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Hotel Review: Sato Castle Motel, Taipei

The most typical things to do when comes to Taiwan are generally hitting the bustling and hustling night markets and stuffed with yummylicious street food. But then do you know Taiwan is also well-known for "minshu" - a type of accommodation equivalent to homestay, guesthouse, bed & breakfast and sometimes known as farmstay if there are animals within the property. The experiences of staying in minshu are completely different and unique comparing staying in a conventional hotel. So whenever I visit Taiwan, I will choose to book minshu instead of normal hotel. Mainly because I love the way how majority of these minshu are beautifully-decorated in interesting and fascinating layout. 

One of the unforgettable experiences for my Taiwan trip is staying in Sato Castle Motel of Taipei. By just looking the photos from the net, it immediately caught my attention and I booked without second thought. 

Taipei - Sato Castle Hotel
#1: Overview of Sato Castle Motel

Sato Castle is popular for offering different type of themed room and to date, there are more than 50 rooms with diversified style and unique theme. There are four categories of room to choose from; King, Queen, Castle and Knight. What distinguish four of them are obviously the size of the room and the room rate. The King is the largest one in term of size and so for its price too. 

Taipei - Sato Castle Hotel 08
#2: Each room has its own garage

Once we done with the check-in process, we proceeded to the themed room we chosen. I was in stated of shock when I found out that Sato Castle is unexpectedly a car motel too. When we got out from the lift, we're so surprised to see a huge garage right in front of each room. If you visit Sato Castle along with your car, you can drive straight to your room entrance even on the 6th floor. That's absolutely mind-blowing and so far, this is one-of-a-kind motel I ever came across before. 

Taipei - Sato Castle Hotel 05
#3: The man of steel - Superman!

I chosen "The Superman" themed room which falls under the Cinderella category. Even though I have seen the photos of this room before from the net, I still can't help myself from "Wow!" repeatedly upon entering the room. I believe if you are a huge fan of DC Comics, probably you are more excited than me cause the room is indeed decorated accordingly to its theme. Sato Castle really goes extra mile when comes to customise their room and look, there's a Superman's signature red phone booth where Clark Kent changed his cloth within the room. 

Taipei - Sato Castle Hotel 01

Each and every guestroom well-equipped with LED TV, mini bar with coffee and tea facilities, kettle, fridge and strong WiFi connection. They even provide snacks and soft drinks for free. Yes, it's free! 

Taiwan - Sato Castle Motel Taipei

Next, we check out the bathroom. Holy gosh! Sato Castle, you really keep making my jaw dropping. Not just the room itself, even the bathroom is perfectly-appointed with Superman posters and decorations and the size of the bathroom is incredibly huge. Besides having both separate toilet and shower room, there's a private jacuzzi bathtub and spa mattress inside the bathroom. You can pampering yourself by having a hot shower while watching TV. Feel like a princess living in a castle. 

Taipei - Sato Castle Hotel 02

Taipei - Sato Castle Hotel 03

Taipei - Sato Castle Hotel 09
#8: Bathroom amenities kept inside this box resembles castle

Taipei - Sato Castle Hotel 07

Taipei - Sato Castle Hotel 10
#10: Our room rate comes with free buffet breakfast with good spread

Price wise, I can't deny it's slightly expensive compare to myriad choices of accommodations in Taipei but for one-of-a-kind and fun-packed staying experience, Sato Castle is obviously pretty worth to stay. I have to give them full credit for the extra attention to detail. Not only to accommodate the couple, but it's suitable for a group of family with children to stay here too. However, be careful with the TV remote control cause there's a free channel for adult 18+ (if you get what I mean 😎). 

Miramar Shopping Mall
#11: Sato Castle is very near to Miramar Entertainment Park 

Although Sato Castle is not tucked in the heart of Taipei city, but it is very close to Miramar Entertainment Park - a huge mall famous for its giant ferris wheel. There are also Carrefour supermarket, Family Mart convenience store and even MRT station are just within the proximity. 

Other interesting themed rooms:
Taipei - Sato Castle Hotel King Room
#12: The themed rooms under King category 

Taipei - Sato Castle Hotel Queen Room
#13: As for the Queen category

Taipei - Sato Castle Hotel Cinderella Room
#14: Plenty options for Cinderella category 

Date Stayed: 7 March to 8 March 2015 (1 night)
Room Rate: RM458 per night for a room with breakfast but because I redeemed using my Agoda points, hence the amount I paid is RM100 only (Booked via Agoda)

How To Get To Sato Castle Motel
5-8 minutes walk from Jiannan Road Station under Wenhu Line (Brown colour)
You can check out and view more photos from their official website - click here


  1. I am very impressed by this castle architecture too! They have very good choices that will suit any families!

    This garage concept appeared in Taiwan over a decade ago. It used to safely guard the married men who checked in with someone else! Aha! I have blogged about it once.

  2. We also stay here during my vacation Jan,2016. Nice place.


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