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Road Trip to Birmingham & Visit National Sea Life Centre

Birmingham Sea Life 26Let's us talk a break for a while for my Taiwan travelogue and I'm gonna bring you to UK this round. Not Ulu Klang lah but it's United Kingdom.

Back in few years during my summer degree program, weekend use to be our favourite day because no class was conducted and most of the time, we fully utilised our weekend by joining the school's trip or organise by our own. Unlike currently where I had my class on most weekend and worst case scenario was my class start from 10 am until 9pm - soon I'm gonna be zombie.

Out of sudden, 2 of my group assignment members suggest that we should try for a road trip. It's was a brilliant idea but unfortunately non of us has even reached the age of 25 at that moment. In United Kingdom, to rent a car, besides having a valid car license, you should at least 25 and above. But thanks God, one of my housemate who was eventually 25 at that moment heard of our idea and interested to join us. Thanks for the blessing, God.

Birmingham Sea Life 02
Yeah! No wait for more and let's us start our road trip

Birmingham Sea Life 03
Don't you admire with UK's road system? Smooth, clean, no traffic jam, no holes on the road, etc.

Birmingham Sea Life 04
The item besides the spec is GPS. Not included the rent of the car but it was bought by my housemate himself. Too rich, no idea where to spend his money :P
Birmingham Sea Life 05
Approximately less in 2 hours, finally here we are in Birmingham city.

Birmingham is a metropolitan city located outside London and it's United Kingdom's second most British city.

Birmingham Sea Life 06

Birmingham Sea Life 07

Birmingham Sea Life 08
Wander around Birmingham city

Birmingham Sea Life 09
We spend most of our day at here.

National Sea Life Centre of Birmingham is an aquarium which displays more than 60 of marine and freshwater life sea creatures. There are 35 centres of sea life located around the world and I happened to come across the other one while I was in Berlin, Germany. All of these 35 sea life centres only available around Europe and USA.

Anyhow, there are few countries around Asia that have these kind of aquarium which might slightly differences such as Singapore and its Underwater World located in Sentosa Island, Malaysia with its Aquaria KLCC and not forgeting Underwater World situated at the Langkawi Island, Japan with its one of the biggest aquarium in the world located in Osaka, Coex Aquarium in South Korea and etc.

Birmingham Sea Life 10
My assignments groupmates, my housemates and I

Birmingham Sea Life 11
Say hello to Nemo!

Birmingham Sea Life 12

Birmingham Sea Life 13

Birmingham Sea Life 14

Birmingham Sea Life 15

Birmingham Sea Life 16
Birmingham Sea Life 17

Birmingham Sea Life 18
There even has this glow in the dark room.

Birmingham Sea Life 19

Birmingham Sea Life 20
A big and giant green sea turtle that really exist and swim happily in the sea tank but unfortunately we unable to snap using our low and unstable compact camera.

Birmingham Sea Life 21

I almost forgot! Before I end my this post entry, let me introduce the car that we rent.

Birmingham Sea Life 22
Oooppps... The wrong photo. How could this car accommodate 7 of us?

This is the one...
Birmingham Sea Life 23
Ok! I fool you for the second time. Nice to see but unfortunately not this one.
Birmingham Sea Life 24
This is the actual car that we rent. I am serious this time, no more fool you guys around.

Birmingham Sea Life 25
Not bad at all. Comfort, elegance, stylish

Birmingham Sea Life 26
I even bring along my pillow xP. By the way, the guy behind me is the one who has reached 25 at that moment. The guy on the other side is my housemate too.

Birmingham Sea Life 27
Let's take a group of happy family travelmate photo before start our journey.

Hey wait! Our journey doesn't stop there. We rent the car for 2 days. But anyhow, I will continue the other half in upcoming upcoming upcoming post. So, stay tune!


  1. hahahahaha u got me on the cars!

    ok, seriously...the turtle...THAT BIG??? O.M.G!

  2. Can't wait to read your adventure next!

  3. so nice.. I MISS UK!!
    but i didnt get to drive there tho.. would be a fun experience.. haha.. :)

  4. Thks for sharing your UK road trip with us, Diane! I like the pix of Nemo, so cute! Looking at your shots make me wanna book a tix & return to UK again. Lol!

  5. omg amazingggggggg wish i could go to london x



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