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Bhutan, The Land Of Happiness

Initially my plan to Nepal was just mainly for 8 days only but few months before the trip, one of my friends and I decided to extend our trip and changed our ticket date back to Malaysia. And why we do so? Cause we decided to go Bhutan, one of the country that restricted number of visitors to enter into their royal country. Honestly to say, it's the most expensive country I ever visited where visitor is required to pay minimum daily tariff (USD200-250 per person per night), but by the end of the trip I never regret with my last minute decision to visit this stunning and unique country, in both culturally and enviromentally. Absolutely one of the country should at least visit once in the life (because of this trip, I forgone of buying new compact camera).

Bhutan 01
#1: From Kathmandu, we flew with Drukair, the official airline of Bhutan to Paro International Airport which took 1 hour and 10 minutes.

In order to get into Bhutan, there are only limited choices; either from Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Bangkok (Thailand) and Singapore. And because my friend and I are planning to go Nepal soon, hence we decided to continue and extended our journey to Bhutan. It's like killing two birds using one stone instead.

Bhutan 05
#2: The first thing I noticed when I reach Bhutan: Just like Thailand, the Drukpas love their king and queen so much. Such a handsome king and beautiful queen.

Bhutan 02
#3: Tashichho Dzong (Fortress), the administration headquarter of Thimpu.

Bhutan 03
#4: Buddha Dordenma Statue, world's largest buddha in Bhutan

Bhutan 06
#5: Takin, the national animal of Bhutan. Its combination of goat's head and cow's body. Only can be found in Eastern Himalays.

Bhutan 07
#6: Last but not least, Tiger's Nest Monastery or known as Paro Taktsang is one of Bhutan's most sacred religious sites. A visit to Bhutan is incomplete without visiting this.

It's not easy to visit this monastery and one have to be reasonably fit. It took more than 5 hours of trekking (we consider quite fast cause initially, our tour guide thought we will take at least 7-8 hours) and I almost gave up on the halfway to this stunning site where it was completely a steep climb and in order to reach to the top, one is required to get through another addition of 700 steps. But then, when figured it out I already in Bhutan, no matter how hard and tough this climb, I shouldn't give up and must keep continue until I reach this monastery. It was really pain in the ass but it's the most rewarding journey and experience in my entire life.

Bhutan 04
#7: Us with Lotay, our tour organiser who arranged the whole tour perfectly for two of us. 
We were being told that my friend and I are the youngest visitors in Bhutan cause most of the visitors who visit Bhutan were mostly elderly.

That's another sneak peek of my 4D3N trip to The Land of Thunder Peaceful Dragon or locally also known as The Land of Happiness. How I wish I could stay more longer, if not cause of the minimum daily tariff charged. If you plan to go Bhutan, spend at least 4D3N to cover both Paro and Thimpu and if possible, the best to spend 6D5N would be sufficient enough to cover the main spot of Bhutan. And with this, Bhutan is the 30th country I visited so far. 


  1. Awesome experience. The tariffs is soooo expensive

  2. must save solely for this trip d..must prepare at least rm10k...hehehe...but what about if I stay with my Bhutanese friends...do I need to pay that much as well?
    "#5: Takin, the national animal of Bhutan. Its combination of goat's head and cow's body. Only can be found in Eastern Himalays. " I only thought that kind of animal exists in the Chinese folklore..aka the guards of hell..

  3. Such a beautiful place. *click on the like button

  4. their king and queen really very young and looking great leh :)

    1. Of course young cause the king is 34 and the queen is only 24 years old.

  5. Wait the second....we have to pay for every day staying there in Bhutan..???
    That something i really need to think if i'm planing to go there hahahahaa..

  6. Wow.. Bhutan.... wicked... I heard u need to take tour package right? how much issit?

    1. Hi Abang Fadli. Yes, every visitor is compulsory to take tour package. I paid US$1,050, including airfare, hotel, tour guide, foods and transportation. If you want more information, you could drop me an email at dianateodt@gmail.com

  7. What a nice and exotic to visit!! Hope to visit Bhutan soon but I guess I will have to get over with the compulsory tour guide thingy first.

  8. What a lovely place and you are so lucky to visit at such young age! I need to save money now! Bhutan! Bhutan! Bhutan! I am coming soon!

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  10. Is the tariff excluded from the package with Druk Asia? Because the Druk Asia's itinerary package indicated government tax and royalty included - does that include tariff?

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  13. Wow I am so envy of you!
    Tiger Nest Monastery's one of my bucket list and my dream place to go
    Saving money for Bhutan's trip is the real issue now ^^

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