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Chung Tai Chan Monastery, Taiwan

Date of Visited: 24th December 2010
Chung Tai Chan Monastery 01
The view from the entrance
Chung Tai Chan Monastery 02
The view right in front of you

Chung Tai Chan Monastery 03

Chung Tai Chan Monastery is the headquarter for the Zen Buddhist organisation that includes several monasteries and meditation centers, not only in Taiwan but also around the world. The construction of this building is combination of both Chinese and Western architecture and surprisingly the architect who in charged of the design is the one who design the world's tallest building, Taipei 101.

Align Center
Chung Tai Chan Monastery 04
This is one and only part of the main building that open to public.

Chung Tai Chan Monastery 05
In front of "Laughing Buddha"

Chung Tai Chan Monastery 06

Chung Tai Chan Monastery 07

Located on the second floor is the Great Main Hall where you can see a huge statue of "Gautama Buddha".

Chung Tai Chan Monastery 08
This hall is known as "Hall of the Four Heavenly Kings" but I only able snap two which was inside the photo above.

Chung Tai Chan Monastery 09
Outside the building which located nearby the entrance, there is a stunning bridge known as "Golden Bridge" but unsure whether is it really made out of gold.

Chung Tai Chan Monastery 10

Chung Tai Chan Monastery 11
It's incredible. Even though it was winter season when I visited Taiwan, but looks at these flowers. They are blooming so huge and colourful too. razz

Forgive me for my never ending Taiwan tales and adventures. Wish to skip to my Korea trip but somehow waiting for the right time. confused



  1. wahh.. semat la Dee.. suka sa tengok kalau gambar2 structure ni.. he he he.. kenapa pula itu ja ruangan yang kena buka untuk main building??

  2. Tai Chung! Wah... I wanna go... The flowers are pretty!

  3. finish up the current trip stories first before starting the new trip.. i think it'll be messy if jumble up both at once :P

  4. DT ~ Nice view and p;ace to visit plus with the amazing architecture/landscape. I also wonder the bridge built from real gold...:-)

  5. Reading your post makes me think of my days in Taiwan :) Nice shots!

    Diane, u may wanna chk out this magic antidote that I've just tried & did a review: SK-II Wrinkle Specialist Review Cheers!

  6. ahhhh seriously missing taiwan dee..i remember the time i went got no time to visit this place....haihz..thx for sharing

    and expected from travel blog...all also back dated for a year..haha common already like that..most travel bloggers are like that


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