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Sweet Getaway to Hong Kong & Macau (Episode 2)

Date of Visited: 16th September 2010

Macau (Part 1)

Our initial plan to Macau is suppose to be the last day before we back to KK but since Teh's uncle saw promotion for Macau hotel together with ferry ticket in local newspaper (not Malaysian local newspaper, its Hong Kong newspaper), so we decided to go Macau a day after we reached Hong Kong.

This special promotion is absolutely superb duper cheap. HK$700 for 2 people; 1 night for 5 star hotel and 2 return tickets to Macau. For a normal price ticket, it would cost HK$134 - HK$142 for only one single ticket. So do your maths and try calculate how much we pay for the accommodation.

We took bus from Tin Shui Wai to Sheung Wan station. This is the station to depart to Macau.

hong kong 08
Boarding Hall. This is depart to Tapai, not Macau main port.

hong kong 09
Turbojet Counter

I thought that we are going to Macau by this red ferry which known as Turbojet but we are travel using blue ferry which is known as Cotai Jet. However, this Cotai Jet does not depart to the main Macau Ferry Terminal. It depart to another ferry terminal which known as Tapai Temporary Ferry Terminal.

macau 01
Cotai Jet

macau 02
Start our day with sausage with egg burger and milk tea from Mc D.
By the way, it's pork burger. I'm just loving it when comes to Mc D Hong Kong

The journey took almost 1 hour. Once we stepped outside the pier, we saw that Macau International airport is nearby. Unlike Hong Kong, there is no railways in Macau. Not to worry as there are many free shutter bus. In Macau, buses and taxis are major public transport. Most of the casinos operate their own fleet of shuttle bus service such as Lisboa Casino, The Venetians, The Sands and etc. And it is free!

As we arrived earlier than we plan, we took The Sands shuttle bus before check in to our hotel. The Sands is a big and luxury casino in Macau. It is the sister hotel of the Venetian. Before proceeded to the casino, we deposited our baggage at the baggage counter. What I like about this sands is there are plentiful of free drinks; fruit juice, warm milk and even hot drinks such as coffee and etc.

macau 03
The Sands Macau

macau 04
Japanese buffet at The Sands. That is Teh's uncle at the bottom right pic.

After having Japanese buffet which located at the second floor of The Sands as our lunch, we took the shuttle bus heading to Macau Ferry Terminal and wait for another shuttle bus which provided by the hotel that we will check in to. The hotel shuttle bus pick the passagers every half an hour. We stayed in Riviera Hotel (formerly known as Ritz Hotel Macau). The room was very spacious as well as the bathroom.

macau 05
Definitely I would like to stay here again

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  1. Pork burger at McD's? I didn't know this until saw it in your posting.


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