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Japan (2013) Day 3: Universal Studios Japan, Osaka

Date Visited: 12th October 2013

"I want to go to Disneyland" my mom said to me.
"But there is no Disneyland in Kansai area" I replied to my mom.
"However, there is Universal Studios Japan in Osaka" I added.
"Cool! Let's plan a trip there" she expressed out happily.

So theme park, here we go again! My mom never been to Universal Studios in Singapore but I don't know what made her so eager and thrill to go to the one in Osaka. Perhaps, she is young at heart, just like me. I can't deny I love to go theme parks and so far I've been to quite number of theme parks around the world such as Disneyland in Hong Kong and Paris, Disneysea in Tokyo and Universal Studios in Singapore. 

Japan Universal Studio 00
#1: The iconic globe of Universal Studios 

We bought the tickets one day earlier cause we didn't want to waste our time to queue up merely for the tickets. We went on weekend, Saturday to be exact and hence, we were expecting the crowd would be more packed and cramped than normal weekday. 

Japan Universal Studio 01
#2: Getaway to USJ

Similar to all the theme parks, Universal Studios Japan (USJ) is arranged into seven distinctive zone areas by the time I visited. Of course if compare to the one in Singapore, USJ is more larger in terms of size by double at least. With the latest addition of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter which opened last year July, now USJ has total number of eight different zone areas. Now I wanna go back USJ just for Harry Potter!

There are abundant of amusement rides, ranging from child-friendly carousels to lung-screaming roller coasters and simulators inspired by famous and popular blockbuster Hollywood movies such as Spiderman, Terminator, Back to the Future, Jurassic Park and Jaws. Absolutely  a theme park filled with world-class family entertainment for all ages. 

Hollywood Zone Area

Japan Universal Studios 08
#3: Welcome to Hollywood zone area - This particular area is similar to Singapore 

Japan Universal Studios 09

Japan Universal Studio 03

Japan Universal Studios 10 4D Theatre
#6: Shrek & Sesame Street 4D Theater - in Japanese language but my mom enjoyed this so much

Japan Universal Studios 11 Mummy Museum
#7: Mummy Museum

New York Zone Area

Japan Universal Studios 12 Terminator 2 3D
#8: Terminator 2 - 3D (mini sequel to Terminator 2: Judgement Day)

Japan Universal Studios 13
#9: Trick or Treat?

Japan Universal Studio 05
#10: The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man - The queue was significantly long and so we skipped it.

San Francisco 

Japan Universal Studios 20 Back To The Future
#11: Inspired by Back to the Future film series 

Japan Universal Studios 14
#12: I love this Coke building 

Japan Universal Studios 15

Japan Universal Studios 19
#14: Our quick lunch. My mom ordered the creepy left bun on the left side - Jason's Bloody Mask

Jurassic Park

Japan Universal Studios 16
#15: This ride inspired by the notable Steven Spielberg's blockbuster films. We waited for more than two hours but didn't manage to experience it.

Japan Universal Studios 16 03 Jurassic Park
#16: Get soak with this water-based amusement ride

Japan Universal Studios 16 02 Jurassic Park

Amity Village

Japan Universal Studios 17
#18: Jaws

Universal Wonderland
This area is mainly focused for children and families. It houses three different themed zones; Hello Kitty, Snoopy and Sesame Street. 

Japan Universal Studios 18
#19: The three main characters of Universal Wonderland area

It was too crowded and packed to the extent that I didn't really enjoy as much as I did in Universal Studio Singapore. Surprisingly majority of the visitors were local Japanese instead of foreign visitors. I have to admit that besides being friendly, Japanese are indeed patient people in the whole wide world. Imagine they were willing to queue for Jurassic Park ride for more than two hours without any complaints and cutting queue. Salute them to the max.

How To Get To Universal Studios Japan
There are several direct trains per hour and many more connections require a simple transfer at Nishikujo Station before reaching Universal City Station on the JR Yumesaki Line. Upon reaching Universal City Station, five minute walk to the entrance gate of the Universal Studios Japan. 

Admission Fee: 6,980 for adult and 4,880 for children 
Opening Hours: 10 am to 8 pm on low season and 9 am to 9 pm during peak season 

Shin Osaka to Universal City Station

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  1. been to Universal Studio Singapore, the size is good enough for us to spend the day. it would be very interesting to visit the Harry Potter zone USJ.

  2. have never been to any universal studio at all. Always seens lovely photos. Must go one time.

  3. This one in Japan is one of the best in the world as I was told.
    We all enjoyed so much from the minute the gate opened in the morning till its closing at night.
    The weather was cold and we were so happy & energetic too. I am sure you could understand why your mum loved that place. It is enjoyable and fun for all ages plus educational.
    I have visited the Universal Studios in Anaheim LA but it was much smaller.

  4. Universal Studio is very fun, I need to plan for it. hehe..


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