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Balkans (2018): A Day Trip To Sibenik From Split

I know nothing about Sibenik until my friend told me when we're in Split of Croatia. He stumbled upon one of his friends were travelling there through Instagram and that's explain how we ended up there too. 

A Day Trip To Sibenik From Split Cover

When we found out Sibenik is approximately an hour away from Split, immediately we bought our bus ticket at the counter of Split Bus Station at the very last minute. Luckily there were few seats available but sooner, all the seats were filled up pretty quickly. Somehow, we found out that the journey from Split to Sibenik is not that very far away, but it turns out to have quite number of stops. Instead of an hour bus ride, at the end the whole journey took almost two hours. 
By the time we arrived Sibenik, it's the ideal time for lunch break. 

2018 Croatia Sibenik 02 Lunch
#1: Kinda craving for carbonara, so I ordered it

Unlike Split, Sibenik is a more relaxed town with lesser crowd. The notable Krka National Park is located not far away and probably you could consider to stay for a night in Sibenik in case you are planning to visit the park. But overall, it's sufficient to do a day trip here from Split. 

2018 Croatia Sibenik 01
#2: From Sibenik Bus Station, it takes less than 10 minutes walk to the Old Town

2018 Croatia Sibenik 03
#3: Sibenik Town Square

One of the reasons why my friend consider to visit Sibenik is merely for its stunning Cathedral of St James, the UNESCO World Heritage Site. It's pretty obvious this church of the Catholic is the top attraction of Sibenik town when you see number of tourists surrounded this only, but not the rest. Also known as Sibenik Cathedral by the local, it is also the most important architectural monument of the Renaissance in the whole country. The entrance fee is 20 kuna (approx. to RM14)

2018 Croatia Sibenik 06
#4: Cathedral of St James, the UNESCO World Heritage Site

2018 Croatia Sibenik 04

2018 Croatia Sibenik 07

2018 Croatia Sibenik 09

After spending more than an hour enjoying the exterior and interior of the cathedral, both of us have no clue of what to do and see anymore. Sounds like this town is not interesting, right? If you are searching for more relaxed and peaceful place to avoid the crowd, perhaps Sibenik is the one that suit your needs. My friend even brought along his book, sat down at a random cafe and enjoying his read. Whereas for me, I wandered around the Old Town looking for typical souvenirs such as postcards and fridge magnets to add into my endless collection.

2018 Croatia Sibenik 08
#8: Gelato again before ending our Sibenik trip back to Split

As age is catching up, sometimes I quite enjoy this kind of laid-back and easygoing trip. Unlike when I was younger where I try to visit as many attractions and tourist spots as maximise as I can, however lately I try to slow down my pace instead of rushing here and there. I guess this is what I define to be the ideal vacation.

Total Spending For Sibenik Trip
Split to Sibenik via bus
Sibenik to Split via bus

Admission Fees
Cathedral of St James

Lunch – Carbonara
Cafe – Apple Juice









Exchange Rate: €1.00 (RM4.84) = 7.13 kuna on average

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  1. I also miss and crave carbonara after looking at your photo. Haha.

    Such a nice walk at the old town.

  2. hi sis..bestnyer tempat sis pergi...cantik sgt2.. hrp ada rezeki nak pergi sana satu hari nnt.. :)

    btw, jemput singgah blog kiter yer sis :)

  3. Wow.... Balkan ni dh jd salah satu tmpt wajib pegi ye lately ni? Tak pernh lg terpk nk jejak sini.. myb one sweet day bole msk list wish... Nice pic.. more story plss!!!

  4. I love old architectures like this with stoned streets and many winding steps!!!. I might get very fat if I pass too many ice cream stalls.


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