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Melbourne, Australia Day 6: Melbourne Aquarium

Date of Visit: 5th October 2012

Basically, there are two reasons why I choose to visit Melbourne Aquarium. First of all, it was because I love to visit any kind of zoos, aquariums, wildlife parks and anything that relate to animals. It's just simple as that. Then, the other reason was because I got another free admission ticket to visit the aquarium itself. Again, it was given when I bought the two full one day tour packages (Great Ocean Road and Phillips Island) from a local tour operator which recommended by my friend.

#1: Melbourne Aquarium is located in between Flinders Street and Kings Street

Actually, Melbourne Aquarium is just a short distance away from Flinders Street Station. But since I saw the free city circle tram was stopped right in front of Flinders Street Station, instantly hopped on to the tram without any second thought. To be frank, I not sure which station should I hop off but I was very confident that the tram will passed by the aquarium. Unfortunately, the tram didn't stop right exactly in front of the aquarium and it still required few minutes walk from where it stopped. Luckily it just required less than 3 minutes walk.

 #2: Part of the hall decoration anyway.

The Aquarium has a one-way self-guided tour, which is spread over four levels. Just like every other aquariums, Melbourne Aquarium comprises of four distinctive sections; Antarctica, Weird & Wonderful, River to Reef and Sharks Alive.

#3: Gentoo penguins, the world’s fastest underwater swimming bird

Right after got through the ticketing counter, the first section I came across was the Antarctica. This is where  the visitors get to see the penguins as they swim and play in their spectacular icy home. Oh man, this type of penguins were incredibly fat and chubby. Unlike the little one I saw in Phillips Island. In case you are filthy rich, you can embark on an amazing sub-Antarctic journey where you have the exclusive opportunity to sit among majestic King and cheeky Gentoo penguins which cost AUD$199 per person on the weekdays and AUD$290 on the weekends. It's was pretty expensive after doing the conversation.

That's the only thing to see in Antarctica area. Felt like being conned. Next, I proceeded to the next section which was Weird & Wonderful located at the same floor as Antarctica and moved to River to Reef at the first level. 

#4: Didn't take note the name of this fish. Anyone know the name of this fish?

#5: Spiky lionfish, a marine fish that are mainly red, brown and white and have a striped, zebra-like appearance

#6: Glass catfish or also known as ghost catfish. Except for the head, bones and internal organs, they were totally transparent.

#7: Wide array of unique marine creatures in Weird & Wonderful and River to Reef sections.

Last but not least, I ramped down to the Sharks Alive section, which was my favourite part in Melbourne Aquarium. Typically, most of the marine creatures here were huge and more fascinating compare to the rest.

#8: Jaws!

#9: Amazingly this stingray seems like it was smiling.

#10: Surrounded by sharks, stingrays, turtles and thousands of schooling fish in the 2.2 million litre Oceanarium.

#11: If you have a brave heart, experience the ultimate adrenaline rush of coming face-to-face with a shark, stingrays and more in Shark Dive Xtreme.

#12: The incredible underwater world - I just love to sit and stare these

Initially, I plan to spend roughly three hours but at the end, I rushed within one and half hour cause I promised to meet my friend in Flinders Street Station. Plus, I was overspend my time in Queen Victoria Market. That's indicates I'm bad in time management. Because of the rush, I was also missed out the fish feeding activities. At least another of my Melbourne's checklist has been successfully accomplished.

There's a cafe located on the first floor whereas the gift shop is located on the ground floor, besides the ticketing counter. 

Melbourne Aquarium's General Info
Address: Corner King Street & Flinders Street, Melbourne, Victoria 3000
Opening hours: 9.30am – 6pm (last admission 5.00pm)
Admission Fees: AUD$33.50 for adult and AUD$19 for child (The ticket allows visitor to return within the same day upon leaving the place)


  1. amazing....did you get to touch the starfish? Saw another friend also went Melbourne. SHe posted loads of photos.

  2. I'm just like you; I love museums, zoos, ancient places etc etc. I love what I see. Beautiful Aquarium. Been to one in Norway though.

  3. The penguins doesn't look like real one!

  4. Looks like Surf's Up penguins!

    Wow the shark mouth size. Could've got you in one bite! Wakaka.

    Happy weekend, Diana!

  5. The underwater world is so beautiful!

  6. Reminds me of Phillip Island...........

  7. Did you go tot the Underwater World in Langkawi? If so, which is better?

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