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Adeus Lisbon and Hola Barcelona!

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After spending two nights in Lisbon including a day trip to Pena Palace of Sintra, it's time to bid goodbye to Portugal and proceed to third country for this leg of our trip - Spain! 

Generally for a budget-conscious traveller, it's always better to use public transport - buses or the metro system. You can take metro from any place in Lisbon city center directly to Aeroporto Station (Lisbon Airport) for just €2.00 (including €0.50 for the reusable card). But because you know, we had quite number of luggage with us plus they were heavy too, we opted for Uber. There is no issue in getting an Uber cause it is available throughout the city. From where we stayed in Lisbon straight to the airport, the Uber fare was €6.45 - it's relatively affordable cause we don't have to go through the hassle of changing station. 


#1: Barcelona, wait for me!

To date, there are three airlines serve direct flight from Lisbon to Barcelona; Vueling, TAP Portugal and Iberia. I have yet to experience any of these three airlines before but after taking into consideration, I chosen to fly with TAP Portugal cause I found its flight schedule suits my preferred time. Initially the basic fare was €90.91 but after include 40kg additional baggage, the average airfare per passanger was about €100.57 (approx. to RM498.58). I have to admit it wasn't cheap but that's the one and only option available. 

2018 TAP Air Portugal 02
#2: Light meals were served during the flight including the Portuguese egg tart.

We took Aerobus A1 (a shuttle bus service) from airport to the area we're staying in Barcelona. A single trip costs €5.90 whereas a return ticket costs 10.20 which must use within 15 days. We bought the ticket from the kiosk and it accepts both cash and credit card. From Barcelona Airport, the Aerobus A1 makes a total of 4 stops - Plaça Espanya, Gran Via - Urgell, Plaça Universitat, and finally Plaça de Catalunya. But because Plaça Espanya (this is where we stayed) doesn't seem to be the popular and common stop, the bus driver didn't have the intention to stop and we missed our stop. By the time I realised it, immediately I pressed the bell and the bus stopped at third bus stop from our original stop. Ended up we need to walk for more than 20 minutes instead of less than 10 minutes. I think it's wise to let the bus driver know where you intend to stop cause majority of the visitors prefer to stop at Plaça de Catalunya only.

2018 Spain Barcelona Aerobus-1
#3: Aerobus A1 from Barcelona Airport to downtown

For the first-timer to Barcelona, it makes sense to be located as close to the downtown. The major sites such as the Old City areas like Las Ramblas give immediate access to the city's transportation hub and plenty of places to visit on foot. But similar to Lisbon, the closest to city center, the hefty its price tag to be. Therefore I chosen to book and stay in Plaza Espana area. 

2018 Spain Hostal LK Barcelona
#4: Hostal LK Barcelona nearby Plaza Espana area

Although Hostel LK Barcelona might sounds like a hostel, but they do have a room attached with a private bathroom. Another plus point why I tend to choose this cause there is an elevator within the building. Another best feature of this accommodation is Espanya, Hostafrancs and Tarragona Metro Stations are within 5 minutes’ walk. When I check-in at the reception, I was served by a friendly Korean guy. The only downside - there's a small kitchen with fridge, microwave and kettle on the top floor but then, the guests unable to cook. So if you plan to cook, then this hostel might not suitable for you. 

Hostal LK Barcelona
Date Stayed: 13 October to 16 October 2018 (3 night)
Room Rate: €80.50 (approx. to RM400.50) per night for a room with three single bed attached with private bathroom (Booked via Agoda)

In case you notice my recent style of blogging where I would like to compile each city or even a single country I visited into a single blog post, but for this Barcelona I think it deserves a single post for each of its unique and magnificent top rated tourist attractions I witness with my own naked eye. Hence for this post, I will blog shortly and briefly regarding the surroundings of where I stayed first. 

Though Plaza Espana (Plaça d'Espanya) is one of the most important squares and iconic image of Barcelona and yet, I don't find it as crowded as other major areas of Barcelona. The area is relatively quiet and peaceful and I'm absolutely no regrets for choosing to book at this area. There are two-three mini supermarkets, a laundry, a local market, a handful of numerious restaurants and cafe and not forgetting to mention a huge mall which only footsteps away from where we stayed. 

2018 Spain Barcelona Plaza España 01
#5: Plaza Espana (Plaça d'Espanya)

If you are interested to visit Plaza Espana, I would recommend to come here before sunset cause there is fantastic display of water, light and music at night. However, this free music and light show will only performs on certain evenings. For more info, do check out here

2018 Spain Barcelona Arenas de Barcelona 01-1
#6: Las Arenas de Barcelona - a shopping complex with 360 degrees rooftop view of the city on the top

2018 Spain FC Barcelona Official Store-1
#7: Anyone are huge fans of FC Barcelona?

2018 Spain Barcelona Market
#8: A local supermarket where my mom and I got our breakfast here

2018 Spain Barcelona First Night Dinner
#9: The most satisfying dinner - Asia food is life!

How To Get To Plaza Espana (Plaça d'Espanya)

Metro: España (Red Line - L1 or Green Line - L3)


For the next post, get ready for Gaudi's extraordinary masterpiece

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  1. My hubby went to Barcelona in March. He had a great time there.

    We Asian could not do without rice or noodle. Lol.

  2. My head is always spinning when I hear Barcelona. It is in my bucket lists too!
    So far everyone told me it is a must-visit place in Europe.


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