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Central Europe Trip for 22 Days (Sneak Peek)

My third Europe trip (after Switzerland in Apr-May and Greece in early of Oct)
My 5th overseas trip
And probably, my last and final trip for this year (I believe lah)

This trip was initially my 4th and final solo backpacking around Europe and I had confirmed ticket back in 2020. I bet you know what happened after that. Got full refund from Qatar Airways and I didn't have any high expectations to materialise this trip to happen again. Unexpectedly, I came across a great offer by Singapore Airlines while I was on a Penang trip with my husband and mother in law end of May this year. I can conclude that this is one of the best deals I ever got cause it included a round trip from/to Kota Kinabalu which I don't even have to bother to book/buy additional tickets. 

So we went for more than 3 weeks trip (22 days to be exact) travelling around Central Europe and covering countries and cities like:  

#1: Germany - Landed in Munich and it's my first time in this city. Previously only covered Berlin and Dresden. 

#2: One of the wishlists ticked off. One of the reasons why I wanna go Munich is because of this fairytale castle - Neuschwanstein Castle that inspired the Sleeping Beauty Castle in Disneyland. 

#3: Of course must do at least one car factory tour in Germany, such as BMW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche and more. 

#4: Returned to Hallstatt and Salzburg after 5 years. Still magical, still beautiful as always. 

#5: Make a brief trip to Swarovski Kristallwelten, an interactive and interesting museum showcasing the crystal glass manufacturing.  

#6: Innsbruck for the very first time but this charming city has made me falls for it. 

#7: Unlocked another new country - Slovenia (country #59) and covered places like Ljubljana and Lake Bled

#8: Revisited Budapest again after 5 years. Did few new things for the first time such as taking cruise along Danube River and dine-in in the most beautiful cafe in the world that cost us a bomb, the New York Cafe. 

#9: Initially I just plan to do a day trip to Budapest since I've been there before, but my husband got Backstreet Boys tickets. At the end, we decided to stay in Budapest for two nights just to watch our teenage year beloved boy band with the songs both of us grew up with. You can check out my Instagram for more stories and videos. 

#10: Ticked off another new country in my list - Slovakia (country #60) and we visited places like Bratislava and Devin Castle. 

#11: Prague, the capital city of Czech Republic is one of the most popular and visited cities in Europe. Everywhere also people mountain, people sea (人山人海).  

#12: Prague is the only city in Europe that I've been more than twice (2008, 2017 and 2022). 

#13: Ended our trip back in Germany again and stayed there for 6 nights before leaving Europe (2 nights in Berlin, 4 nights in Frankfurt) 

#14: One of the most beautiful libraries - Public Library of Stuttgart 

#15: We savoured few traditional cuisines and visited local cafes too.

#16: Last but not least, we didn't leave this trip with empty handed. I think both of us have visited more than 10 Primark stores across 3 countries (Germany, Austria and Czech Republic. Slovenia was closed when we're there due to the nation's public holidays)

P/S: Trying my best to complete my 2022 Switzerland travelogue first, before I can start blogging about this trip. 

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