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How To Get To Everland Resort?

Due to the pouring rain on the second day of our South Korea trip, hence we immediately checked what's the weather forecast for our third day. After confirmed that that it was pretty fine weather, we came into a conclusion that our trip for the day is to Everland Resort.

There are few alternatives route to one of this best amusement theme park of South Korea.

One of the easiest way is grab a taxi and you'll reach Everland easily but I will not choose this if I were you cause it definitely cost a bomb since the journey from Seoul to Everland is 1 hour plus away. Hence, if you are budget traveller just like me, the best way but at the same time it is more cost-saving would be travel by public transportation; both subway and public bus at the same time.

DT @ Myeong-Dong
We started our journey from Myeong-Dong, the station which just few stones away from our guest house.

Even by public transportation, there are 3 ways. Here I shared with you 2 of the ways of going to Everland using public transportation.

First Way To Everland

#1. Take a train to Sadang Station of Subway Line 2 or 4. Then heading to Exit 2 or 3.
Sadang Station

#2. Once come out from the station, heading to the bus station and take bus 1500-2 to Everland. The travel time takes 80 minutes.
Sadang Bus Station 01

We did used this route at the first place, but somehow when we hopped on to the 1500-2 bus, the bus driver told us that he was not going to Everland. Therefore, without thinking too much, immediately we changed to our second route.

Second Way To Everland
(I more prefer and recommended to take this route instead)

#1. Take a train to Gangnam Station for Subway Line 2. After that, heading to Exit 6.
Gangnam Station 01

#2. Once out from the subway, walking straight for about 3 minutes until you see this shop on your left-hand side. There's where the bus station to Everland located on the right-hand side.
Gangnam Station 02

#3. Hop on to the 5002 bus which cost 1,800 won per single journey and there it goes all the way to Everland until you reach the final stop.
Gangnam Station 03

#4. The journey hasn't end here yet as you need to take another shuttle bus in order to reach Everland itself and no worries, this shuttle bus is free.
Gangnam Station 04

Finally! Tadaa.... Here we are at Everland.
Wanna know more and the interesting things of Everland? Stay tune for my upcoming blog which I think might overloaded with tons of photos. 


  1. hahaha when i read the title... my head straight away came up with "need to fly to korea first"

  2. I dont have the chance to visit everland during my trip in nov2011. they said it's quite biq and u wont be able to cover all within 1 day. huhu

    gonna come here in my next trip which i dont knw when. hahah

  3. hi how long did u take u to travel frm myeongdong to everland?

    1. It took almost an hour from Myeongdong to Gangnam Station then to Everland.


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