Featured in Malaysia Asia :D

Like every afternoon I have when there is no class, I will lay on my bed either reading comic books or can said being slacked. Then I saw I had notification from Facebook saying that I have message.

I am damn elated to receive message from David Jr, who is the blog owner of Malaysia Asia saying that I have been featured on his blog as "Malaysia Travel Blogger List".

Malaysia Travel Bloggers List

Malaysia Travel Bloggers List 02

It's totally out of my expectation and I never ever thought I will being featured in one of his list as I just currently changed my blog niche towards more on travel and trips.

Honestly to say that I can't claim myself to be one of the travel blogger that has "TRAVEL AROULD THE WORLD" because there are hundred of countries out there that I haven't left my foot prints on such as Australia, North America, South America and even Africa. Up to date, I had only visited 18 countries but hopefully more to come in future. razz
Thanks to David Jr, once again for this special feature. It means a lot to me and my blog especially. Do check out his prominent and informative travel blog with all the awesome and spectacular photo - Malaysia Asia.

Not forgeting congratulation to other Sabahan bloggers; Mei Tzeu and CathJ who were being featured part of the list too.


  1. Hi diane! Again want to congratz you!~ Hee~ Siok oh jd blogger kenamman ni kan.. ;p

  2. woot! travel blogger wor.. must be fun going around XD

  3. hehehe :) THanks for featuring! :)

  4. hebat lah.. ha ha ha.. wargh,ken will always be where I am.. ho ho ho..

  5. Thank you for mentioning Diana.. ^_^

  6. congratulation Diana!

    Stumble upon your blog when u posted some photos on fb and found out u actually has a website, dedicated to ur part time job (being a traveller).

    All the best and looking forward to more of your traveling experience!

  7. How u get your travel fee and expense?? so many countries you had go....nice photos....


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