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Foodie Friday: Hello Stranger Cafe, Kota Kinabalu

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One thing I'm looking forward for a cafe nowadays is not just a cup of good and hot coffee but also the one that serves variety of food to choose from the menu. Especially when I'm looking for my late lunch after passing the lunch hour time and need coffee so badly. Kinda addicted to coffee lately. Seems like can't survive my day without a single cup of hot coffee. 

And that's where I found Hello Strangers Cafe which turns out to be one of my favourite cafes in Kota Kinabalu recently.

Hello Stranger Cafe 1 Cafe Overview

Situated at the ground floor of The Riverson which is not far away from KKians favourite mall of Imago, it serves an interesting Asian fusion cuisines which inspired from Japanese, Vietnamese and Western foods.

Without waiting any longer, here are some of the food which I savour before from my countless visits to Hello Strangers cafe:

Hello Stranger Cafe 3 - Chicken Katsu Curry Rice
#1: Chicken Katsu Curry (RM17.90). 
Crispy on the outside, tender on the inside. The Japanese curry is packed with flavours and not too spicy. Suitable for those who don't really into spicy food. 

Hello Stranger Cafe 5 - Chicken Teriyakidon
#2: Teriyaki chicken served with rice and topped with a sunny side up egg (RM15.90).
Another Japanese dishes I love but I prefer them to use boneless chicken.

Hello Stranger Cafe 6 - Butter Chicken Linguine
#3: Butter Chicken Linguine (RM15.90)

Hello Stranger Cafe 7
#4: Viet cold noodle salad with chicken (RM15.90).
This one a bit disappointed; not as per stated as their menu where served with vermicelli noodles, they gave me rice instead.

Hello Stranger Cafe 4 - Teriyaki Grilled Chicken Vietnamese Baguette
#5: Teriyaki Chicken Banh Mi (RM15.90). Available in beef too (RM17.90)

Hello Stranger Cafe 9 Viet Summer Roll with Chicken
#6: Viet Summer Roll with Chicken serve with mint and peanut dipping sauce (RM11)

From wide selection of rices and noodles to Banh Mi (Vietnamese kind of sandwiches) and even spring rolls, sometimes it's indeed giving me a hard time to choose what I wanna eat from their menu eventhough I've been here like many times. Majority of the food served are flavourful and scrumptious and that's what make me coming back for more. Perhaps for my next visit, I would love to try dishes like Thai Basil Chicken, Japanese Chicken Curry Udon, Oyakadon Chicken and more.

Price wise, perhaps some of you might think it's kinda pricey but I found out that this is what most of the cafes in KK are charging at; price for a single meal cost between RM15 to RM25 depending on your preferred choice like chicken would be cheaper than the seafood dishes.

Besides main meals, they do serve cakes as well but I decided to skip it cause I found it's kinda average and slightly unappealing to me. You know when they said appearance does matter and it does apply to food too. Probably next time when I don't feel like wanna have something heavy but something light instead, then maybe I could consider it. 

Hello Stranger Cafe 8
#7: Everything gets better with a cup of hot coffee. My fav; either Cafe Mocha or Hazelnut Latte to kick off my day. 

Hello Stranger Cafe 2 Cafe Overview

Hello Strangers Cafe
B-2, The Walk Riverson,
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday (8.30 am to 6pm)
                             Saturday & Sunday (11am to 6pm)


  1. The food looked good and tempting. Nice presentation.

  2. Their food presentation looks very good like eating in Japan. The prices are reasonable too.


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