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Sun, Sea & Sand At Sutera @ Mantanani Island Resort and Spa

Sabah may not be the largest state in Malaysia but it has the largest number of islands within the nation. Do you know that there are total of 394 official islands in Sabah's territory? I bet now you know cause I myself initially thought there are around 200 islands, until I found this info from the Google. Shame to say that as I can only name few of them but it's not too late for me to explore more of the islands now since we are still not allowed to travel overseas. 

The following week after our staycation at the award-winning 5-star resort of The Magellan Sutera Resort, we went for another tropical island getaway and stayed at Sutera @ Mantanani Island Resort and Spa, which operated and managed by the same corporation of Sutera Harbour Resort. 

Mantanani Island is one of the Chinese (China) tourists favourite island and they called this as Mermaid Island (美人鱼岛). It takes approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes drive from Kota Kinabalu to Kota Belud and another 30 to 45 minutes boat ride from the Rampayan Jetty to this paradise island, depending on the sea conditions. Only 1 boat transfer per day which is at 10am and therefore, it's better to start your journey from Kota Kinabalu as early as 7.30am, or else you will miss the boat ride. 

Sutera At Mantanani Rampayan Jetty-1
#1: It takes nearly 1 hour and 30 minutes drive from Kota Kinabalu to Rampayan Jetty in Kota Belud.

Sutera At Mantanani 11
#2: Only 1 boat transfer per day which is at 10am. So don't be late, or else you will miss the boat ride.

#3: The boat rides is about 30 to 45 minutes, depending on the sea conditions. All passengers are required to wear life jacket cause sometimes, the sea can be very rough. Safety first!

I have to admit that this is my first time to this idyllic island with crystal clear turquoise waters. So when we're approaching the island, I can't contain my excitement as I'm finally here. No wonder this island captured most heart of the foreign visitors especially. 

Sutera At Mantanani 12
#4: Mantanani Island also known as the Mermaid Island (美人鱼岛)

Sutera At Mantanani 01
#5: Owned and managed by Sutera Harbour Resort for less than 2 years

Sutera At Mantanani 02
#6: Lobby and reception area

Upon arrival, we're greeted and served with welcome drink at the lobby area. But because the earliest check-in time is around 1.30pm, we left our luggage here and if you have any valuable items with you, don't worry cause they have locker next to the reception counter. We're asked to change to our swimwear for the next session which is snorkelling. If you are not interested with snorkelling, you can roam around the resort and stroll along the white sandy beaches until the check-in time. 

Sutera At Mantanani 03
#7: Snorkeling gears and life jackets are provided for the guests for free

Unfortunately, the snorkeling spot we brought to was slightly disappointed cause the coral reefs are unattractive and dull than we expected them to be. Furthermore, there aren't many colourful marine life we came across. After swam for roughly around 30 minutes, we got up to the boat and can't wait head back to the island awaiting for the lunch to be served.   

Sutera At Mantanani 04
#8: The only restaurant of the resort. You can opt to dine inside the restaurant, or

Sutera At Mantanani 05
#9: Outside while enjoying panorama view of the blue sea

Sutera At Mantanani 06
#10: The package we took inclusive full board meals which comes with 2 set of lunch, 1 tea break, 1 steamboat dinner and breakfast. One word to comment their food - YUMMYLICIOUS!

There are two distinctive type of accommodations - Beach Chalet and Deluxe room. Since the price differences between these two are only RM70, hence we chosen the Beach Chalet as our private balcony is facing directly the incredible view of the white beach and blue ocean water. 

Sutera At Mantanani 07
#11: Beach Chalet - There are 20 rooms for this type of accommodation whereas 8 rooms for deluxe type.

All rooms are equipped with:
  • Flat screen TV
  • Air-conditioned and fan
  • Closet
  • Safety Deposit Box
  • Coffee and tea making facility
  • Mini fridge (except for deluxe room)
  • Towels and bathroom basic amenities 

Sutera At Mantanani 08
#12: We requested for king sized-bed but they gave us twin bed.

Sutera At Mantanani 08-1
#13: Complimentary drinking water provided inside the room

Sutera At Mantanani 09
#14: Ensuite bathroom with basic toilet amenities

Apart from snorkeling and swimming, there are all sorts of recreational activities such as ATV ride, kayaking and scuba diving. You can rent ATV ride with a surcharge of RM50 for half an hour. The resort even organised other activities such as sunset walk and village tour as well as blue tears watching at night. Unfortunately, all these had been canceled during our trip due to the adverse weather. But it's alright cause we had amazing time spending our days basking in the warmth seaside sun and rejuvenate our mind and spirits in the crisp sea breeze.  

Sutera At Mantanani 10-1
#15: All sorts of recreational activities for all ages, being adult or child.

Sutera At Mantanani 13
#16: Get ready to slide down - this is so fun!

Sutera At Mantanani 14-1
#17: Prewedding photoshooting

Sutera At Mantanani 15
#18: Smell the sea and feel the sky

Sutera At Mantanani 16
#19: Marvelous sight on the next morning - the magnificent Mount Kinabalu

If you are pretty lucky, probably you will spot the magical blue tears at night which I mentioned earlier. Wondering what are those blue tears? These phenomenon arise due to the presence of the bioluminescent plankton which create blue light as part of the defense mechanism to escape from the predators. We ain't that lucky for this trip but I got to witness with my naked eyes for my second visit to Mantanani Island. Yes, I went for second round (will blog about this soon).

Photo credit to Steemit 

Whether for a relax and rejuvenate getaway, a thrill-seeking adventure or even a fun bonding session with a group of family and friends, Sutera @ Mantanani Island Resort and Spa certainly offers the best tropical seaside vacation that you and your partner are craving for. 

You can book this Mantanani island package here.

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