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Sweet Getaway to Hong Kong & Macau (Episode 3)

Date of Visited: 16th September 2010

Macau (Part II)

After taking a break for half an hour (refer previous post), we moved on to our next destination, The Venetian Macau Resort Hotel.

Besides a large casino and 5-star hotel, it is also one stop for shop luxury stores. But what breathtaking is the Venice replicas. Built on the second floor, this Venetian themes comes with canal system and you could take for a gondola ride. You could feel like you are visiting Italy instead of Macau. What's the different is that you can avoid from the hot weather or even heavy rain, you still can stroll by the canals under the mesmerizing and impressive Venice faux sky.

macau 07
macau 06
macau 08
macau 09
macau 11
macau 10
San Luca canal

dt in macau-1
~dt~ in The Venetian

macau 12
macau 13
So regret for not shopping more at this shop

macau 15
macau 14
This clock reminds me of Prague, Crezc Republic which I had not yet blog about it

Since The Venetian is the place for us to take pic but not shopping and gambling, we hang around for less than an hour. Outside the Venetian, we saw Hard Rock Hotel which was opened last year June.

macau 16
Group photo outside The Venetian

macau 17
Hard Rock Hotel, located in City of Dreams

We walk around Hard Rock Hotel for a short period of time before heading for the dinner.

macau 19
This one took by me. Not copy and paste from other source. Nice or not?

macau 18
I took this pic while waiting for bus. Outside The Hardrock Cafe. Damn nice and beautiful.

Our dinner for the night is in Cozinha Pinocchio, which serve Portuguese cuisine. It is located in Taipa Village by famous “Rua de Cunha” where there are numerous souvenir shops. We took shutter bus from Hard Rock Hotel to there. Then, a short walking distance before reaching the restaurant.

macau 20
Another famous restaurant in Macau - Dumbo Restaurant.

macau 21
This is the one we dine in.

macau 22
macau 23
Cozinha Pinocchio menu

macau 24
Road of Rua de Cunha

Before back to the hotel, we stopby one of the famous bakery shop to buy their local biscuits and snacks. As the night is still young, we plan to walk around our hotel as we saw the night scenery is so pretty during our journey back to the hotel inside the bus.

macau 25
Beautiful night scenary of Macau

macau 26
Macau-Taipa Bridge

macau 27
Behind us is the Macau Tower.

That's my first visit to Macau. Next post is the main spots in Macau and our journey back to Hong Kong. Stay tune~


  1. I really miss the portugese tart and macau pork bun!! Miss alot!! I love the portugeses food in Macau!!:P

  2. wa.. so beautiful and nice.. is it expensive to spend the holiday thr?

  3. Kai Xin - I miss Macau too. Indeed, I plan to go again with my mom. Probably, maybe next year.

    Nick - Yes, Macau is gorgeous and beautiful. Regarding the spending, I only pay for the hotel and ferry fare. While the rest, fully sponsor by my bf's family.

    Jfook - Hey, there! Macau is definitely nice place. I'm sure if you going there bring your DSLR, sure capture a marvellous picture than mine

  4. thx for the info ,hope you love Macau
    bwloe link is for your info:


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