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Lake Blausee, One of The Most Beautiful Lakes in Switzerland

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We packed our bags after staying in Interlaken for 3 nights. Before heading to the next stay, I decided to dropby and visit Lake Blausse, one of the most renowned and stunning alpine lakes in Switzerland. At first, my husband was quite reluctant to go but he has no choice as I'm tour planner for the entire trip. 

From Interlaken (Ost/West), it takes nearly 1.5 hours to reach Lake Blausse by both trains and bus. Do take note that there is no direct train and it requires transfer at Spienz before reaching at Frutigen. And after arriving at Frutigen, catch the bus 230 towards Kandersteg and after 10-12 minutes of the bus ride, you will see Blausse on the right side of the bus. And that's where you need to alight. If you have the Swiss Travel Pass, all of these are covered under the pass. 

The entrance fee is CHF10 for adult and CHF6 for children age between 6-15. It's free for children below 6 years old. You can purchase the tickets at the main entrace (don't have to worry about buying in advance or pre-book).  

Opening Hours: 9am to 9pm all year-round 

#1: Catch bus 230 from Frutigen Train Station to reach Lake Blausse 



#4: The boat ride is included in the admission fee. Hence, don't miss it when you are visiting this lake. 

#5: Crystal clear turquoise-blue colour lake  

According to the legend, there was a once a young maiden who fell in love with a young shepherd. However, the young shepherd tragically passed away while out in the mountains. The maiden rowed out onto the lake by herself to mourn everyday. One night, her boat sank and from that moment on, legend goes that the lake had changed its color to turquoise-blue due to the tears from the maiden’s blue eyes. You can spot a statue of a maiden in the middle of the lake.  

#6: Statue of a maiden in the water

#7: The beauty about Blausee goes beyond its looks

#8: Cost-saving tips - Bring your own lunch and you can have a picnic there 

#9: Do check the bus timetable in advance as the bus only departs every hourly. 

After spending approximately less than 2 hours exploring and wandering around Lake Blausee, we then went back to Interlaken in order to get our luggage bags where we left them in the accommodation we stayed. And then, we're heading to Zermatt where we'll going to spend another 2 nights there. 


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