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Foodie Friday: Nakiryu - Tokyo's Second Michelin Starred Ramen Restaurant


So for my trip to Tokyo this year, not just one but then, I managed to experience two distinctive ramen restaurants that are awarded with a prestigious Michelin Star. The first one is Tsuta (click here) and the second one is this one - Nakiryu, which I am going to elaborate further in this post. 

#1: Nakiryu - World's Second Michelin Starred Ramen Restaurant

Frankly speaking, I know nothing about Nakiryu until my travel partner brought me here. He does the planning, and I just follow cause I'm not the type of traveler that will roaming further just for the sake of food adventures, unless I happen to be in the nearby neighbourhood. And because of its location sat on the non-touristic area, no surprise I wasn't aware of this ramen restaurant at all.
So which dish of Nakiryu causing it to receive the coveter French honor? It's their signature "Tantanmee", a kind of noodle inspired from Chinese Sichuan served in spicy broth and yet, it's so delicious and rich in flavours. And guess what, a bowl of this signature Tantanmee cost only 850 yen (approx. to RM31) which is slightly cheaper than the famous chain restaurant of Ichiran, or even Ippudo.  

Nakiryu Tokyo Michelin Ramen 02
#2: Open kitchen with 10-seater bar

Similar to Tsuta, Nakiryu is a typical small Japanese restaurant houses with 10-seater bar. When we went for the very first time, luck wasn't on our side cause we're late and it closed. Hence, we decided to come back again during the dinner time. We arrived 30 minutes earlier before its opening time at 6pm and glad that we're among the first batch to get into the restaurant. The process of ordering ramen is alike most regular ramen shops - purchase a ticket from the vending machine inside the shop. However, I encounter difficulty when ordering it as there is no English menu available but with the help of the boyfriend, I told him my ultimate choice would be none other than the signature menu which is the "Tantanmee".

Nakiryu Tokyo Michelin Ramen 03
#3: The signature "Tantanmee" in a spicy broth topped with minced pork (850 yen)

Nakiryu Tokyo Michelin Ramen 04
#4: Also the signature "Tantanmee" but with additional topping - charshu (braised pork) - cost 1,050 yen

My choice - Tsuta or Nakiryu? I choose the latter one - okay, I have to be honest I'm biased cause I love spicy food more. Although Nakiryu is famed for its spicy noodle, the boyfriend who has lower tolerance to spicy food, he approved this ramen and turns out to be his favourite one too. The  texture of the handmade thin noodles are so chewy and springy at the right level. And with its spicy broth mixed with peanuts (do take note if you are allergic to nuts) making it is undeniably creamy, rich and packed with flavours, oh boy - this is the real definition of a perfect bowl of happiness. 

Unfortunately, each patron is only allowed to order one bowl of ramen for the convenience of other customers who are in the queue. But don't worry cause you are allowed to add noodle (kaedama). 

Nakiryu Tokyo Michelin Ramen 05
#5: Nakiryu instant noodle - available in any 7-eleven. But of course, dining at the restaurant itself would be better. 

The most closest station is Otsuka under JR Yamanote Loop Line and 5 minutes walk on the south exit of the station; or
Under Tokyo Metro Line, alight at Shin-Otsuka Station and get off Exit 1. Walk until you see the traffic light and across it to MiniStop convenience store. Keep walking and turn left for first junction and Nakiryu at the end of the building. 
Opening Hours: 11:30 am to 3:00 pm 
                           6:00 pm to 9:00 pm 
Be sure to get there at least an hour before the opening time cause I came across someone ranted that they waited for almost 2 hours.

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  1. I heard so much about Ramen from SK and Twilight Man from their trip there. From what i understand is that the ramen over there is totally different from here. Taste way better

    "Tantanmee" look so delicious even without the additional pork

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  3. Wah! Wah! The price of 850 Yen raised my eyebrows! I must go there to eat the spicy version. I have bookmarked this place. Luckily your blog post is so easy for me to check from my smartphone anywhere in this world for information.


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