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My 3rd Europe Solo Trip For Three Weeks (Sneak Peek)

Looks like my backlogs forever will never complete cause I just came back from another trip again. Yes, this is my 3rd round of solo trip to Europe after I experienced the first solo trip to Europe in 2017 as well as last year to Istanbul, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Croatia. I never thought that I will get addicted to travel alone cause previously, travelling solo is never my cup of thing. But somehow, life hits me so hard and I realised life is too short and I only live once. If I don't do it now, then when? 

I can say this one is impulse buying (not again!) when I saw another hard-to-resist deal from Singapore Airlines June last year. And I don't know what got into my mind, I decided to book a three weeks trip in the end. Somehow, I did regret and almost want to cancel this trip of mine due to work commitments but with the support and encouragement by the boyfriend, I proceed at the end. Turns out many things I didn't book in advance - including hostels as well as ground transportation especially the intercity one. It's so not me cause normally I will book everything and plan my trip well prior to the trip. But I glad that everything went well and smooth though I encountered several uncomfortable experiences and issues.

Three weeks - I've been to 8 different countries and 16 various cities & towns and for this post, I specially highlight those I really love the most, such as:

2019 Europe Romania Peles Castle
#1: Peles Castle in Romania.
I spent almost a week travel around Romania cause there are so many beautiful and mesmerising cities and towns in this country that worth for visit.

2019 Europe Sofia
#2: Sofia, Bulgaria
I encountered an uncomfortable experience nearby the bus station during the beginning of my trip but then that don't stop me from discovering the beauty of Sofia.

2019 Europe Macedonia Skopje
#3: Skopje, Macedonia
Do you know that this is the birthplace of Mother Teresa? There is a small memorial house dedicated specially for her.

2019 Europe Macedonia Ohrid
#4: Ohrid, Macedonia
The downside of didn't plan the trip well. I did a day trip to Ohrid from Skopje and it's really a quick and fast visit. I should at least overnight at this amazing and spectacular deepest lake of the Balkans.

2019 Europe Kosovo Prizren
#5: Prizren, Kosovo
With its rich cultural heritage, cafe culture and mountain backdrop, Prizren is Kosovo's best kept secret.

2019 Europe Albania Berat
#6: Berat, Albania
One of the oldest town situated in southcentral of Albania, this town has its nickname known as "City of a Thousand Windows".

2019 Europe Montenegro Kotor
#7: Kotor, Montenegro
This is one and only town that make me stay for almost four days but still, I refuse to leave. Normally I will stay maximum of two days in a city/town and I chao immediately but not this one. Kotor does looks alike Dubrovnik to me.

2019 Turkey Istanbul 091
#8: "World's Largest Tulip Carpet" in Istanbul, Turkey
Back to Istanbul for the second time. However, I found out Istanbul is overcrowded with tons of tourists. I hardly visit any of their attractions cause everywhere long queue. But I glad finally I managed to witness the tulip festival after saw it from the Internet few years back.

#9: Done with 6 out of 8 Balkans countries. Guess which two I don't make it.

P/S: Really wish that I can finish all my backlogs as soon as possible before my next trip is approaching soon. 


  1. Wow. I never thought of travelling solo, not to far away land.

    Gosh. The tulip carpet is so beautiful. Turkey is in my bucket list. Planned to go last year but didn't. But definitely will go one day.

  2. Lit pictures! I hope you are having a good time!


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