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Half-Day Trip To Vaduz of Liechtenstein From Zurich

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Aside from Colmar of France, we even did a cross-border trip to Vaduz, the capital city of Liechtenstein while we're travelling around Switzerland. Due to there's no airport within the nation, hence it's an ideal way of planning a trip to this Europe's fourth-smallest country from Zurich since it's easily accessible and the journey takes around an hour and a half.  

For your information, there is no direct train service from Switzerland to Liechtenstein. Therefore, you need to catch a train from Zurich HB to Sargans, and then continue by catching the bright yellow-coloured bus 11 (heading Feldkirch) or bus 12E (heading Vaduz) in order to get to Liechtenstein. If you are travelling with Swiss Travel Pass, this route is fully covered including the public buses in Liechtenstein. Without the pass, one-way bus ride costs CHF8 per passenger and this can be paid directly to the bus driver. 

By the way, there are no border controls between Switzerland and Liechtenstein. However, if you are interested to collect and add additional passport stamps just like me, don't forget to bring along your passport as you can get an authentic Liechtenstein entry stamp from Vaduz Tourism office for CHF3.     

#1: Catching the train from Zurich HB to Sargans 

#2: Continue by hopping on bus 11 (heading Feldkirch) or bus 12E (heading Vaduz)

As usual, both my husband and I woke up pretty early in order to maximise our half-day trip in Vaduz. Right after catching the bus from Sargans to Vaduz, we alighted at Vaduz Post bus stop that sits right in the heart of Vaduz. This will be the best spot for you to start exploring and wandering the capital city of Liechtenstein itself. As we're pressed for time, hence we're only fully focusing on Vaduz.   

Vaduz is pretty small and compact and the main street is kinda short and not that long. Thus, it's easily walking around the city. 

#3: City train with Vaduz Castle behind 

#4: Vaduz Town Hall (Rathaus) 

#5: Liechtenstein Tourism Office (Opening Hours: 9am to 5pm daily)

#6: You can get an authentic Liechtenstein entry stamp from Vaduz Tourism Office for CHF3 

#7: Postmuseum Vaduz - A museum covers postal history with stamp collections and historic equipment. Entrance is free for public(Opening Hours: 9am to 5pm daily)

#8: Main government building of Vaduz 

#9: Vaduz Registry Office

#10: Vaduz Cathedral which built in neo-Gothic style 

#10: Random house in Vaduz

#11: My trip to a certain city or country is incomplete without sending out any postcards 

The nation's official language is German but during our trip there, we don't have any communication issues in speaking English with the local.
As for the official currency, the Swiss franc (CHF) is the legal tender since Liechtenstein is in a customs and monetary union with Switzerland. Cards are even acceptable in Liechtenstein. 

#12: And that's concludes my visit to 57th country

12D10N Switzerland Travelogue (2022)

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