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Balkans (2018): The Breathtaking View of Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia

"Am I in heaven now?"

That's what I asked myself when I entered Plitvice Lakes National Park. I knew this place is beautiful and amazing but I never thought it could be so extraordinary and absolutely mind-blowing. This national place is totally exceeded my expectations. 

2018 Day 12 Croatia Plitvice Lakes National Park 01

Plitvice Lakes National Park is the main highlight of my Croatia trip. No matter how tight my schedule was, this Croatian's most renowned tourist attraction is a must to visit and shouldn't be miss out, or else I will be regret for the rest of my whole life. Seriously! I'm not kidding cause after I've been here, I found out there are no other places could ever beat this one. Plitvice, you won! You definitely captured my heart with your undefined beauty and charm.  

2018 Day 12 Croatia Plitvice Lakes National Park 00-1

There are two entrances for Plitvice Lakes National Park. Entrance 1 tend to be busy with a flock of tourists and therefore, my friend and I picked the Entrance 2 which is less crowd. Entrance fee wise, it varies according to the season; 55 kuna for January to March and in November and December, 150 kuna for April to June and in September and October, 250 kuna for July and August. This applies for 1-day ticket and if you are interested to enter more than a day, you can consider for 2-day ticket which is slightly cheaper. This ticket also included unlimited of free ferry and bus rides within the park.

2018 Day 12 Croatia Plitvice Lakes National Park 01-1

2018 Day 12 Croatia Plitvice Lakes National Park 00-2

Is it hard to walk around this National Park? No! It's super easy and the most comfortable trail I ever experienced. The paths through the park are well-established with wooden walking trails and clear signboard. I even spotted quite numbers of family bringing their small kids and even dogs too walking around this park. So don't worry if you are not reasonably fit enough cause there is not much climbing activities required here. 

2018 Day 12 Croatia Plitvice Lakes National Park 02

So what makes Plitvice Lakes to be so stunning and magnificent? Plitvice Lakes National Park comprised of a chain of 16 turquoise-coloured natural lakes, inter-connected by a series of waterfalls and cascades, and set in deep woodland populated by diverse flora and fauna. Due to its natural beauty and significance, this oldest and and largest national park of Croatia was granted UNESCO World Heritage status in 1979. Therefore in order to protect this lakes, visitors are not allowed to swim here. 

2018 Day 12 Croatia Plitvice Lakes National Park 04

2018 Day 12 Croatia Plitvice Lakes National Park 05

2018 Day 12 Croatia Plitvice Lakes National Park 06-1

2018 Day 12 Croatia Plitvice Lakes National Park 07

After four hours of walking around the upper falls which is the Entrance 2, we took ferry to across to the lower falls which is the Entrance 1. I was so shocked when I saw the long queue for the ferry ride at Entrance 1. So always remember to start your walk at the Entrance 2 first if you are travel here by your own. But I guess why Entrance 1 is more popular is because of Veliki Slap, or known as the Big Waterfall. 

2018 Day 12 Croatia Plitvice Lakes National Park 11

You can take bus from either Zagreb or Zadar. Normally people take from Zagreb cause that's the most nearest international airport to fly in into Croatia. As usual, I always pre-book my ticket from Get By Bus and we departed quite early from Zadar, as early as 8am cause the journey took almost 2 hours. 

2018 Croatia Zadar to Plitvice Lakes Bus

Yes, it is doable in a day but you will feel the tension and rush in order to catch the bus leaving this park on the same day. I would advise to spend at least a night here in order to enjoy this beautiful natural sight to the fullest and walking at your comfort pace without rushing here and there. Imagine that my friend and I spent almost 7 hours walking through the park, covering both the upper and lower falls. Hence, it is a wise choice for us to overnight here. 

There are 3 hotels situated very close to the national park; Hotel Jezero, Hotel Plitvice and Hotel Bellevue. 

2018 Day 12 Croatia Plitvice Lakes National Park 10

But as you know - the closer to the park, the pricier it will be. Since both of my friend and I are budget traveller, we opted for somewhere else. However we found quite number of accommodation located quite far away from the park and we don't car with us. Lucky for us - I found the one provided free transfer between the park to the lodge. Thanks to the friendly and helpful host of House Kajfes. We booked a twin bed room that comes with private bathroom and there's a balcony too. The one and only downside is that we are not allowed to cook in their kitchen. Because of that, we brought along our own cup noodles for dinner. 

2018 Croatia House Kajfes

2018 Croatia Plitvice Lakes House Kajfes Twin Room

House Kajfes
Date Stayed: 23 May to 24 May 2018 (1 night)
Room Rate: 50 (approx. to RM244) per night for a twin room ensuite with bathroom but without breakfast (Booked via Booking.com)


House Kajfes – 1 night

Zadar to Plitvice Lakes by bus

Admission Fees
Plitvices Lakes National Park

McD Burger











Exchange Rate: €1.00 (RM4.84) = 7.13 kuna on average

2018 Croatia Plitvice Lakes Postcard
Sending my love from Plitvice Lakes National Park. Till then, hope to see you again! #thetravellingnails

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  1. I must remember to visit Plitvice Lakes National Park. The turquoise waters are so unique and beautiful.


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