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Leaving South Korea & My Shopping Loots

Date Visited: 26th March 2016 

Right after we done with spending time and hanging out with furry felines at Cat Playground Cafe, we went back to Namsan Guest House to pack our bags and immediately proceed with check-out process. Instead of taking public bus or express train, we rent a van for 65,000 won (approx. to RM202) straightly to Incheon International Airport. Of course the first two means of transportation are much more cheaper, but it's more feasible by taking van especially when we carried quite number of luggage bags (the consequences of shopping too much). 

Fun Facts of Incheon International Airport (ICN):
Do you know ICN has a golf course, spa, private sleeping rooms, ice skating rink, a casino, indoor gardens and a Museum of Korean Culture? It also has been rated the best airport worldwide every year since 2005. Apart from that, it is rated as the world's cleanest airport and the world's best international transit airport. Talking about duty-free shopping, I notice that the cosmetic and beauty products here are relatively cheaper than the rest airport I ever visited. Twice I flew into this airport, twice I bought fragrances and they were indeed cheaper.

2014 South Korea - Korean Air 01
#1: Korean Air - Our official airlines for trip to South Korea 

2014 South Korea - Korean Air
#2: In-flight meal - Korean spicy chicken 

As we're flying in Economy class, the maximum weight per bag is 23 kg only (unlike Malaysia Airlines where the maximum weight is 30 kg). However, most of the time I didn't exceed the maximum weight given except for my trip to United Kingdom and Europe 8 years ago. Are you ready with what I bought throughout 8 days and 7 nights from South Korea? Get ready! 

2014 South Korea Shopping Haul 01
#3: My shopping loots from South Korea (Compare with my first trip - here

2014 South Korea Shopping Haul 02
#4: Korean snacks is a must! 

2014 South Korea Shopping Haul 03
#5: I'm a big fan of hand cream. Don't ask me why. Probably I love their packaging 

2014 South Korea Shopping Haul 04
#6: Quilt fabric pencil case from Insadong Street. Each cost 2,000 won (approx. to RM6) 

2014 South Korea Shopping Haul 05
#7: All these accessories in South Korea are freaking dirt cheap. Majority of them cost 1,000 won (approx. to RM3). Can be found is most of the shopping streets such as Myeongdong, Insadong and more. 

2014 South Korea Shopping Haul 06
#8: Starbucks tumbler - Free drinks for every purchase

2014 South Korea Shopping Haul 10
#9: Couple passport cover and luggage tags from N Seoul Tower 

2014 South Korea Shopping Haul 08
#9: Backpack for only 10,000 each (approx. to RM31) 

2014 South Korea Shopping Haul 07
#10: The one and only a set of fridge magnets I bought from N Seoul Tower 

2014 South Korea Shopping Haul 09
#11: Fragrances from Incheon International Airport 

I have to admit that South Korea is one of my favourite countries when comes to shopping, after Thailand, Japan and Taiwan. 


  1. What a lovely and colourful shopping loot!! You have very creative eyes.
    I knew the Incheon Airport is fabulous but didn't know they have a casino and ice skating rink as well. I am so tempted to visit Seoul as that is the only country that I have the most foreign friends who were my buddies living together in the US boarding school. That was over 20 years ago!

  2. Always enjoy looking at shopping hauls, DD! 23kg max sucks cause it reminded me of my flight from Prague to SIN via Turkish airline. On the 3rd day of my trip, my luggage already exceeded 20kg. Lol! I'm so used to travelling with SQ which is also 30kg, so I freaked out when my luggage hit 29kg on the last day! Thank goodness I managed to convince my kind tour guide to let me tobang my excess stuff in his bag. Phew! TGIF, my dear! xoxo

  3. Now I know your favourite colour must be Blue, look at the all the bags you've bought, al in blue :P

  4. Couple passport covers are so cute :D

  5. fuiyoh...what a loot. you have very good eyes la. If me sure all also confuse duno how to choose and buy


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