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My Travel Haul & Expenses of Philippines (2012)

Philippines might sounds like nothing to shop for but you will be shocked that there are plenty of shopping malls in Manila city itself. Although we didn't manage to visit of them, at least we did visit few of them such as SM Mall of Asia and even few malls which situated in Ayala Station. I had to admit that it's really hard for me to resist myself from shopping when I travel abroad but in the mean time, I did refrain myself from shopping too much cause I do have my own budget when comes to shopping.

And now let me reveal what did I bought when throughout my 7 days and 6 nights trip in Philippines:

Philippines' Haul 01
#1: As usual, this is all my shopping and foods haul from Philippines.

Philippines' Haul 02
#2: Food hauls - The dried mangoes were so delicious and yummy! Regret for bought so little.
Bought most of my food and snack from supermarket of SM Mall of Asia

Philippines' Haul 03
#3: My travel collections: Keychains and fridge magnets 
Fridge magnets bought from different places - With the brand Kultura, its from SM Mall of Asia whereas those in pack bought from Quiapo Market Manila.

Philippines' Haul 04
#3: My very first luggage tags collection - Bought from SM Mall of Asia as well

Philippines' Haul 05
#4: Accessories - Earrings from Kultura, SM Mall of Asia and hair clips from The Landmark

Philippines' Haul 06
#5: Philippines tote bag and toiletries bag from Kultura, SM Mall of Asia - The quality is worth every dollar we paid.

Philippines' Haul 07
#6: I'm kinda fancy sling bags and bought both of these from The Landmark where both cost RM57

Philippines' Haul 08
#7: Canvas flat shoe from night market. Just cost P100, approx to RM7. Freaking dirt cheap.
I even wore the white one throughout my trip to Hatyai, Thailand last month. 

Philippines' Haul 09
#8: T-shirts and tops for my family including my uncle and Boyfie.

And the following is my sharing of the full details of my travel expenses that I spend throughout the 7 days and 6 nights trip around Philippines:
Philippines Travel Expenses
(The rate as at the time I changed; RM7.24 : P100)

  1. The airfare didn't included the airport tax and it's compulsory to pay before depart. 
  2. Initially, we travelled by hand-carry but unfortunately our umbrellas were strictly prohibited to be on board. Therefore, got no choice but being forced to check-in just for the sake of our umbrellas.
  3. Stayed for 6 nights throughout our trip. For more information about this budget guesthouse, click HERE
  4. Rate for a day is P3,500 - unlimited time per day and it's including the fuel and driver fee as well but excluded the parking and entrance fees.
  5. This includes the admission fees, boat and horse ride. 
  6. Most of my souvenirs and shopping haul are as above photos. Also including postcards and stamps which I bought and send to recipients in Philippines.
  7. Tips for the bus driver, horse guide.


  1. the luggage tag is super cute! wow... i must say... well done! ;)

  2. The dried mangoes is a must o kan. Everyone who visits the Philippines must buy that.

    Siok kan naik the Jeepney.

    But the traffic over there. Whew. Nda paya cakapla haha.

    Happy Friday tmr, Diana!

  3. Amazing shopping haul! Hehehe...you'e quite a shopaholic!

  4. thanks for the sharing, i will definitely go there one day~ =D

  5. So Many lovely T-shirts.

    The mangos that goodya? saw you bought a few packets

  6. mahu jadi penulis di website saya disini http://touristmalaysia.com/. Kalau mahu boleh register dan terus mula menulis. english is ok

  7. I always wonder how anyone can shop that much when they travel as I am not much of a shopper :)

  8. Hopia...u forgot to buy the hopiaaa..... :D

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  10. Love your blog..you should visit our beaches next tym .let me know if youll be travelling back to the philippines ..:)

  11. You really travel a lot, I'm really glad you chose to visit our country! Really love your blog. =)


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