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Taiwan (2013) Day 2: Travel from Taichung to Sun Moon Lake (日月潭)

Date Visited: 27th November 2013

Rise and shine from Taichung. Cause we stayed in cheap minshu with no breakfast provided, thus we went and looked in the immediate vicinity. There were only few food stalls available and majority occupied by the young students seeing that Fengjia University is just somewhere around the corner. We joined them by having quick and light meals such as sandwiches and milk tea before started to kick off the day. 

What To Do in Taichung?
Generally, there are plenty of things to do and see in Taichung. You can engage a local driver for a day tour with a standard charge of NT$3,000 (approx. to RM400) for a maximum of 4 people per vehicle. Most recommended places to visit are:
  • Lavender Cottage (Admission Fee: NT$200)
  • Rainbow Village 
  • Carton King Creativity Park (Admission Fee: NT$200)
  • Swiss Garden (Admission Fee: NT$120)
  • Cingjing Farm
But then, we decided not to engage any local driver but travel by our own instead for a day trip to Sun Moon Lake in Nantou County. Sun Moon Lake is largest lake in Taiwan and became one of the most popular tourist attractions among both local and foreign visitors. The journey from Taichung Train Station to Sun Moon Lakes takes about two hours by taking Nan Tou Bus. Hence, plan your journey earlier.

Taichung Railway Station
#1: Taichung Railway Station from far away 

From Fengjia Business District of where we were staying, we took public bus to Taichung Railway Station. Honestly to say, I couldn't remember which bus I took cause I literally couldn't read any Chinese words. So with the help of Boyfie and his friend asking the local, we took the right bus and thanks to the the friendly bus driver too, for showing us the way to the station. Just when I thought we could purchase the Sun Moon Lake Day pass from the railway itself, they said we have to walk for another 10-15 minutes to the bus company's ticketing office. Only then to find out that the pass can be bought at HSR Taichung Station, not Taichung Railway station. There's a different, you see.  

Sun Moon Lake Taichung Office
#2: The bus company's ticketing office located at Section 1 Shungshi Road 

We bought the Sun Moon Lake Pass of NT$990 which include the return shuttle service, boat trip, ropeway round trip and entrance to the Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village. Check out for more about Sun Moon Lake Pass here

Sun Moon Lake Shuttle Bus Timetable - here.

Sun Moon Lake 01
#3: After almost two hours of bus ride, we dropped of at Shuishe Visitor Center

Sun Moon Lake 19
#4: Luggage tags, fridge magnets, wooden postcards and fun stamping are available inside the Shuishe Visitor Center. 

Sun Moon Lake 03
#5: Using the Sun Moon Lake Day Pass, we took the boat ride to across to Ita Thao Pier 

Sun Moon Lake 05
#6: Enchanting red colour boat 

Sun Moon Lake 17
#7: Right after we arrived Ita Thao Lakeside, follow the signboard to the Ropeway Station  

Sun Moon Lake 08
#8: Ropeway or commonly known as Cable Car

Sun Moon Lake 09
#9: Right on time for performance at Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village

Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village is one spot whereby you can observe the Taiwanese traditional tribal lifestyle and aboriginal traditions. It's not only serve as a culture village but it is also an amusement park. As we arrived late, we can only enjoyed ourselves in the culture village. 

Sun Moon Lake 09-1
#10: Some part of the aboriginal heritage and lifestyles of Taiwan's nine main tribes 

Sun Moon Lake 12-1
#11: Indian Totem Poles

It's getting late and we agreed to make a move. From Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village, we took the ropeway back to Ita Thao Pier. But before we took the boat ride return to Shiushe Visitor Center, I stumbled upon plenty of shops selling fukurou. Fukurou means owl in Japanese and I heart them so much. I even bought few back for home decoration. 

Sun Moon Lake 06
#12: Fukurou in Japan means luck and good fortune 

Sun Moon Lake 20
#13: And more fukuruo

Sun Moon Lake 13
#14: Act silly once in a while 

It took us almost a whole day to travel back and forth between Taichung and Sun Moon Lake. We were indeed tiring and exhausting but our day didn't stop there cause we made another second visit to our favourite market, Fengjia Night Market right after we got back from Sun Moon Lake. Frankly speaking, spending 3D2N in Taichung is completely insufficient.

Or perhaps, you could also plan your trip for a visit to this Wen Wu Temple, the biggest temple on the northern side of the lake. 


  1. probably have to spend a week in Taiwan to visit places there...Taiwan seems to be the favourite place to visit among Sabahans now.

  2. Your photos are awesome and nice. I have visited Taichung few times but had no time to drop by Sun Moon Lake.

  3. Lovely. True what Agnes said. One week may not be enough to visit all the places

  4. The owls decorations and souvenirs are so nice, I like!

  5. Did u try the famous tea egg at Sun Moon Lake?

  6. If i go there surely will buy for wooden postcard. Hehe..

  7. Hi,
    Just wanted to verify that Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village can be reach by riding the Ropeway from the Sun Moon Lake area??

    Originally I thought we need to take the car/bus to reach Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village.


    1. Hi Mandy,

      Yes, we reached Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village by riding the Ropeway from Ita Thao Lakeside of Sun Moon Lake.


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