good luck babe! if i were u, i would have cried 2 months for letting go that golden opportunity...dang!

  4. Good luck DT!!


  5. opportunities will come, no worries
    all the best! :)

  6. Hiatus mode!! ^_^.v.. He he he.. Good luck to your exam then,and Happy Birthday to your Boyfie!!! ^_^.v..

  7. I wish you all the best on your exam and looking forward to hear a new chapter from DT :-)

  8. All the best & I believe you will pass with flying colors.

  9. waa. sudah merata-rata travel.. nice to know travel blog.


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