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Day Trip From Vevey & Geneva

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Our plan for today is quite packed and tight. And because of that, we woke up pretty early - like around 3am to get ready ourselves. Most of the trains in Switzerland start as early as 4am. You can check out the train schedule from SBB Timetable.

#1: Catching train at 4.48am and yes, we woke up pretty early almost every morning just to catch the trains. 

The first place that we're heading to is Vevey, a Swiss town sits on Lake Geneva. As there is no direct train from Interlaken West to Vevey, hence the train ride might take at least 2 hours and 30 minutes and it requires at least two interchanges. 

#2: Vevey Station

Vevey seems to be less popular among the visitors. And the reason why we went there is because just to see an 8-metre-tall stainless steel of "The Fork - Alimentarium", where my husband happened to stumble upon this from his friend photos on the social media. Hence, we added this into our itinerary. It was declared the world's tallest fork in 2014, and has instantly become a town symbol. 

#3: The Fork - Alimentarium sitting on the shore of of Lake Gevena in Vevey

How To Get To The Fork of Vevey:
From Vevey Station, walk for 9-10 minutes towards the lake. 

After Vevey, we then proceeded to Geneva. Geneva tend to well-known for being base for some of the world's largest organisations; like the United Nations, World Health Organisation, World Trade Organisation, International Committee of the Red Cross and the World Bank. A direct train without interchange from Vevey to Geneva will take less than an hour by train. 

Things To Do in Geneva:

1) United Nations Office 
Opening Hours: 10am - 12pm, 2pm-4pm. Closed on every Saturday and Sunday. 

Unfortunately, it was closed by the time we arrived Geneva. Hence, we just took some photos. 

2) Broken Chair Monument 
Across the street from the United Nations office, standing a 12-metre giant wooden chair with broken leg. This monumental sculpture symbolises both fragility and strength, imbalance and stability, violence and dignity. 

3) Jet d'Eau (Geneva Water Fountain)
One of the city's most prominent landmark, Geneva water fountain pumped 140m into the air from 10am to 11pm daily. 

4) Patek Philippe Museum 
Claimed to be one of the world's foremost horology museums, Patek Philippe Museum houses over five centuries of watchmaking history into two important collections; the extraordinary antique collection starting from the 16th century which includes the earliest watch ever made and the Patek Philippe collection begins 1839 onwards. 

Honestly speaking, I have never heard of Patek Philippe until my husband shared with me this. Just when you think the most expensive watch is Rolex, wait until you check out the list of the most expensive watches in the world here.

If you are interested to visit Patek Philippe Museum, you need to book in advance in order to secure your spot. 

5) L'horloge Fleurie (The Flower Clock)
Home to over 6,500 flowers and plants, the Flower Clock, better known as L’horloge Fleurie, features the world’s longest second hand, which measures 2.5 meters in length. Built in 1955, this huge functional clock is redecorated and rearranged multiple times a year as the seasons change. The clock sits near the edge of the Garden Anglaise, and is hooked up to a satellite connection, which means it always shows the accurate time.

After travel around Switzerland for almost a week, finally we had our first outside meal for the very first time. Most of the time we cooked in our accommodation and packed our meal before heading out. From breakfast to lunch and even the dinner. The husband chosen to have his favourite fast food, none other than McDonald's. Guess how much for a set of meal with additional of 1 burger? The total damage is CHF16.50. That's like RM75! 

A set of McD meal with addtional of 1 burger cost CHF16.50. Now you know how expensive is the food in Switzerland.  


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