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Summary of My 7D6N South Korea (2014) Travelogues & Travel Expenses

As usual, here is the compilation for all the posts relating to my trip to South Korea back in year 2014 where we covered Seoul and Busan within 7 days and 6 nights. Plus by end of this post, I also share on how much I spent throughout my trip.

Day 1: 20th March 2014
To South Korea with Korean Air and From Seoul to Busan

Korean Air Flight KK to Seoul copy

Travel Between Incheon International Airport (ICN) and Seoul Station
There are two types of trains operate between ICN and Seoul Station:
1) Express Train 
  • Non stop train and it takes 43 minutes
  • Runs every 30 minutes 
  • Fare 8,000 won (6,000 won for group of four people or more)
2) Commuter Train
  • Stops at 9 different stations and travel time takes 56 minutes between ICN and Seoul
  • Trains run every 23 minutes and times vary throughout the day
  • Fare and schedule are vary depending on the arriving station (click here)

Arex Express

Although the commuter train consumed lots of our time with plenty stops, but we chosen this cause it was cheaper at least by half of the express train fare.

In order to get to Busan from Seoul, we took KTX (Korean Train eXpress) by using Korail Pass which I pre-booked in advanced before the trip. Korail Pass is only available to foreign traveller, in other words only for the non-Korean with unlimited access on Standard Class seats within fixed period of time. There are 1, 3, 5 and 7 Days Passes and these passes must be used on consecutive days. As we're spending three days and two nights in Busan, we chosen the 3-Day Passes. If you are travelling in a group of 2 to 5, then you are entitled for the Saver Pass which is slightly cheaper than the standard fare. 

For more info, you can check out the type and fare here as the fare is vary from year to year. 

Korail Seoul to Busan

How To Purchase Korail Pass: 
1) Book online from Korail website - Besides your own details such as full name and passport number, other passengers details are also required. 
2) Print out the voucher and remember to bring along in order to exchange Korail Passes.
3) The voucher can only be redeemed at Seoul Station. All passports and credit card used for booking are required for validation. It's crucial or else, the booking is void. 

Stay: E-Fashion Hotel (Permanently closed down) 
2014 South Korea - Busan Motel Fashion 02

Talking about accommodations in Busan city, two areas I would highly recommend to stay:
  • Jung-gu, area closer to Busan Main Station like Toyoko Inn 1, Hotel Gwang Jang; or
  • Hauendae-gu, an affluent beach area and home to Korea's most famous beach.

Get Around Busan: 
In order to get around Busan, one can either opt for Busan Hanaro Card or Busan Metro Day Pass. Busan Hanaro Card is a travel card system which similar to Seoul T-Money Card that can be used on subway, light rail and buses. The card itself costs 6,000 won and you need to reload money into the card. We opted the latter one, Busan Metro Day Pass which cost 4,500 won per day.
Busan Metro Day Pass

Haeundae Beach & Market 
South Korea 2014 - Day 01 Busan 03 Haeundae Beach
How To Get To Haeundae Beach & Market: 
Align at Haeundae Station on Line 2. It takes more an hour from Busan Subway Station.

Day 2: 21st March 2014
Gamcheon Culture Village, Santorini of the East
South Korea 2014 - Day 02 Busan Gamcheon Culture Village 13
How To Get To Gamcheon Culture Village:
Get off from Toseong Station (Line 1) Exit 6. Turn right at the corner and walk straight until reach the bus stop in front of the Busan National University Hospital. From there, take Bus 2-2 or 2 and get off at Gamcheon Culture Village.
There is no admission fee charged for entering here but if you are interested to get the map, it cost you 2,000 won (approx. to RM8).

Taejongdae Recreation Area
South Korea 2014 - Day 02 Taejongdae 03
How To Get To Taejongdae Recreation Area: 
From Busan Subway Station Exit 7, take bus 88 or 101 and get off at Taejongdae Cliff.
In order to get back to Busan Subway Station, take bus 8, 30, 88 or 101.

Admission fee is free of charge but in the case you are too lazy to walk, I would personally recommend you to take the Danubi Train ride which cost 1,500 won for adult and 600 won. It stops at 5 main attractions:
Platform à Taejongsa Temple à Yeongdo Lighthouse à Observatory à Gumyeongsa Temple à Taewon Jagal Madang à Platform

BIFF Square
South Korea 2014 - Day 02 Busan BIFF Square 02
How To Get To BIFF Square:
Nampo Station - Exit 1 or 3 and walk straight for few minutes and BIFF Square on the right

Day 3: 22nd March 2014
From Busan, we took KTX Train bound to Seoul. We're so wrong when we decided to reserve the train time we preferred on the spot but unfortunately it was fully booked. At the end, we waited for almost two hours in Busan Main Station for the next train ride. Be sure to reserve earlier, at least a day in advance. The journey from Busan to Seoul takes about 2 and half hours. There are food and beverages selling inside the train and the best part, there's a free WiFi internet connection. 

2014 South Korea - Busan KTX Train

Stay: Namsan Guest House 3
Namsan Guest House 3 01
It might be small and cramped, but this guesthouse is perfect place to stay for its unbeatable location. Less than 5 minutes walk from Myeongdong Subway Station, and opposite of the road is where the busy Myeongdong Shopping Street situated. 

Day 4: 23rd March 2014
Changdeokgung Palace
South Korea 2014 - Seoul Changdeokgung Palace 03
How To Get To Changdeokgung Palace: 
Jongno 3 (sam)-ga Station - Exit 6; or
Anguk Station - Exit 3.
From the station, walk straight about 5 minutes to the palace entrance.

Admission Fee: 3,000 won for Changdeokgung Palace only and 5,000 for Secret Garden Tour. 

However, if you are interested to visit all the Grand Palaces except for Gyeonghuigung Palace , you are advisable to purchase the Integrated Ticket of Palaces which cost 10,000 won only.

Bukchon Hanok Village & Insadong
South Korea 2014 - Seoul Bukchon Hanok Village 05
How To Get To Bukchon Hanok Village:
Anguk Station - Exit 2. Walk straight for about 300m to arrive at Bukchon Hanok Village

South Korea 2014 - Seoul Insadong 03
How To Get To Insadong Street:
1. Anguk Station - Exit 6; or
2. Jonggak Station - Exit 3; or
3. Jongno 3 (sam)-ga Station - Exit 1

Day 5: 24th March 2014
The Day I Wandered Alone In Seoul
Ewha Womans University and surrounding area - another popular shopping districts in Seoul among the young ladies. 
South Korea 2014 - Seoul Ewha Womans University 01How To Get To Ewha Womans University:
Ewha Womans University Station - Exit 2 or 3. From the station, 5 minutes walk to the university.

Sichon Area

South Korea 2014 - Sinchon 01

South Korea 2014 - Seoul 04

N Seoul Tower
South Korea 2014 - Namsan Seoul Tower 01
How To Get To N Seoul Tower:
By Public Bus - click here. I took the bus from Myeongdong Station - Exit 3 and board on Namsan Sunhwan Shuttle Bus No. 5 for only 1,200 won (approx. to RM4) for a single trip. 
By Cable Car - Walk about 10-15 minutes following the street of the right side of the Pacific Hotel, after coming out from Exit 3 of Myeongdong Station. A return ticket cost 8,500 won (approx. to RM26) for adult and 5,500 won (approx. to RM17) for children. 

Admission Fee for Observatory: 10,000 won (approx. to RM31) for adult and 8,000 won (approx. to RM25) for children

Day 6: 25th March 2014
Free Traditional Korean Costume Experience
South Korea 2014 - Seoul 07
How To Get Experience on Free Traditional Korean Costume: 
Myeong-dong Station - Exit 6. Walk straight until you see M Plaza on right side. Seoul Global Culture & Tourism Center is located on the 5th floor of M Plaza. 
Korean Culture Experience: 10:30 am to 6:00 pm daily 

COEX Aquarium
South Korea 2014 - Seoul Coex Aquarium 01-1
How To Get To Coex Aquarium: 
Samsung Station - Exit 5 or 6 connected to the Coex Mall. The aquarium is located at the end of the Ocean Walk section. It is next to Megabox Cinema on the Basement 1 arcade.
Admission Fee: 22,000 won for adult and 19,000 won
Opening Hours: 10:00 am to 8:00 pm

Day 7: 26th March 2014
Cat Playground Cafe

How To Get To Cat Playground Cafe in Myeongdong:
Myeongdong Station - Exit 6. Walk straight until spot New Balance shop and turn right. The cafe is located on the 3rd floor.
Opening Hours: 12 pm to 11 pm (Close on Sunday)
Admission Fee: 8,000 won for adult and 7,000 won for children including one drink

Leaving South Korea & My Shopping Loots
2014 South Korea - Korean Air 01
There are three options to go to Incheon International Airport from Myeongdong:
1) By bus 
Take Bus 6015 which departs in front of Sejong Hotel (Myeongdong Station - Exit 8). The first bus departs at 4.50 am while the last bus departs at 8.35 pm. One single ride costs 15,000 won and T-money card is accepted inside the bus. 
2) By AREX train 
From Myeongdong Station, it requires change line at Seoul Station before taking AREX train.
3) By taxi/van
We hired a van from Namsan Guesthouse 3 and it cost 65,000 won for four of us. 

As usual to end each of my travelogue, the following are the details of travel expenses breakdown throughout my 7 days 6 nights to South Korea: 
Korean won
Air Fare
KK-Seoul-KK via Korean Air

E-Fashion Hotel Busan – 2 nights
Namsan Guest House Seoul – 4 nights

Korail Pass – 3 Day Passes (Pre-booked online)
Busan Metro Day Pass (2 days)
Taxi around Busan
Reload for T-Money card
Van to Incheon International Airport

Admission Fees
Danubi Train - Taejongdae Recreation Area
Changdeokgung Palace
COEX Aquarium 

Food & Beverages
Around Busan
Around Seoul

Shopping loots, postcards & stamps
















Exchange Rate - 1,000 won = RM3.11

1. It was impromptu trip. It would be slightly cheaper if my family decided to book earlier as Cathay Pacific airfare cost less than RM1,800 with a short transit at Taiwan.
2. For more details about the two accommodations, check out here.
3. Photo as below - I spent lesser comparing to my first trip to South Korea.

2014 South Korea Shopping Haul 01

Frankly speaking, if I don't take the airfare into the account, the total damages for my trip to South Korea would be only RM2,245 including accommodations, transportation, admission fees, meals and shopping loots. How I wish AirAsia X could start to operate in Kota Kinabalu so flying to South Korea would be much more economical and convenient? Plus, the flight duration from Kota Kinabalu to Seoul Incheon International Airport takes 5 and half hours only, compare from Kuala Lumpur which takes more than 7 hours.

Instagram South Korea Manhole Signature Pose
Can't wait to be back to South Korea again!


  1. Thank you so much for all the meticulous details. You are the most trusted travels blogger that I know. Kam-Siah Hamida!!!! (Hokkien)

  2. Awesome summary as always :)
    I'm curious - South Korea, Taiwan and HK - which one you prefer most of the 3?

    1. It's tough question. I prefer South Korea and Taiwan over HK :P

  3. I see these photos really makes me wanna go visit too :)


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