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Flying To Switzerland With Turkish Airlines

For our trip to Switzerland, we chosen to fly with Turkish Airlines. It's not my first time flying with this airline as I have experienced with them for my trips from Zagreb (Croatia) as well as Podgorica (Montenegro) to Istanbul, Turkish but of course, this is my official maiden flight on the long haul type. Initially my choices are between Qatar and Singapore Airlines but when you come across a round-trip fare for less than RM2,000, oh boy this is so hard to resist. Another temptation that I unable to control myself from keep spending on. 

#1: Finally after 2 years, 1 month and 9 days, now I'm flying overseas and never thought Switzerland will be my first pick

#2: It's not my first time flying with Turkish Airlines but this is my first time flying with them out from Malaysia as previously I flew with them out from Europe countries. 

Turkish Airline's Amenities & Services:
  • For economy class passenger, each is entitled to check-in luggage per-bag weight of up to 30 kg.
  • Access a full range of complimentary in-flight entertainment, onboard food including main meal and breakfast as well as amenity kit which contains a sleep mask, ear plug, socks, toothbrush, toothpaste and lip balm.  

#3: Don't know why but I'm so excited to see this board again. It's like the board of happiness to me. 

Here are the in-flight food for our flight from Kuala Lumpur to Istanbul:

#4: The main meal - Grilled salmon with ratatouille and saffron risotto served with chicken caesar salad, humus and chocolate cake. 

#5: The breakfast - Scrambled eggs with smokey turkey cheese toast 

After survived the almost 12 hours flight from Kuala Lumpur, finally we safely landed at Istanbul Airport and we're going to transit at this airport for nearly 3 hours before continue with the last leg. Probably due to it was a red-eye flight, both my husband and I managed to have a good sleep and we didn't even get to watch any movies throughout the long haul flight. I don't even noticed whether were there any snacks or sandwiches are served in between the main meal and breakfast time. 

#6: Can't believe I'm back to Istanbul Airport after 2 years 

At Istanbul Airport, you can find all sorts of restaurants and cafes such as Burger King, Carl's Jr, Subway, Starbucks, Shake Shack and even Yo! Sushi. However, both of us didn't feel hungry and so, we didn't spend any of our money at this airport. The airport wasn't that crowded and we managed to find seats for us to have a rest before continue with the next flight. However, one thing I dislike about Istanbul Airport is that each passenger is only allowed to connect to the airport free WiFi for a very short period of time, like maximum of 1-2 hours only. Although one able to access the free Internet by receiving SMS using the mobile phone number or entering passport number at the kiosk, but then each of these only allowed you to connect for an hour.  

#7: In-flight meal from Istanbul to Zurich. In case you did notice this, the breakfast is exactly the same as the one from Kuala Lumpur to Istanbul. No choice but to finish them cause it's a sin to waste food, right? 

With a total of 18 hours (12 hours flight from KL to Istanbul, 3 hours of transit and continue with another 3 hours flight from Istanbul to Zurich), finally we have arrived in Zurich International Airport, the largest international airport of Switzerland. The immigration clearance was pretty fast and smooth. The officer doesn't even bother to check our vaccination certificate and he was spontaneously asking few questions like how many days we are going to spend in Switzerland and how's our trip planning be like. Straight we went collected our luggage and guess what, no one even bother to check our luggage too. I shouldn't worry too much about all the food I packed in my luggage at the first place. 

For our trip in Switzerland, we don't intend to begin with Zurich first cause we decided to save this city on the final two days before leaving this country. Hence once we got out from the arrival hall, immediately we headed to the train station which located in the underground building next to the airport. It's pretty easy anyway, just follow the train station signboard. 

#8: You can easily spot this signboard once step out from the arrival hall.

And we instantly activated the Swiss Travel Pass we bought from Klook. Wondering how Swiss Travel Pass works? You can check out my post on Swiss Travel Pass Guide.

#9: Zurich Airport Station is locally known as Flughafen Zürich 

So that's all about our flight from Kuala Lumpur to Zurich International Airport flying with Turkish Airlines. Stay tune for next post about our adventures in Lucerne and more. 


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