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Panorama Bridge Sigriswil

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Right after we have done with our trip visiting Lauterbrunnen, Mürren and Grindelwald in Bernese Oberland, we didn't straight go back to our stay in Interlaken. This is because my husband suddenly came up with another impromptu plan (again!) which I didn't list in my tentative itinerary. If you are a big fan of K-dramas, I bet that you will know Switzerland is well-known for "Crash Landing On You (CLOY)" and both of us had been and bumped into few of the filming locations such as the one in Interlaken and Iseltwald. And now, my husband was on his way to catch another filming spot which is the Panorama Bridge Sigriswil (locally known as Panoramabrücke Sigriswil). 

The journey from Interlaken West to Panorama Bridge Sigriswil will takes at least 40 minutes ride by bus. From Interlaken West, take bus 21 towards Thun, Bahnhof and alight at Gunten, Bahnhof. Then, continue by hopping on bus 25 towards Sigriswil, Dorf and get down on the last stop. You can see the bridge by then. All these are covered under Swiss Travel Pass.    

Unless you are 16 or below, it's actually not free for the public to crossover this suspension bridge. A visitor need to pay CHF8 (approx. to RM32) but if you are staying in Interlaken and the host provides you with an Interlaken Visitor's Card, then you can use it to get a discount of CHF1. 

Despite the cloudy weather in the morning when we're in Bernese Oberland, we're truly blessed with a clear-far-reaching views overlooking the spectacular Lake Thun with the backdrop of the Bernese Alps during our time in Sigriswil.  

Credit to KKday

Credit to Klook

Thanks to CLOY, Panorama Bridge Sigriswil has becoming the latest and top attraction among the foreign visitors where the local don't even understand the hype behind this. 

This suspension bridge is pretty strong and stable and if you are not afraid of height just like me, challenge yourself to cross over it to another town. However for the faint of heart, I will advise not to do so. 

Is it worth to go and visit Panorama Bridge Sigriswil? Only if you have plenty of time and nothing to do, then you may go for it. Do take note that the bus rides takes more than 40 minutes from Interlaken to get there. Or else, you may skip this, frankly speaking.  

Finally, we had our first gelato in Switzerland (exact location: Interlaken)



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