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Taejongdae Recreation Area of Busan, South Korea

Date Visited: 21 March 2014

There are plenty of things to do and see in Busan but because we only spent 3 days and 2 nights, it's impossible to cover all with only limited of time given. Right after we spent our wonderful times in Gamcheon Culture Village, we proceeded to Taejongdae which is well-known for its rocky cliff overlooking magnificent deep blue sea.

As Taejongdae Recreation Area is situated at the southern-most tip of Yeongdo-gu island, it took almost an hour bus ride from Busan Subway Station. It might seems long ride but all along the journey, I was pretty fascinating with all the scenery and without we realised, finally we reached - the final and last bus stop. From the bus stop itself, a short walk before reaching Taejongdae and in case worry of getting lost, no worry cause it's easy to spot with many tourists and travellers outside the main entrance.

South Korea 2014 - Day 02 Taejongdae 01
#1: Danubi Train Ride tickets 

Admission to Taejongdae is free of charge but I personally would recommend to take the Danubi Train ride which cost 1,500 won for adult and 600 won for children, if you are lazy to walk. It stops at 5 main attractions:

Platform à Taejongsa Temple à Yeongdo Lighthouse à Observatory à Gumyeongsa Temple à Taewon Jagal Madang à Platform 

South Korea 2014 - Day 02 Taejongdae 06
#2: Danubi Train

Unfortunately, the train itself was pretty short with minimum amount of seats and on that particular day, it was relatively crowded making us think twice whether we should hop off or not. Cause if we align the next destination, probably the chances to hop on the next train would be impossible. No choice, I told my family to enjoy the whole train ride without hop off whereas I aligned at the Yeongdo Lighthouse instead. 

South Korea 2014 - Day 02 Taejongdae 02
#3: The Statue Mother and Children - This statue is to remind those who decide to commit suicide of their mother's unconditional love 

So, I was all alone wandering around the lighthouse but in South Korea, nothing is to worry about. The only thing that bother me was whether I could find anyone to help me taking photo of myself amidst with the popular lighthouse. In order to get down to the lighthouse, one must walk down the flight of staircases. Luckily my mom didn't join me, or else it will be tough for her especially when climbing up to the station. 

South Korea 2014 - Day 02 Taejongdae 03
#4: Yeongdo Lighthouse 

South Korea 2014 - Day 02 Taejongdae 04
#5: Rocky cliffs 

South Korea 2014 - Day 02 Taejongdae 05
#6: The lighthouse amidst with gorgeous deep blue sea 

Like I expected, I didn't manage to find some random strangers to help me taking any photos of myself. Maybe I was too shy, too sheepish to pose in front of someone I don't know - now you know why I hate travelling alone and I basically dislike selfie. So once I done with phototaking, immediately climbed up the staircases back to the station waiting for the next Danubi Train ride. And guess what, it was full house - no empty seats left for me. At the end, I chosen to walk to the next station trying my luck to hop on Danubi Train back to the platform, where my mom and sister waited me patiently. 

South Korea 2014 - Day 02 Taejongdae 08
#7: Beautiful tree with full blossoms while I was walking to another station 

South Korea 2014 - Day 02 Taejongdae 07
#8: Eventhough no photo with the lighthouse, but this is fairly acceptable for me - so vain!

How To Get To Taejongdae Recreation Area
From Busan Subway Station Exit 7, take bus 88 or 101 and get off at Taejongdae Cliff.
In order to get back to Busan Subway Station, take bus 8, 30, 88 or 101.


  1. I have to note down that 3 days and 2 nights is not enough to visit Busan!
    I thought it was just lovely beaches, cliffs and endless jimjilbang saunas! Did you visit their unique sauna and sleep? I tried once in Shanghai which is the biggest spa but Korean styled.

  2. Busan also is a good place to see cherry blossoms. It is very beautiful which I watched from TV.


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