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G'day Sydney!

G'day everyone! I'm currently in Australia for my short vacation, after not flying anywhere for almost two months. You know for someone who being bitten by travel bugs, the addiction of travelling would getting worst if not travelling for a certain period. This is my second time to Australia but it's my maiden visit to Sydney.

Day 1 - Sydney 02
#1: My third experience flying with AirAsia X, after Seoul and Melbourne.

Day 1 - Sydney 07
#2: Once we settled everything, we went Paddy Market for souvenir hunting, as always

Day 1 - Sydney 09
#3: One of my favourite photos. Nope, we didn't rent any bike here but instead we walked a lot

Sydney 08
#5: We took bus to this mesmerising and awesome Bondi Beach

Sydney 09
#6: Seafood platter for lunch in Sydney Fish Market

Sydney 10
#7: Finally one of my travel wishlist accomplished - Seeing Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge

Currently, I am blogging this from the domestic airport while waiting for another flight to another city. 

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  1. Wahhh I wantttttttttt....so nice leh the seafood platter.

    Happy holiday to you

  2. OH MY GOODNESSSSSSS, the Seafood platter is so huge...

    Have a nice trip :)

  3. Yay! Lucky to have here and witness your cool travel blog! Yeah! I love the bike, feels like I’m the one taking the photo. Did I mention that the seafood platter is awesome!

    Miranda Farley

  4. wah, so good fly sydney, i like those food, thanks for sharing...

  5. Ahh. My previous hometown. I do miss Sydney. Are you making a stop in melbourne too this round?

    1. Nope, Cubie! I'm heading to north instead. I do miss Melbourne somehow

    2. Hope you had fun in the sunshine state. Give me a yell when you are back in Melbourne ^^

  6. Ah, I miss Sydney!!! Went there in 2011. Stayed for 4 days. Not enough!!!


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