Monday, October 20, 2014

From Sydney, We Headed To Brisbane!

From Sydney, we flew to Brisbane, the capital city in the state of Queensland and we will staying there for 3 days 2 nights. When many people commented that nothing much can be done and seen in Brisbane, I tend to ignore that and went with my friends to see what Brisbane can offers.

Day 5 - Brisbane 01
#1: Flew off to Brisbane with Jetstar. Their check-in process were so efficient, fast and hassle-free. 

Day 5 - Brisbane 02
#2: I always assigned to get the window seat cause I just love to witness the aeriel view

Day 5 - Brisbane 03
#3: Kick off our Brisbane adventures by visiting Queen Street Mall

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary Australia
#4: Look ma! I'm cuddling koala bear this time around.

Day 5 - Brisbane 06
#5: Kangaroo feeding in Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

Day 5 - Brisbane 04
#6: Sushi roll - my favourite. It's everywhere in Brisbane and I can have these almost everyday.

#7: Just when I thought staying in South Bank is not a wise choice, I was wrong. This South Bank Parklands is amazing structure.

#8: Ended our day by taking Wheel of Brisbane 

And now we are wandering around Brisbane city centre once again before leaving this beautiful and peaceful city permanently to another city again. 

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