Monday, October 24, 2011

Floral World at Taipei Flora Explo 2010

Date of Visited: 25th December 2010

Taipei Flora Expo 16I think among all the places that I went around Taiwan (Taipei, Taichung and Kaohsiung), I guess this is the main highlighted on the trip - Taipei International Flora Expo 2010.

Taipei Flora Expo 01

It opened for almost half year, start onwards from 6th November 2010 and run until 25th April 2011. Besides served as the garden festival, the purpose of Taipei International Flora Expo being held is for horticulture exposition. It is Taiwan's first time experience to held this internationally recognised exposition.

We started to venture around the Global Garden Area. Seriously, this exhibition is so massive and need to take a ride on their shuttle bus to visit the other area. So sad that we won't able to cover all the other area within 2 hours.

Now, shall us let the photo do the talking (some I able to identify their country):

Taipei Flora Expo 02
#1: Malaysia
Come from Malaysia and visited the Malaysia area. End up with disappointment. They didn't contribute much in order to promote Malaysia's flora.

Taipei Flora Expo 03

Taipei Flora Expo 04

Taipei Flora Expo 05
#4: Palau, not Pulau

Taipei Flora Expo 06
#5 Hong Kong

Taipei Flora Expo 07
#6 Hawaii

Taipei Flora Expo 08

Taipei Flora Expo 09

Taipei Flora Expo 10
#9 Thailand

Taipei Flora Expo 11
#10 Indonesia

Taipei Flora Expo 12

Taipei Flora Expo 13
#12 Netherlands - I thought they famous with tulip but they use board to display their flowers. Unable to import to Taiwan because the location is too far??

What an unique exhibitions around the world.
So among all the photo above, which you prefer the most?

Without realising, for just 1 area of the exhibition it can consume 1 hour plus. So, my family and I are kinda in hurry in order to cover the most that we can.

Taipei Flora Expo 14
The Flower Landscape - They will feature different type of flora in once a month and this time around (December), this area featuring the poinsettias.

Taipei Flora Expo 15
Gosh! Don't you think it's awesome and fascinating with all these colourful flowers?

Taipei Flora Expo 16

Taipei Flora Expo 17

Although I am those type that not really into flowers much except for lily, but this exhibition really impressed me. It was fairly interesting and worth seeing with lot of flowers on display over the vast area of Taipei that the Flora Expo covers. Unfortunate for me was visit this exhibition for less than 2 hours is totally not-so-awesome as there are many things to see and worst case ever was crowded all over the area. cry

Really wish that I get the chance to visit the other kind of Expo in the nearest time.

P/S - I even missed out the Shanghai Expo which eventually my dad purposely went for that and he told me that it was awesome too.


  1. Everything looks so pretty, I love flowers.

  2. -_-" Disappointing Malaysia side to promote the nature beauty of ours. :(

    I think if Sabah went for the expo, sure very nice! Just like our Agriculture park here!!

  3. The best thing about travelling is to visit events like these. An eye-opening trip indeed :)

  4. nice sharing of your life~

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

  5. so sorry, but #7 look like.. a.. pe.. nis :P

  6. Damn,Ken is right!!.. ha ha ha.. err,syok juga tengok tu bunga2 oh.. :-).. rindu sama bonsai si Aki di kampung.. hm,betul la cakap si Meitzeu tu.. he he he.. ^_^.v..

  7. its more beautiful than the one at Putrajaya

  8. Every place has its own beautiful tourist spots! Very beautiful Flowers. Thanks for sharing your pictures, this would be a great help for those who loves traveling!

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