Saturday, January 29, 2011

Post The Card

Received postcards from my friends who had been travelling all over the world.
Hong Kong & Macau from Joyce
Postcard 01 - HK & Macau
This is her first ever adventures to travel around Hong Kong and Macau with her net friends. Her message was "Here are the HK postcard which posted from Macau. Macau really antique and full of Portugal 'feel'. If have chance, come here have a look". Indeed, a year later, I visited Macau and it is like what Joyce said, "Portugal feel". This is my first postcard received from a friend.
Russia from Liong Sung
Postcard 02 - Russia
He is not travelling or having any vacation at Russia but he is working in Russia for the 3 years. How I wish I got this opportunity to working overseas but within a short period.

Australia from Joyce again
Postcard 03 - Australia Perth 
This is the second postcard received from Joyce. She went Australia last month and celebrate X'mas at there. When can I travel to my favourite place of all time?

Krabi, Thailand from Tracey
Postcard 04 - Thailand Krabi
Indeed, this is also second time I received postcard from her. The first postcard was from Taiwan back in 2009 but I think I had misplaced it and couldn't found it until today. Hope one day it will appear right in front of my eye. This second postcard received on last Friday where she and her dear dear and also another 1 pair of couple visiting Krabi, Thailand. She loves beach by the way. It is so touching and grateful to receive postcard from a friend who got the heart to pen down the postcard and mail it back to your home.
Thanks a lot my friend!
OMG~ I still got lots more post on my trip to Japan and Taiwan and I am 3 months far behind.

UPDATED: The photos above had been re-edited and re-uploaded for better viewing purpose. 

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