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Relax & Laid-Back Trip in Kenting, Taiwan

After spending two nights in Kaohsiung, we then moved on to Kenting, the southern point of Taiwan. Since Kenting is conveniently accessible under HSR Zuoying, hence we decided to kill two birds with one stone by covering both Kaohsiung and Kenting. 

Taiwan Kenting 02

If you are travelling from Taoyuan or Taipei, take a ride on Taiwan High Speed Rail (HSR) to Zuoying Station first. From there, take Kuo Kang or Kenting Express bus heading to Kenting. The journey takes approximately of 2 hours for the price of NT$407 for a single trip and NT$600 for roundtrip.

Another second option is by sharing cab, like what we did. If you are traveling in a group of 4, probably this option is cheaper than taking the bus. 

It is possible to do day trip to Kenting from Kaohsiung but for me, I prefer to stay for a night just to experience the night market there. 

In Kenting, there are plenty of hotels or hostel with Greek-inspired concept around. Too many choices it's not a good sign somehow cause it's making me indecisive which to pick from. But of course, by end of the day my priority would always be the price first - whether it's value for money or not. 
Taiwan Kenting Sunhow Inn 1

Taiwan Kenting Sunhow Inn 2

Sunhow Inn, Kenting
Date Stayed: 10 March to 11 March 2015 (1 night)
Room Rate: RM206 for a double mountain view room with breakfast included (Booked via Agoda)

Generally that's pretty sum up what we did when in Kenting - visiting the night market, eating the street food and have a good nap. Probably due to the unfavourable weather condition when we were there where this small little town was hit by strong wind and raining non-stop, there's nothing much we can do around. Plus, the best way to get around this town is by renting a scooter but unfortunately, both my friend and I unable to ride it. So ended up, we just leisurely wandering around the vicinity.  

Kenting is more happening and lively during the night time due to the night market set up on main street. Told you, you can bump into any night market in almost every corner of Taiwan and fortunately, night market is one of my favourite things to do and see when travelling abroad. 

Taiwan Kenting 07
#4: Kenting Night Market

Taiwan Kenting 08
#5: Kenting Night Market

Taiwan Kenting Dinner
#6: And that's how I celebrated my birthday here - our dinner from convenience store.

Rise and shine, Kenting! The weather seems relatively good than yesterday, and because of that, we decided to walk further down to see what Kenting has to offer. This is indeed the more relaxed and laid-back trip whereby I don't have to keep looking at the map, no worries about the directions but just chill and relax. Sooner, we came across Kenting Beach. Kenting Beach is judged to be the most beautiful beach in Taiwan for its long and and white sandy beach but like I mentioned earlier, we came at the wrong time. The beach was literally empty and quiet, with only few visitors including us strolling along the long and clean beach. I guess the best time to visit Kenting would be basically during the summer time - not only that you can swim, but there are also plenty of water sports and activities can be opted from.

Taiwan Kenting 01

Taiwan Kenting 01-1

One thing I noticed about Kenting is that this town serves like a weekend beach getaway for the local. Majority of the shop houses here converted to an inviting and fascinating guesthouses/hostels and most of them with the concept of Greek-inspired theme. It's pretty obvious when major of the buildings are painted and covered with fully white colour and mixture of blue colour rooftops or doors and windows. 

Taiwan Kenting 03

Taiwan Kenting 04

Taiwan Kenting 05

Taiwan Kenting 06

Taiwan Kenting 09

If you are beach lover, probably you can take into consideration to come and visit Kenting during the summer time which falls between July to August. Besides Kenting Beach, there are also other attractive attractions like Eluanbi Lighthouse, South Bay, White Sand Bay, Kenting National Park and more beaches like Nanwan.

Next, we proceed to Taichung - my most favourite city of Taiwan. So how to get there from Kenting? Exactly the same way from Taoyuan/Taipei to Kenting (like I stated as above). Either you take bus or share cab first to Kaohsiung. And then from HSR Zuoying station, ride on High Speed Rail directly to reach Taichung.

2015 Taiwan HSR Zouying To Taichung Station

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  1. This is the first time I heard of Kenting after 5 visit to Taiwan. I think they didn't promote this place enough and it looks very ideal for a good retreat getaway. It reminds me of Hong Kong's Cheung Chau Island.
    I love this Kenting's Greek styled concept too.

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