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Sweet Getaway to Hong Kong & Macau (Episode 1)

Date of Visited: 15th September 2010

At last, having the holiday I want. No more worries about works. Left behind for the whole week and all I need to do is enjoy the holiday to the fullest.

At first, we booked our destination to Macau but starting from July onwards (if not mistaken), flight from Kota Kinabalu to Macau had been stopped. But luckily, we still got choice to fly to Hong Kong.

This is my 3rd trip to Hong Kong but first visit to Macau. Therefore, there are few places that I will been for the 2nd times.

hong kong 02
My new luggage bag, Hush Puppies. Purposely bought for this trip :P

hong kong 03
View of Hong Kong from the top

hong kong 04
Reach airport after almost 3 hours flight. By the way, our flight delay for almost 1 and half hours

hong kong 05
Let me introduce, Sabah F4 :P
(From left: Sam, Teh, Aaron and Vincent)

hong kong 06
Hong Kong International Airport. It is bigger than KLIA

Once we reached Hong Kong International Airport, Teh's uncle welcoming us at the arrival hall patiently and brought us to the Octopus Card counter to buy the public transport ticket before taking us to the next destination. It's useful for us to buy that ticket instead of buying single ticket. Why? Later you will find out.

We took bus from airport to the place we will overnight for the whole trip. We stayed in Teh's uncle's house, which located in Tin Shui Wai. Since we reached Hong Kong around 6-7 pm, (due to the delay), his uncle brought us for dinner. By the way, we were damn hungry since the last meal we had was around 11am - 12pm. Planned to buy meal in the cabin but it's not worth it.

hong kong 01
5 of us order different meals at YLK Restaurant, Kingswood Ginza, Tin Shui Wai

After dinner with Teh's uncle and whole family, they brought us to the condo which nearby the our dinner place.

hong kong 07
Clockwise: Master bedroom, Kitchen, Double decker bed room, Living room

This is my first experience of living the lifestyle of Hong Kong people. Although known as condo, but their space is limited. This is because their land is extremely expensive. However, we are grateful that we have place to stay as we can save more cost for this trip.

Next post: First step in Macau


  1. as usual, I am drooling over the pics of the food, who can resist food anyway.

  2. All I can say you have awesome photos.

  3. Just now I read back your HK post and suddenly saw the picture of Sam. He is my University senior..Hehe...


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