Foodie Friday: T-Bowl & Sushi Zanmai

Maybe these two seems not a new and extraordinary dining place for you to satisfy your hunger, but for a East Malaysian like me who just came back to KL recently after left KL for almost 3 years, it is a new dining place for me to have a try and discover their foods. Everyone likes to try new things, right?

So, last week TTM aka my boyfie came to KL to pay me a visit. Happy to the MAX!!! Since at KK there we do not have any concept of this lifestyle cafe and I missed out when visited Taiwan last year, hence I suggest to have a dinner here.

T-Bowl Sungai Wang 01
T-Bowl, located on 3rd floor of Sungai Wang

T-Bowl Sungai Wang 02
The restaurant / cafe designed base on the bathroom concept - A toilet bowl as the seat whereas the basin as the dining table.

T-Bowl Sungai Wang 03
Their funky menu

T-Bowl Sungai Wang 04
His order: Chinese Mambo Rice

T-Bowl Sungai Wang 05
Hers order: Minced Pork Rice and came along

T-Bowl Sungai Wang 06
With a set menu: A drink, a soup and a dessert. Even the mini toilet bowls served as the food bowl.

T-Bowl Sungai Wang 07
A mean is incomplete without ordering their signature dessert. Mix flavour Ice-cream that similar to your s**t.

Overall, we were satisfied with the foods. Nothing much to shout about and nothing much to complaint about. However, they need to improve their staff services towards the customers because one of the lady who served us, seems like "masam muka".

Thanks to TTM for this treat. :) Hey, I'm not always asking for the treat, ok! We take turns to treat each other. In my opinion, I think the ladies should treat their boyfriend sometimes and not always asking for the guys to pay on your behalf unless you are gold digger. Guys, don;t you think so?

In exchange for the treat, I treat him for sushi. He's getting more and more addicted to sushi lately so I decided brought him to Sushi Zanmai. I heard lots of compliment relating to this sushi restaurant - great services, more variety and better than Sushi King.

Sushi Zanmai, The Gardens

Sushi Zanmai, The Gardens 02
We did ordered a lot but I only snap those unusual sushi which not seems in other Sushi restaurant.

I would definitely love to visit Sushi Zanmai again before going back to my beloved KK hometown.


  1. look tempting.. ha ha ha.. got one in Midvalley i think.. gotta get to try.. :-p

  2. Such of unique restaurant huh something interesting to explore...ice cream so tempting and yummy

  3. ken - What's a busy guy you are. Go and try when you are free :D

    Aki - In Midvalley, I'm not too sure. But I know there many outlets of T-Bowl and Sushi Zanmai around KL

  4. SJB AKA SUE - Yes, there are. :D

    Miss. Tina - The ice-cream really looks tempting and delicious too.

  5. I've read about this place some time ago & would love to visit. Love the crazy settings! Gosh, haven't visited M'sia for a long time. Lol!

  6. Oh? Now I know there is 'Toilet Cafe' in Sungai Wang too.

    There is a 'Toilet Cafe' in Penang too. But, from your post, obviously look like the Sungai Wang is much nicer.


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